Thursday, 31 May 2018

Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters

Another amazing release from Revolution are the Skin Kiss highlighters, which are available in ten different shades, and are definitely worth the money! It is so hard to choose just one, and I ended up ordering four shades, which when they arrived surprised me due to the size of them - I expected a regular highlighter-sized pan, but the Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters are in much larger, bronzer-style compacts, so you are going to be able to get a lot of use out of them.
The first of the four I picked up was Dream Kiss, which looks so pretty in the pan alone, and consists of five amazing intense shades, including white, mint green, baby blue, lilac and baby pink, which can be used alone or swirled all together. Each section contains iridescent shimmer to give the face and body the perfect glow and highlighter.

Peach Kiss is a warm-toned peach shade with a slightly bronze effect to it, which looks beautiful in Summer with a tan, or on warmer skin tones, but I also think it makes a stunning eyeshadow shade. The Skin Kiss formula is buttery soft and as they are so pigmented, applies to the skin easily with just one sweep of the brush.
Pink Kiss is a very light, almost lilac-tinted shade, with an icy effect to it. If you are wanting full on highlight, then this is the one for you as it adds such a gleam to the skin. Not that you would necessarily need it with this shade, but if you want to make highlighters even more pigmented, simply spray your brush with a little setting spray or primer spray before swirling it into the pan. 

Prismatic Kiss is an iridescent pink and lilac highlighter shade that provides the skin with a stunning radiant luminosity. This is possibly my favourite out of the four as it reminds me of Urban Decay’s Aura Highlighter which is one of my all-time favourites as it adds the prettiest prismatic pink shade to the skin without being too over the top, for an everyday glow.
Each Skin Kiss Highlighter costs just £5, which is amazing value and they are available online at Revolution.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Too Faced Natural Eyes & Natural Face Palettes + Swatches

If you are a regular reader here, you will know I am a huge Too Faced fan, and their new releases get me so excited, and the recent Natural collection was no exception! Too Faced have added some new products as well as re-packaging some of their core products, and the result is so pretty! The two items I was most interested in trying were the Natural Eyes and Natural Face Palettes, although if I had the money, I would definitely have ordered all of it! The lipsticks look simply stunning. 
As always, the packaging is divine, with this collection having a nude, natural theme, with lace, gold, hearts and more. Especially with the Natural Eyes palette as this was a previously released product, but they have certainly upped their palette packaging game! In true Too Faced style, both palettes have a slightly, sweet, creamy scent to them which is always a nice addition. The Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (£34) is a neutral eyeshadow palette which the formula has also been updated, so that the shadows are less dusty and more pigmented, making for an all-round better application and finish. Each shadow has an embossed lace and floral pattern on them, which also adds to the beautifulness of this sweet must-have palette.
There are three double-sized pans, and six regular-sized pans, some mattes and some shimmers…
*Heaven is a light, yellowed beige with warm undertones and a matte finish
*Silk Teddy is a light peach with warm , orange undertones and a frosted sheen. 
*Strip Poker is a light brown with warm, golden undertones and a matte finish. 
*Cashmere Bunny is a soft, medium brown with warm, yellowish undertones and a matte finish.
*Push-Up is a medium-dark, rosy bronze with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. 
*Honey Pot is a medium copper with strong, warm orange undertones and a metallic sheen.
*Sexspresso is a dark brown with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. 
*Erotica is a medium-dark, plummy taupe-brown with subtle, warm undertones and flecks of gold micro-sparkle over a matte finish.
*Chocolate Martini is a medium-dark brown with warm undertones and flecks of gold and olive shimmer.
Honey Pot and Erotica are definitely my favourite two combined, and you could definitely use Silk Teddy as a highlighter and Strip Poker as a light matte contour or bronze shade, so this is definitely a palette you could get a lot of use out of. Although it is almost too pretty to use - does anyone else buy gorgeous makeup products that they can’t bring themselves to use for ages?!
Next up is the Too Faced Natural Face Palette, which costs £35, just £1 more than the eyeshadow palette, which I was quite surprised with as face palettes often cost a lot more. It comes packaged just as beautifully as the Eye Palette, and contains two highlighters, two blushers and two bronzers, suitable for all skin tones. The Face Palette also has that vanilla scent to it, and that pretty embossed lace print on each pan. Each pan is buttery soft to apply on to the face and some shades are really well pigmented, whilst others are more semi-opaque but still buildable.
The shades include;
*Starlight is a pale, yellowed peach with a pink-to-violet sheen highlighter. 
*Satin Sheets is a very light, pinky-peach base with strong, warm gold pearl paired with a metallic finish highlighter. 
*Pink Wink is a bright, medium pink with subtle, warm undertones and barely-there, golden pearl blush.
*Pink Sand is a muted, medium rosy pink with strong, warm undertones and a matte finish blush. 
*Sunny Honey is a medium brown with strong, warm orange undertones and a satin finish bronzer.
*Tropic Like It’s Hot is a medium-dark, rosy copper with warm undertones and a metallic sheen bronzer. 
If you paired this with the Eye Palette, you could take both away on holiday and have pretty much every face and eye colour and finish you could want. Satin Sheets is definitely my favourite of the two highlighters, with Pink Sand blush being the perfect shade for lighter skin tones, along with the Sunny Honey bronzer. 
You can find the Too Faced Natural Collection instore and online at Debenhams or Too Faced.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Creams

One brand which I was obsessed with a couple of years ago was Sleek, who brought out the most amazing eyeshadow and highlighter palettes, but they seemed to go a little off the radar for a while, however they have recently been brought into Boots stores, and are back with some amazing new releases, including some new colours in their Matte Me Lip Cream collection. Here are three of my favourites…
Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams cost £4.99 each, which is really good value, especially for the product quality. Even though they give a matte finish, the Lip Creams glide onto the lips super smoothly, and are so pigmented that one coat is enough to give the desired colour. Due to the light texture, they don’t dry out the lips, and are really comfortable to wear throughout the day, or night. 
There are currently around twenty shades to choose from in the Matte Me formula, and so there really is a shade for every skin tone, every occasion and every taste. Three of my favourite shades include Hellacious, a warm ginger tone, perfect for Autumn or with gold sparkly eyelids for Summer evenings, That’s So Fetch, a blue-toned fuchsia pink, for a bold statement lip, and Unreal, a vampy dark purple, for a more moodier lip. 
When applying matte liquid lipsticks, I would recommend you prepping the lips first, either with a lip scrub, or even a wet toothbrush, to gently remove any dead skin to give the ultimate smooth base for the lip colour. As mentioned, you only need one application of the Matte Me for full colour payoff, and so allow the colour to dry for a couple of minutes before you start eating or drinking, and you will then be good to go for hours!

You can find the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams instore and online at Boots.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post includes PR samples, but all views are my own

Monday, 28 May 2018

Barry M All Night Long Collection

I always look forward to a new collection release, and Barry M have been whipping them out like nobody’s business, so I thought I would start off with the All Night Long collection, which includes an Original Primer, an Anti-Redness Primer, a Full Coverage Concealer and a Medium Coverage Foundation Stick. Barry M is a really affordable brand, which are often known for their bright colours, glitters and nail polishes, so I thought it would be interested how their base products work out. 
The Barry M All Night Long Original Primer (£6.99) comes in a stick form, and feels so soft on the skin when you are applying it, which feels kind of like a balm, reminding me of the Benefit Porefessional velvet feel which I love! The Original Primer blurs any skin imperfections as it has a soft focus effect that ensures your makeup looks smoother and lasts longer. It does come in an Anti-Redness version too, which also costs £6.99, which is an excellent option if you suffer from any redness, rosacea etc on the skin. I personally get redness on my cheeks especially, so I thought this would be great for me. It feels just as soft and smooth as the Original Primer, yet tones down that redness without being overly green and scary. The one thing I would recommend with stick products is to wipe the tip with a tissue after each use just to keep it clean and to ensure you aren’t putting dirt on to the face which can cause breakouts. Altogether very impressed with this product, as it just makes my skin feel super duper soft. 
We then have the Barry M All Night Long Full Coverage Concealer (£4.49), which is available in six shades - I opted for shade 2 Oatmeal which works well with my skin tone for blemishes and redness, but I would probably need the lighter shade for under the eyes. This is marketed as a full coverage concealer, however I do have concealers with much fuller coverage, however paired with the primer, this concealer works amazingly well as blurring out any imperfections and also has that soft focus effect as with the primer, to make the skin look flawless. It is paraben free and contains Vitamin E to moisturise the skin as well as giving an illumines glow to the skin, but in a pretty, natural way.
Finally, for the last step in flawless skin, we have the Barry M All Night Long Medium Coverage Foundation (£6.99), which like the primers is in stick form rather than liquid and is available in eight shades. I chose shade 1 Milk, which regularly would suit my fair skin really well, however, after a few weekends in the sun (hallelujah), it is slightly pale for me at the moment. All Night Long Foundation has a smooth, creamy formulation which makes it easy to blend into the skin, and due to the shade selection, Barry M also recommend using it to contour and highlight with, and due to the shape and texture, I do think this would work really well. Even though it states itself as being a medium coverage, I find the formula really buildable, and as it is in stick form, it is so quick to use and with a luminous finish, makes the skin look really healthy and glowy.
The Barry M All Night Long collection is available instore and online at Superdrug.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Design.Me Haircare Fab.Me, Powerdry.Me, Puff.Me Light

A short while ago I did a post on the Design.Me Puff.Me and was contacted by the brand to see if I would like to try out some of their other products. I of course politely accepted as I am really enjoying using the Design.Me Puff.Me and kindly received the Fab.Me, Powerdry.Me and Puff.Me Light to test out. I love the packaging of Design.Me Haircare products, as they are all in pretty pastel colours, yet simply designed and look adorable on your dressing table.
Starting with Fab.Me (£9.95), which is stated as the mother of all treatments, and is a Moisturising Spray and smells incredible. I like how when spritzed, it gives a light mist to go all over the hair rather than coming out in bigger, thicker sprays. Fab.Me has a whopping 18 benefits for the hair including…
*Colour fade protection
*Split end smoother
*Breakage prevention
*Free radical and heat damage protection
*Revitaliser for the hair’s natural protective layer
*Protects against environmental damage
*Detangles the hair
*Enhances manageability
*Reduces blow-drying time
*Static reduction
*Frizz control
*Porosity control
*Light conditioning
*Gives the hair shine and lustre
*Hair strengthening
*Enhances volume
*Leaves the hair feeling silky

It is so easy to use too, which is another thing I enjoy about using Design.Me products; you simply spritz it onto clean, damp hair, comb it through, blow-dry and style. Fab.Me is suitable for all hair types and I haven’t stopped using it on hair washing days since my that first time. It leaves my hair smelling amazing and it feels in such better condition.
One of my worst chores in life is washing, drying and styling my hair as even though I recently had eight inches cut off it, it still seems to take ages so I was definitely excited to try Powerdry.Me (£14.95). Powerdry.Me is a micro-emulsion which forms a lubricous thin layer around the fibres of the hair to provide better alignment of them, therefore preventing entrapment of water molecules due to tangling. The fast drying process is further enhanced by the product ability to cause excess water to bead out instead of soak into the hair, as excess water is easier and faster to remove. 
Powerdry.Me can decrease your blowdrying time by unto 50%, but it also helps to tame frizziness, as well as protecting the hair from heat and UV to leave the hair dry, smooth and conditioned in no time at all. Just like Fab.Me, Powerdry.Me comes out in a fine spray which is to be misted onto damp hair from roots to the ends. So many early mornings I have ended up putting my hair up because I didn’t have time to wash and blow-dry, but now I get to still have a lie in and have fresh hair!

Puff.Me Light (£9.95) is a lighter version of the original Puff.Me, which is an odour and mess-free volume powder, perfect for fine to medium hair textures. It is a revolutionary spray powder which gives the hair lasting volume, hold and accuracy. I have tried similar products before, but where you have to sprinkle the powder into your hands and then apply with your fingers, and so to find it with a nozzle, is so much easier as you can puff it into the sections of your hair you are wanting more volume. Puff.ME is really easy to use, and as mentioned it can be applied directly onto dry or damp hair. You simple spray it 2-4 inches away from the hair, focusing on the roots, for plenty of instant volume! This oh-so-handy haircare product is going to last you absolutely ages, as the powder is so finely milled, and you only need to use a little at a time.
You can this trio of fabulousness instore and online at Sally Beauty. 

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

HAX x ASOS The Glitter Lip Kit

ASOS have been killing it with their continuous beauty brand additions, and one of their recent additions includes HAX. ASOS are wanting to empower 20-somethings and beyond to confidently be themselves, however they choose to do so. HAX x ASOS believe that your face and body are a canvas, an adventure in individual self-expression and an opportunity to experiment and play. HAX is the revolutionary brand offering virtual beauty solutions, focusing on the latest looks, creating handy kits that contain everything you need to create must-have Insta trends. 
There are kits to create a Rose Gold Lip, a Cut Crease, Holographic Lip, Shimmer Cut Crease and the Glitter Lip, and each one contains the products and tools you need to create the look, as well as an easy-to-follow instruction guide. I opted to try the Glitter Lip Kit, with Summer and Festival Season soon on their way…
The HAX Glitter Lip Kit costs £19.99, and comes complete in a neat box, containing illustrated instructions, a lip gloss, lip paint, glitter and a silicone applicator. Packaging-wise for both the box and products I did find a little basic, and would have expected slightly more for the price, however if you are a newbie to makeup, or simply want to learn the latest trends, then these kits are definitely the way to go!
I love how because you receive everything you could need, that the gloss, paint, glitter and applicator can all be used separately as well as together. The colour of the lip paint is a pretty raspberry pink, and the rose gold glitter goes so well with it, however my star product has to be the applicator. If you are a glitter lover like myself, you will know how hard it is to apply without getting it everywhere, but the silicone applicator allows you to place the glitter on perfectly, with no fall out and an excellent finish. I found the final result so easy to create!
The HAX x ASOS Glitter Lip Kit can be found online at ASOS.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains a PR sample, but all views are my own

Friday, 25 May 2018

Perfecting My Brows with HD Brows

Naturally, I have the thinnest, lightest, most non-existent eyebrows you could ever not wish for, so when Queens of the Brow World, HD Beauty offered to send me some products to try out, I was super excited. HD Brows were the first eyebrow products I ever bought, I remember it now, I had a little palette with four brow colours in and a little brow brush to apply them with. Following their huge success, they have since released a whole host of beauty products, and have upped their brow game even more.
For my current brow routine, I take the HD Brows Spoolie Brush (£10), to comb my brow hairs into place, and if you have a bushier brow, then this is definitely the tool you need. This spoolie isn’t harsh on the skin like some spoolie brushes can be, and you can also use it once you have applied the products to blend any powders or creams to give your brows a more soft and natural finish.
When I opened up the HD Brows Pro Pencil (£18), I was a little surprised as it was black, so much so that I went on the HD website to see what other colours were available and there were none. So I read through the description which cleared things up for me - black is the only shade available because the way this pencil works is that the shade is universal and suitable for all hair shades and skin tones. This one of a kind Brow Pencil has the most precise finish of all of HD Brows’ pencils and mimics hairs that aren’t there, to give you the most realistic hair strokes. I did find it a little tricky to use at first, but there is a How To video on HD’s website. The pencil has a little string around the top, and you pull down on the string to reveal the product and apply more or less pressure to release as much colour and density as suits your hair and skin tone. 
To keep your Pro Pencil in tip top condition, there is also a HD Brows Pro Shaper (£7) available which has been specifically designed to sharpen the Pro Pencil. It has a very sharp, angled blade which allows you to sharpen the Pro Pencil to the perfect tip so you can carry on creating those natural looking hair lines. The Pro Pencil arrives with a flat top tip and so to sharpen it to give a hair-like finish, you simply shave the lead on both sides until you have your desired thickness. The two go hand in hand, so you will need to buy both together to begin with, but then you obviously have the Pro Shaper for life. I was a little scared of using the Pro Shaper as I am super clumsy - I was always the kid with plasters on her knees growing up - but I found it really easy to use and it comes with a plastic lid to keep the blade protected.

Once I have created my perfect brow, I then apply the HD Brows Brow Beater (£15), a brush-on, lightweight and non-sticky setting gel, which comes in a lipgloss-type tube. The brush has tiny plastic bristles which tame the brow hairs as well as keeping them conditioned throughout the day - I have also been using this on an evening before bedtime to nourish the brows and encourage them to grow more. When used regularly, the Brow Beater can actually train the brow hairs to grow and stay in the correct position over time, meaning less hassle and effort early in a morning - gotta love that!
I am ALL about highlighter, and so I was excited to see the HD Brows Brow Highlighter (£16.50) in the collection. One of the things I love most about this particularly pencil highlighter is that it has quite a fine tip - a lot of other brow highlighters tend to be quite chubby, which is no good for me as I have hooded lids and thin brows and there isn’t all that much room between the two. This pencil has such a creamy formula it glides onto the skin like silk, so theres no tugging or pulling on that gentle eye area and it helps to lift, define and enhance the brows. As with the Pro Pencil, this is a universal shade to suit all skin tones and can also be used in the waterline to give you a more awake look - you know how much I love a multi-use product! HD have even included a pencil sharpener which is attached to the lid of the pencil so that you can keep the pencil sharp and on point.
The gorgeous HD Brows collection is available online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette + Swatches

One brand I am always lusting after is Huda Beauty - when it comes to makeup I much prefer to see them in ‘real life’ before making a purchase, however I know of nowhere near me which stocks the brand so I am always in limbo as to which products to buy. However, I recently ordered a Cohorted Treat Box which came with the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, and so I have finally been able to try out one of Huda’s amazing palettes - hurrah!
The palette itself comes beautifully packaged, in a metallic box, with an ethereal print of Huda on the front of the palette, which opens up to reveal a full-sized mirror on the inside of the lid, which is magnetised, so that the palette doesn’t randomly open up in your handbag or luggage, and of course those 18 oh-so-stunning shades. The Desert Dusk Palette has been created by taking inspiration from Arabia, encapsulating shimmering dunes and the iridescent, shade-shifting light of a desert at dusk.
Desert Dusk contains a variety of finishes, including mattes, pearls, duo-chrome toppers and even a pure glitter - y’all know how much I love me some glitter! I have listed the shades below, with a little colour and texture information for each, going from the top row, left to right and working down…
Desert Sand: A soft, light-medium yellow with warmer, orange undertones and a matte finish.
Musk: A muted, medium taupe brown with subtle, warm undertones and a mostly matte finish.
Eden: A brighter, medium orange with warm undertones and a hint of pink and a matte finish.
Amber: A medium-dark brown with warm, red undertones and a mostly matte finish.
Blood Moon: A rich, medium-dark copper with warm, red undertones and a metallic finish.
Oud: A muted, dark plummy brown with warm undertones and a matte finish.

Celestial: A dirty, medium brown with warm, golden peach undertones and gold-to-pink duo-chromatic sparkle.
Nefertiti: A medium gold with warm, brown undertones and a sparkling sheen.
Twilight: A bright, medium lavender with warm, pink undertones and a sparkling, metallic sheen that shifts from bluish violet to a warmer pink.
Amethyst: A medium-dark, magenta purple with warm, pink undertones and a mostly matte finish.
Royal: A medium-dark, plummy brown with warm undertones and lighter pink pearl.
Retrograde: A rich, coppery brown with green-to-blue shifting sparkle.

Cashmere: A medium taupe with warmer undertones and a metallic sheen.
Angelic: A light-medium pink with cooler undertones and a warmer, golden shimmer on top.
Cosmo: A medium-dark copper with a glittery finish.
Turkish Delight: A rich, cranberry red with warm, copper undertones and a metallic sheen.
Saffron: A muted, medium-dark red with warm undertones and a mostly matte finish.
Blazing: A rich, medium-dark orange with warm, red undertones and a mostly matte finish.
Due to such a variety of shades and finishes, this palette can work all year round, and it is pretty hard to choose a favourite shade. However, Eden is definitely a favourite as I am loving peach-toned makeup at the moment, Blood Moon, Celestial and Nefertiti are super pretty and shimmery, and I think these would be great for parties, but also great for wearing with a tan. I can see Saffron and Blazing are going to be firm favourites for Autumn eye looks, and a combo of Turkish Delight and Cosmo looking insane!

The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette costs £56 and is available at Cult Beauty and Selfridges.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Testing Out: Profusion Cosmetics

I hadn’t previously come across the makeup brand Profusion Cosmetics, but I was recently very kindly sent some of their products to try out. With new-to-me brands, I like to find out a little more about the brand itself, and I discovered that Profusion Cosmetics was actually established in Southern California around 20 years ago! Profusion create high-value cosmetics at inclusive prices and they are suitable for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and skill levels. They have very recently been brought over here to the UK and I love that they are cruelty free.
One of the products Profusion kindly sent me to try out was their Brows Pro Makeup Case (£7.95).It comes presented in sleek matte black packaging adorned with rose gold accents, and opens up to reveal a full sized mirror on the inside of the lid. This brow kit is something that includes pretty much everything you could need or desire to have kick-ass brows - inside you receive four eyebrow powders, which include a medium brown, a soft brown, a chocolate brown and an ash brown, so they have really thought out the colours here. You also receive one full-sized eyebrow pencil, one brow highlighter, a brow wax and a double ended brow brush, with a slanted brush tip on one end and a spooly on the other to brush through untamed brows. The products blend beautifully, and I love that you have a range of shades, so that even if one of the four doesn’t suit your colouring, you can mix and match to create your perfect custom-made brow shade. The palette is also super secure so if you are travelling, or if you are popping it in your handbag for on the go applications, then this isn’t going to open up and ruin the contents of your bag.
Moving slightly lower, onto the eyes themselves, we have the Profusion Nude Eyes Eyeshadow Makeup Case. Again, this is just £7.95 which is ridiculous value as you are getting 12 stunning eyeshadows, and a double-ended brush, with a mirror, all nestled inside a tin palette. The Eyeshadow Cases are available in three different colour ways - Nude, Amber and Smoky, and I have to say that the Amber colours look incredible! I love how not only are the products themselves high quality, but the double ended fluffy brush you receive is also very professional - there is a packing brush on the opposite end and they are so soft, ensuring they don’t drag across that delicate eye area. The twelve eyeshadows included in this palette range from light base colours to deep, defining shades, which can also be used as eyeliners to create the perfect smoky eye. The majority of the shades in this palette are matte finishes, but there are three very pretty shimmer shades too, ensuring that you can create so many different looks with just this one palette alone. When applying the shadows I found them to be soft, buildable and blendable, and full of pigment and my favourite shades so far have to be Heavenly, a mid-peach, Terrific, a warm bronze shimmer and Zing, an auburn matte, which along with Devious is going to look amazing for Autumn. For beginners, there is also a little How-To guide on the back of the palette to show how to create an easy yet professional eye makeup look.
Profusion Cosmetics have a range of ‘Beauty Books’, but not in the way you might think - their Beauty Books are fabulous packages full of makeup goodness that open up like a book and at just £14.95 they are absolutely worth a try! I have already been eyeing up the Pro Face Beauty Book as it contains pretty much everything you need to create the perfect full face of makeup, and the shade range is incredible! I was sent the Pro Conceal Contour Beauty Book to try out, and again the range of products you get here is unreal, in fact I am going to list it so it is easier to see…
* One Shimmer Powder Highlighter
* Two Matte Powder Highlighters
* One Cream Highlighter
* Four Matte Contour/Bronzer Shades
* Four Cream Colour Correctors
* Four Cream Concealers
* One Cream Contour Shade
* One Pro Series Contour/Highlighter Brush
* One Pro Series Concealer/Corrector Brush
In just ONE easy to use kit! This also comes with instructions on how conceal and contour correctly, so whether you’re a newbie or a professional makeup artist, you are still going to be able to use this kit to its full extent. This combination of colour correcting concealers, regular concealers, contour products and highlighters are going to give you the most flawless look. Even though colour correcting has been quite big these last couple of years, I have only recently been getting into it as I wasn’t always sure what worked where, so I thought I would include a little run down just so you can also know what goes where…

Yellow: This is a complexion-brightening corrector which adds warmth to the skin and helps you achieve a natural, healthy glow. As a yellow includes red and orange hues, it provides good general coverage but is also great for hiding blue bruises or dark under-eye circles.
Green: This has been around since I was a teenager, but green concealer helps to neutralise any spots, discolouration, or redness. This is to only be used sparingly or you will end up looking slightly poorly!
Peach: This is the corrector I use most, as it is the best one for hiding dark circles on lighter skin tones, and as I have fair skin and dark circles, this works wonders for me.
Orange: If you want to add warm hues and a healthy glow to dull skin, then Orange is the way to go. It is great for covering up under-eye circles or age spots on olive and darker skin tones.

You can find Profusion Cosmetics online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kylie Jenner Spring 2018 Lip Kits: Say No More + Bare + Swatches

When Kylie Jenner first released her makeup collection Kylie Cosmetics, I have to say I did not buy into the hype, as I have never seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians and so she wasn’t particularly someone I followed on social media. However, when she released the Vacation collection last year I absolutely fell in love with the packaging and the shades of the eyeshadow palette so I placed an order and definitely didn’t regret it.
I was so, so surprised in all honesty at the quality of the products, that ever since I have been paying ridiculous customs charges to get my Kylie Cosmetics fix. Kylie Cosmetics offers free international shipping on orders $60 and over and on an order of that sort of amount, I usually pay around £17 in customs charges, which in all honesty isn’t SO bad considering they’re coming from the US. 

When Kylie recently dropped her Spring Lip Kits, I instantly fell in love with Say No More and Bare. There are four shades in the collection, but one of those is June Bug which was released with another collection previously and so I already have. The Lip Kits are $29 each, which currently equates to around £21, which for a high quality liquid lipstick and a lipliner, that isn’t too bad, you would definitely pay more at say MAC, Smashbox etc. 

The Kylie Liquid Lipsticks come in matte or velvet finishes, and even though I like the matte ones, which really do stay on all day long, I prefer the velvet finish myself as they’re softer when dry as I have quite thin, dry lips, so I find this feels lighter on my lips. So, on to the shades….
Say No More is a neon pink, and it really is a stunning shade, which will look insane with a tan this Summer. It is a blue-toned pink which means that it isn’t going to add a yellowing effect to the teeth, so there’s no need to be too cautious of it. The Kylie lipliners are super soft and apply beautifully to the skin, making it easy to get the perfect pout.
For me, Kylie produces the best nudes, with a shade to suit so many different skin tones, and so I wanted to try Bare, which is a nude pinky beige, and one of those shades that is so easy to wear, whatever the time of day, time of year or occasion. I literally haven’t stopped wearing it since I bought it! The applicator of the liquid lipsticks is firm for easy application but also a slanted sponge at the same time so it gives great coverage in just one swipe.
I can’t wait to see what Kylie has in store for her Summer collection! I had better get saving….

You can find the Kylie Lip Kits online at Kylie Cosmetics.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Primark Nudes Makeup Collection

Yes, its another Primark makeup post, but I have honestly been so blown away with the variety and quality, as well as value for money that Primark makeup have been offering lately. My nearest Primark is around a 30 minute drive from where I live, but every time I have popped in I have been putting so many beauty products in my basket! One of their most recent collection is the PS… Nudes, which has such a variety of products in - I think I have managed to get a good selection, but I am never fully sure as I know that most stores don’t always stock everything from each range.
Not always the best way to start a blog post, but the product that I was most looking forward to, but feel a bit disappointed with is the Nudes Highlight & Contour Kit (£8). It is a take on the Kim Kardashian-West contour kit, with it’s sleek matte nude packaging, and includes a Cream Highlighter Duo, a Brow Highlighter Pencil, a double ended brush and a a Cream Contour Duo. The Cream Highlighter Duo consists of a yellow-gold highlighter which is a little nasty, and then a fairly pretty pale white-gold shade. The lids keep popping off, and the pigment is a little non-existent, so this is a no from me. The Brow Highlighter Pencil is really easy to use, and has a pointed tip, perfect for lining under the brows - it is a light gold shade, much like the lighter end of the Highlighter Duo, and does give a sheen to the skin rather than a shimmer. Onto the double-ended brush, and I really like the flat bristle side as it is great for blending in contour and it is super soft, but the sponge end is too dense for my liking, but I am a Beauty Blender girl through and through. The Cream Contour Duo are both rather similar colours, and if you are fair like me, then this probably wouldn’t work for you. However, the formula is really creamy and easy to blend, I could just do with a lighter shade. 
Next we have the Nudes Matte Eyeshadow Palette (£4), which isn’t strictly matte as there is a shimmer shade in there. However, I have been really impressed with Primark palettes, and this is no different. You get a good range of colours, with lighter base shades, pinks, nudes, browns, of light medium and dark shades and then a really pretty, delicate champagne gold shimmer. The pans are a really good size for the price, and the pigment is so good, blending out beautifully. If you are the kind of person who goes on holiday and likes minimal makeup, then this will be perfect for you, and at just £4, if it breaks in your luggage you can just buy another one!
Possibly my favourite from the range is the Nudes Matte & Gloss Lip Collection (£6). The set includes two Matte Lip Creams, a two High Shine Lip Glosses. The colours and finishes are all so different though that this package covers all bases! They don’t have shade names so I shall go through them in the order they are in the box… The first Matte Lip Cream is a pinky-nude which is so pretty and perfect for everyday wear - I did find that this didn’t dry out to a full matte, but I actually prefer that anyway and I would say it is more of a velvet matte. Next up is the caramel-coloured High Shine Lip Gloss, which colour-payoff-wise looks more of a liquid lipstick - it is SO pigmented and doesn’t dry out the lips at all, giving them a fuller appearance. The second Matte Lip Cream is a warm auburn shade, which does dry out more than the other Matte Lip Cream, and I think this would suit most skin tones, and would look super awesome for Autumn. Finally, the last High Shine Lip Gloss is definitely high shine! It has all the glitter in, and shade shifts from a light glittery champagne to a pretty shimmering baby pink - it really is insane and every time I wear it I can’t help but look in the mirror!
For the perfect glowy skin this Summer, you simply must try the Nudes Body Shimmer Dust (£4). As Primark prices go, I do think this is slightly expensive for what you get compared to the eyeshadow palette for example, but does come in nice, sleek packaging. The Body Shimmer Dust does come with a puff applicator, but personally I would use this with a large fluffy brush, to add a glow to your arms, shoulders, decollate, legs or basically wherever takes your fancy. It isn’t overly glittery which is good for a body shimmer, and is a gentle very light champagne gold shade.
Moving on to some more lip products, I have two Nudes Liquid Lipsticks (£2 each). I love that they have completely changed the packaging to regular liquid lipsticks, and each one comes with a little sponge on the end to help blend the product out. The two shades I picked up are Stark and Skinny Dip - Stark is a Metallic Liquid Lipstick and I would say this is my favourite of the two as it is a gentle metallic pretty light pink shade which looks so pretty on the lips, and because it is a metallic, it gives the effect of fuller lips. Skinny Dip is an Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick and reminds me of Hazel from the Kylie Cosmetics collection, a warm caramel shade.
A single lipstick I picked up is the Nudes Matte Lipstick in the shade Uncovered (£1.50). The packaging is a little MAC-esque but feels like velvet and the shade is a gorgeous everyday mid-nude colour. Even though it is a matte product, it isn’t at all drying on the lips and feels really lightweight - I would definitely have liked to have tried more of this product in different colours.
There were quite a few of the Nudes Eye Creams (£2), but they only had the shade Day Dream which wasn’t already opened and used (that is one thing that drives me mad with Primark beauty), otherwise I would definitely have bought them all as they were gorgeous. Day Dream has a metallic finish and looks a lot like the Stark Liquid Lipstick, so wearing them both together would look super cute, without being too matchy-matchy. The Eye Creams apply really easily, you don’t have to be a makeup expert or even a novice to use them, and this metallic version has tiny specks of glitter running throughout it.
Last but not least from my haul is the Nudes Lip Collection Duo in Entranced (£3), which comprises of a lip liner and a metallic lip gloss. If you are after a full, bold lip, then this isn’t for you, however if you apply the lip liner all over the lips followed by the gloss, you get a really pretty finish. Once applied, the colour is a very pale, almost translucent pink, but with the prettiest pink glitter running throughout it. For £3 you simply cannot go wrong to be honest, and that’s one of the things I love most about Primark beauty, is that it is so affordable, and gives you the opportunity to try new colours, new trends, new products which you might not normally want to splash the cash on.
You can find the PS… Nudes Collection instore at Primark.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx