Monday, 30 April 2018

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

I adore going for my makeup doing at beauty counters, as I find that you pick up hints and tips and get to try products or colours you may not necessarily think to try. A couple of months ago I had a beauty lesson at a Bobbi Brown counter and one of the products my makeup consultant recommended was the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. However, at £43 it wasn’t something I could justify buying at the time as there were quite a few makeup products I wanted to get first. Bobbi Brown have some amazing deals online, and recently they were giving a free full-sized Vitamin Enriched Face Base when you spent a certain amount, and of course I snapped that deal right up!
I originally thought of this as a moisturiser, but it is a primer which has added moisturisation for a smooth makeup application - so you’re kinda getting the best of both worlds here, especially if you have quite dry skin like myself. The Face Base comes in a neat glass jar and you get 50ml of product, however you don’t need to use a lot per application so it works out quite good value. Face Base is fragranced lightly with geranium and grapefruit which is really refreshing and feels lovely and light on the skin with its cream-like texture.
Once applied onto the skin it absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy like some moisturisers can do. As it is partly a moisturiser I was a little apprehensive as to how my foundation would sit on top of it, but I found that my foundation actually went on smoother, especially compared to many other primers. Throughout the day, it kept my makeup in place and there was no shininess later in the day which is something I often suffer from, so I was definitely pleased with this as a primer. I also found that my under eye area didn’t seem to crease up so much, as it really does give the skin an ultra-smooth finish. 
When using the Vitamin Enriched Face Base, I would recommend not using your regular moisturiser in a morning as well as applying this as you absolutely don’t need it. After wearing this product daily for a week or so, I found that my skin felt so much softer and well-nourished than usual and my skin looked brighter and healthier, so even though it is to be used as a primer, it is so much more than that!

The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base can be found online at Bobbi Brown.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Sunday, 29 April 2018

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ Spray: Goldlite & Pinklite

As a huge MAC Fix+ Spray fan I was super excited to see the release of their Goldlite and Pinklite versions as I am all for a little shimmer here and there. For those of you new to MAC Fix+, it is a vitamin and mineral spray that you spritz onto the skin after applying makeup to keep it looking flawless throughout the day. It does have other uses too, but we will get to that later…
MAC Fix+ is infused with a calming blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energising scent of Sugi. As soon as you spritz the mist onto the skin, it feels instantly refreshing, and then locks your makeup right in place. If you find that your makeup looks cakey from time to time, this will take that right away, to leave your skin looking much more flawless. Some sprays make you feel like you’re setting a hosepipe on yourself, but the nozzle’s design ensures the product comes out in a fine mist, and just 2-3 sprays is more than enough to keep your makeup in place, so each 100ml bottle is going to last you plenty. 

MAC Fix+ can also be used to hydrate the skin before you apply makeup, obviously as a setting and finishing spray, but then it can also be used with pigments, eyeshadows and highlighters to really intensify them and give them a more concentrated, shimmery look. Simply spritz some onto a fluffy eyeshadow brush or highlighter brush before you pop the brushes into the products and then apply as normal to get your makeup looking even more on point. 
As I mentioned, MAC have recently released the MAC Fix+ Goldlite and Pinklite - and for those of you not aware, MAC make killer strobe creams and highlighters, and that shimmery goodness has now been released into the MAC Fix+ to give the most beautiful natural radiant glow to the skin. The original spray has been infused with pearlescent particles for the ultimate glow, yet still carries all of the hydrating, soothing and refreshing benefits of the original version, along with that 12 hour wearability. 

MAC Fix+ is suitable for all skin types, and due to those calming and soothing ingredients it also conditions the skin, making it much more than ‘just’ a finishing spray. MAC Fix+ Goldlite contains tiny specks of light gold shimmer, with Pinklite having a soft pink shimmer running throughout it. I could honestly just watch the liquid swirl around in the bottle all day long - it’s mesmerising! However, do not fear - this does NOT leave a glittery finish on the skin, once it travels through the nozzle and onto the skin it adds a natural radiance and glow to the skin to give a healthier appearance, so please do not stray away from it thinking that you’re going to look like a disco ball. 
These really are beautiful products and I think once that warmer weather rolls round and you catch a hint of sunshine, the Goldlite is going to look fantastic! For my skin tone, Pinklite works better at the moment, but once my skin has a little extra colour, I think Goldlite will also work perfectly. You could even spray across the shoulders and decollate for healthy looking skin all round!

You can find the MAC Fix+ Goldlite and Pinklite online at MAC where they cost £19 each. 

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Bourjois Healthy Mix Collection

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation has been an extremely popular foundation ever since its launch a few years back now, and there are now four Healthy Mix products, and as I hadn’t ever tried the foundation itself, I thought I would try them all out. Here’s how I got on…
The Bourjois Healthy Mix Primer (£9.99) is an anti-fatigue blurring primer which conceals signs of fatigue and smoothes pores and fine lines to create a fresh and radiant complexion. I always use a primer as my skin can be quite dry on my cheeks but then quite oily at times on my T-Zone so I find that a primer lengthens the wear of my foundation and it doesn’t disappear throughout the day. The Healthy Mix Primer is peach in colour and so it is also great for concealing redness on the skin and is creamy in texture and as soon as you apply it onto the skin it instantly blurs out any lines or irregularities on the skin. I was definitely impressed with this primer, but you don’t get much product for your money, which was the only downside for me.
Moving on to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, which costs £9.99 and so is the same price as the primer but you get an extra 10ml of product. I opted for shade 52 Vanilla which suits my fair skin really well. Healthy Mix Foundation contains a unique blend of vitamins for an anti-fatigue effect, to leave your complexion looking radiant and even. It has also been created using Vitamins C, E and B5 to brighten and energise the skin and has a 16 hour wear time, although I have never kept my foundation on for that long so I can’t comment on whether it lasts the whole 16 hours, but it definitely stayed on throughout the day. The Foundation comes in a pump bottle so you can control the amount of product you are using and I found it to be a more fuller coverage foundation, except it feels really lightweight on the skin which I definitely enjoyed wearing. Once applied, it did give my skin a boost, left it more healthier looking and didn’t settle into any imperfections or lines to look cakey.
The Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (£8.99) has been created in the same way as the foundation, so again it has those vitamins to erase any imperfections and signs of fatigue. I don’t tend to need to conceal anywhere other than underneath my eyes as I do naturally suffer from dark circles in that area, and so I always go for the lightest shade to also brighten up my undereye area rather than the same shade as my foundation. The Healthy Mix Concealer comes in a little tube which has a screw-on lid and a doe-foot sponge applicator although I do tend to use a mini Beauty Blender to blend concealer in under my eyes as it is such a delicate area I don’t like to pull or tug at it. I would also recommend not putting product too near to the eye as it will soak into the skin and that’s when you end up with puffiness under the eyes because of product build-up. The Concealer does tend to feel a little thicker than the foundation but I find that it blends in beautifully and this has since become my go-to concealer.
I don’t always use a powder as I don’t suffer from overly oily skin, but I did want to test out the full Healthy Mix collection which does include the Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder (£9.99). Again I went for the lightest shade, 01 Vanilla and this suits my skin perfectly. The Powder comes in a compact which also has a mirror on the level underneath and a sponge for applying on the go, however I personally prefer to use a powder brush so that I get a more even finish than a thicker layer of powder. The Healthy Mix Powder unifies and mattifies to give a matte and radiant complexion throughout the day and I found it felt quite finely milled and lightweight on the skin. When applying the Powder with a powder brush I wasn’t left with any product buildup and it did keep my foundation in place throughout the day, even trying it with different foundations for a fair testing.
The Bourjois Healthy Mix collection is available instore and online at retailers such as Boots and Superdrug.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Friday, 27 April 2018

Face Mask Friday: Sheet Masks

I must admit I have always loved a face mask, pampering is one of my favourite hobbies, and with their being SO many different sheet face masks out there, I thought I would compile some of my current favourites.
When I was in Orlando last month I picked up some sheet masks from various shops, including a handful from the Pink section of Victoria’s Secret as they had such cute packaging. This one is the Pink Seas the Day Rejuvenating Sheet Mask (£4.87 or 5 for £9.85) and Victoria’s Secret/Pink do ship to the UK now without the need for customs charges. The Seas the Day mask has major mermaid vibes and is a skin-nourishing mask which hugs and contours like a second skin to give instant complexion perfection and rejuvenate the skin.
Going back to the high street now, we have the Garnier Skin Active Charcoal and Algae Sheet Mask (£2.99), which I chose because the word on the street is that charcoal is super great for the skin. This mask has been formulated with Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrating Active to comfort and purify the skin and tighten the pores. This is a tissue version of the sheet mask and instantly leaves the skin more hydrated and feeling purified.
Slightly pricier at £7.49 is the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Hydration Mask, however I did get this on offer for around £4 so I didn’t feel too bad and I have heard great things about Nip + Fab’s Dragon’s Blood range, however bizarre it sounds! This mask is highly concentrated in plumping hyaluronic acid and soothing dragon’s blood extract to soak the skin in moisture to give you a radiant, more youthful looking skin. This is to be left on the face for 15 minutes and instantly feels super refreshing, so this is going to be great when the warmer weather rolls round.
I have been using Sephora sheet masks for ages now, and when in Orlando I picked quite a few up, but my favourite has always been the Pearl Sheet Face Mask ($6, and again Sephora do ship to the UK). The Pearl mask has been created to perfect and brighten the skin with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity, so if you suffer from dull, lacklustre skin, then this is the one for you! They also offer the Pearl version in a creamy sleeping mask for $4.
For a special pampering treat I recommend the Masque Bar Silver Foil and Gold Foil Sheet Masks* (£4.99 each), and there is also a Rose Gold Foil version too! The Gold Foil Mask is enriched with Camelia Flower Extract and Lavender Flower Water to give the skin a big old dose of hydration, whilst also soothing and calming the skin, which is perfect for a more sensitive, irritated skin. The Silver Foil Mask has been created to visibly hydrate and soothe the skin and contains Aloe Leaf Juice and Anise Fruit Extract to give a youthful, glowing complexion.
My final sheet mask is another one from Orlando, although unfortunately you cannot get these here in the UK. It is the Bath & Body Works Sea You Soon Face Sheet Mask ($4.95) and again I picked up a few various ones but I quite enjoy the sea vibe. The Sea You Soon sheet mask contains sea minerals and hyaluronic acid to infuse the skin with supercharged ingredients and smells so super fresh it will definitely wake you up in a morning!
All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, which are starred, but all views are my own

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Soap & Glory: Pamper Time

Some of my most precious and enjoyable moments are those spent being pampered - whether it at a spa, a salon or in the comfort of my own home, and one brand instantly comes to mind when thinking of pampering, and that is Soap & Glory. This amazing yet affordable brand are always coming up with new releases, and so I wanted to put together my four current favourite pamper products from Soap & Glory. 
Okay, so let’s start with the bath itself, I use bubble bath every single evening, and the Soap & Glory The Daily Soothe (£8) is the perfect pre-bedtime bath float. It comes in a 300ml pot, so lasts for plenty of baths, and just a little creates lots of bubbles for a relaxing bath. The Daily Soothe is packed with rejuvenating phytofleur cactus, calming passionflower fruit extract and moisturising herbasol mallow to invigorate, calm and soothe, preparing you for a good night’s sleep. It is the prettiest shimmery peach and smells utterly divine and fresh, promoting a spa-like calmness. 
To rid the skin of any excess dead skin cells, I then use the Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff (£8), which also comes in a whopping 300ml tub. This pretty in pink body scrub has a creamy base to moisturise the skin, and then tiny pink exfoliating granules which will even remove false tan remnants and leave your skin feeling and looking super smooth and glowy. Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em is the perfect Springtime product to get those legs in tip top condition!
Another wonder product is the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Creamy Body Wash (£7), taking the creaminess of the original The Righteous Butter to bring you this 3-in-1 ultra rich and creamy body wash. You can cleanse, shave and moisturise with this beauty and it is packed full of skin-adoring shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond, grapeseed and macadamia oils as well as Vitamin E to ensure your skin is super clean and super smooth. It has that same luxurious and delicious scent as The Righteous Butter too so if you love that, then you are going to adore this body wash version.
One of Soap & Glory’s most recent releases is The Heel Deal Snooze Socks (£7), which are going to be perfect to get your feet flip-flop ready. These reusable socks come in the infamous Soap & Glory pink and are adorned with white and silver glittery stars. All you need to do is apply your favourite body moisturiser onto your feet, massaging it in as you go, and then pop these comfortable socks on top and leave on throughout the night to wake up to super soft tootsies. Cute socks that give you cute feet? Who doesn’t want that?!
These gorgeous Soap & Glory pamper products and many more are available instore and online at Boots.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Primark Makeup: Testing Liquid Highlighters

The final of three posts from my Primark Makeup haul this month is all about the liquid highlighters! I adore highlighters and they really are one of the prettiest makeup products to pick up. I have a variety of seven different liquid highlighters here and not one of them cost over £3.50, so read on to hear my thoughts…
First up we have the PS Strobe Face & Body Highlighting Cream £3, which came in three different shades but I opted for Oyster Pink as I thought it would suit my skin tone best, although the bronzier tone would be perfect to add to a tan come Summer. There’s 40mls of product here which is super impressive for the price and once applied to the skin, it blends in beautifully and gives the prettiest shimmer to the skin without being glittery. This would also work really well mixed in with your foundation for a super glowy, dewy look.
We then have the K-Pop After Glow Liquid Highlighters £2.50 each, which come in glass tubes with a sponge tipped applicator. There doesn’t appear to be any shade names on these, but I have the purple-lidded one and the gold-lidded highlighter. The packaging is super cute and Kawaii-themed, and is a pink/purple toned highlighter with tiny flecks of iridescent pink glitter running throughout it. The Gold-lidded version is slightly similar to the purple-lidded one once applied to the skin, but more champagne and pink-toned rather than a purpley-blue hue. The thing I love most about these are their staying power - once applied they don’t budge and I actually quite like using these as eyeshadows too!
Next up are the Custom Glow Liquid Highlighters £3.50 each, which again came in other shades but I chose Silver and Rose Gold. There are lots of versions of these on the market, and at £3.50 they are excellent value. They come in little glass bottles with a pipette applicator so you can control the amount of product you are using. The consistency isn’t the best but once blended into the skin they look really pretty, with the Silver giving a pretty silver sheen to the skin and Rose Gold giving a stunning pinky peach finish, which is definitely my favourite as peach is my current favourite makeup shade. 
Last but not least I chose the Insta Girl Glow Up Liquid Highlighters £2.50 each in the shades Obsessed and Like. They come in a lip gloss type tube and again with a sponge applicator tip and consistency wise I would say these are a favourite of mine. It feels high quality when applying and they blend in perfectly, to give a stunning glow without being overly sparkly or glittery. Obsessed is a beautiful peach shimmer and Like is a pearlescent finish with a pink tint to it, which would suit a lighter skin tone. I really am super impressed with all of these products and simply cannot get over the prices, compared to higher end products at ten times the price!
You can find all these fabulous liquid highlighters and more instore at Primark.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar Eau de Parfum Intense

One fragrance brand I have also adored, but have never been lucky enough to own is Viktor & Rolf, specifically their Flowerbomb collection. They create the most divine, luxurious fragrances and I was recently very lucky to win their latest release, Flowerbomb Nectar from a special beauty group I am a part of. Yes, I was extremely excited and happy! 
As mentioned, Flowerbomb Nectar is the newest addition to the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb collection, adding a sensual flower liquor, with an explosion of floral notes and a surprising twist to the already sensational floral scents and addictive qualities of this iconic fragrance. Flowerbomb Nectar is a floriental fragrance, with the initial impression of the fragrance leading with fresh bergamot oil and rich sweet blackcurrant syrup. The heart of the scent unveils a feminine and enveloping white floral nectar of Sambac Jasmin and Orange Flower combined with the sweet notes of Osmanthus. Finally, this is a more sensual and luxurious Flowerbomb scent thanks an addictive gourmand sensation of warm spicy hues or tonka bean and creamy soft vanilla. 
You may think it sounds sickly, or overpowering from those notes within the scent, but it has been brought together beautifully to give a one-of-a-kind fragrance, which also feels very fresh when worn on the skin, making this my new go-to Spring perfume. Flowerbomb Nectar is only available in Eau de Parfum, which personally always opt for anyway, as it is a higher strength and higher quality perfume, therefore lasting longer on the skin, and you not needing to reapply or apply a great deal when wearing it. 
The bottle itself is in the original style of the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb collection, with its stylish glass bottle, inscribed metal nameplate, and a sweet V&R seal of approval charm. It also arrives in a blush pink box, illustrated with a butterfly for the nectar, and a larger seal giving it the appearance of a beautifully wrapped gift, whether for yourself or a loved one. 

Flowerbomb Nectar Eau de Parfum is available in 30ml at £58, 50ml at £82 and 90ml at £115 and is available instore and online at Debenhams.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Monday, 23 April 2018

L’Oreal Tinted Lip Oils

In the last couple of years, lip oils have become super popular, with many brands having their own version, and as someone with naturally dry lips, they’re often a staple in my handbag, my bedside table and my desk drawer at work. They really do go beyond what a lip balm can, and L’Oreal’s most recent release, their Tinted Lip Oils, are just super gorgeous!
There are four addictive scents, including 01 Jelly Peach, 02 Sugar Plum, 03 Pompom Pink and 04 Hot Cerise - they even have cute names! Once applied, shade wise, the first three are quite similar, with Jelly Peach and Pompom Pink having quite a natural pop of pink, although Pompom Pink does have a slight shimmer to it, and then Sugar Plum being a little lighter, and then Hot Cerise being more of a cherry pink.
Once the Lip Oils have melted into the lips, they don’t leave behind a sticky residue, which is something I very much appreciate having long hair! Each Lip Oil comes with quite a large sponge applicator which I really like as it makes application super quick and easy, giving you a hint of colour even on your way out of the door.
These weightless tints are enriched with natural oils for ultimate hydration and leave a subtle shiny finish on the lips, keeping them looking and feeling well nourished and cared for. I adore the packaging, it gives a real summery vibe with the white lids and bright, neon-like containers, they look super cute in your handbag. These are also going to be excellent for holidays when you don’t want a full lip look, but you still want kissable lips.

The L’Oreal Tinted Lip Oils cost £8.99 each and are available instore and online at Superdrug.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Bioderma Spring Skincare Routine

Now that Spring is finally rolling round, it is time to update your skincare routine! Bioderma has all the goodness to help you create your favourite skincare combination so that you can care for your skin and therefore get healthier looking skin in no time! Read on for my favourite three Spring skincare products from Bioderma.
I much prefer a micellar water to a foaming type cleanser as I find them much easier to use especially if I am in a rush for work in the morning. The Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution (£10.80) is an ultra-mild non-rinse micellar water cleanser and makeup remover. It has been designed for those who have sensitive skin and suffer from dehydration, and the alcohol-free Hydrabio H20 is made with Aquagenium, a biological complex that locks essential moisture in on the surface of the skin to give a comfortable, supple and radiant appearance and feel. As mentioned, a micellar water is super quick and easy to use, simply soak a cotton pad in the solution and use morning and night to cleanse the face and eyes, and as a contact lens wearer I find that this doesn’t irritate my eye area whatsoever, yet removes my tough eye makeup easily, without tugging and rubbing that delicate area.
Next up I like to use the Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Soothing Purifying Cream which at just £14 is excellent value for such a high-quality product. I have quite sensitive skin particularly on the cheek area, and it can be prone to redness and irritability, however this product soothes the skin and combats irritant agents and miraculously manages to minimise the redness I suffer from. As soon as you apply the Purifying Cream onto your skin, it instantly gives a cooling feeling and feels very lightweight and not at all oily, making it really comfortable to wear. As part of my skincare routine, I use this again, morning and evening, and sometimes I even mix a little in with my foundation and it doesn’t alter the finish of my foundation, yet keeps my skin well nourished and protected.
If like me, once the warmer weather appears, or I am away on holiday in Orlando, I don’t always want a full coverage foundation, and so an excellent alternative is the Bioderma Photoderm Max Light Colour Tinted Aquafluid (£14.99). It has an SPF 50+ and its exclusive combination of UVA/UVB dermatological filters and the Cellular Bioprotection provides optimal protection against the harmful effects of UV rays, therefore protecting the skin whilst you are out enjoying the sunshine. It is suitable for all skin types, including skin which is sensitive to all types of sunlight, and gives a light tint of colour to the skin whilst adding moisture and high protection. The Aquafluid doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the skin, and is very lightweight, giving you a healthy dose of glow and colour without feeling heavy.
You can find these fabulous Bioderma Skincare products instore and online at Boots. 

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Testing Primark Makeup Spring 2018

As mentioned in my previous Primark Palettes post, I have recently been very pleasantly surprised by Primark’s recent makeup releases and after buying quite a lot of products to try out, I have put them into three separate posts - today I will be discussing a variation of their products. I did try to get a full face, but some of the products I wanted either weren’t in my shade or had been opened and damaged by people wanting to try them out.
Starting with foundations, I have the My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation £3, and the My Perfect Colour Velvet Finish Foundation £6. The shade range of foundations isn’t plentiful and as someone who has pale skin I opted for the lightest shade, Porcelain. The Matte Foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump applicator, and at just £3, I am uber impressed with the finish - it gives a medium to full coverage and dries matte on the skin but still gives a healthy glow, rather than a total matte, cakey look and covers my red-prone cheeks really well. This one is definitely a winner for me! The Velvet Finish Foundation is twice the price, but does come in a lovely glass bottle but it does have a glass dropper applicator which I don’t always find the easiest, but if applying onto a Beauty Blender it doesn’t make that much difference. The coverage is also a medium to full application, and I really couldn’t knock the coverage once more - it blends into the skin really well, leaving a nice, professional finish to the skin, however as I have quite dry skin, I did find that the cheaper foundation worked better with my skin, but if you have normal to oily skin, then this should work really well for you.
Next up is the My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer costing just £2, for a large tube that comes with a sponge tipped applicator, making it super easy to apply onto the face. It has been designed to give medium coverage and contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe the delicate under eye area. Shade wise I again opted for Porcelain - I always prefer to go as light as possible under the eyes as I suffer from naturally dark circles so I need something that will brighten up the eye area. I do think this would make a find concealer for the rest of the face, but under the eyes the coverage wasn’t enough for me. 
Something I have really been loving is the Angel Powder £3, an ombre-styled powder compact which can be used all over the face to give a pretty glow to the skin, without sparkle or shimmer, or concentrating on the darker side of the compact, it makes a really lovely blush shade, especially if you have pale skin like myself. I don’t believe that they had any other colour ways in the Angel Powder, but I adore how angel-like it makes my skin look and feel - also how cute is the glittery packaging?!
There were so many mascaras to choose from, but as the makeup section was pretty busy, I didn’t get chance to see what individual ones did, so I opted for the False Lash Effect Mascara £2.50 as my own lashes are very short, fair, straight and fine so I always need a mascara that goes the extra mile. When applying, I do notice that it makes my lashes longer, and more fluttery, but it didn’t apply much product per application, so I did have to persevere and keep adding layers, but at £2.50, if you have naturally lovely eyelashes, then this would definitely be an excellent purchase.
I am obsessed with anything that sparkles, especially on the eyes, so I picked up this cute Gold Rush Eye Shadow Pigment Trio £4, which contains three great-sized pots of pigment. Once you unscrew the lid, there is a little easy-to-access lid which keeps the pigment in when you aren’t using it, and allows you to control the amount of pigment which comes out - which isn’t even something you get with my trusty MAC pigments. Inside the set there is a light champagne, a light gold and a light bronze and I was incredibly impressed with these - I wasn’t expecting much in the way of pigment but they are truly amazing, blended really easily and are going to make blue eyes pop this Summer!
As it was super busy in the makeup department, I couldn’t really have a proper look at the lip products, and my gosh there were so many different finishes, colours, textures, but I did manage to pick up two liquid lipsticks, which on reflection are very similar colour wise but do have different finishes. The first is the Insta Girl Intense Liquid Lipstick in the shade Selfie, which cost just £1 reduced from £2, which gives a full colour, satin finish and is in a beautiful blush pink shade.  The second is the PS Pro Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick £2, in the shade 02 Pink in Excess, again a perfect everything pinky nude colour. This one obviously dries to a matte finish and both come with an easy-to-apply sponge applicator. I was definitely impressed with these, as they had longevity and the colour didn’t transfer - especially the matte lipstick, and so I cannot wait to try out some of the other lip products from Primark.
These products and more are available instore at Primark. My third instalment from my Primark Haul will be liquid highlighters so keep your peepers peeled for that one, it’s a goody!

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

Friday, 20 April 2018

Design.ME Puff.ME Volumising Powder Mist

A haircare brand new to myself, but already loved by many all over the world is Design.ME, and I was recently very kindly sent their Puff.ME to try. Puff.ME is a revolutionary spray powder that gives your hair lasting volume, hold and accuracy. I have tried similar products before, but where you have to sprinkle the powder into your hands and then apply with your fingers, and so to find it with a nozzle, is so much easier as you can puff it into the sections of your hair you are wanting more volume.
Puff.ME gives you versatile control so that you can create a messy, textured look, or by adding another pump, you can gain incredible volume, which for me is perfect as I have very fine, flat hair, and so a volumising product is always worth a go! Puff.ME powder spray releases the perfect amount of product for a precise and clean application, meaning that it goes where you want it to go, without making the hair sticky.
It comes in a cute pink bottle, which is small enough to pop in your handbag, for a night-out touch-up, or for travelling too. With it being a powder, it is also super lightweight and can be used on dry or damp hair. It doesn’t appear to have a scent to it either, so if you like your hair products without fragrance, then this will be perfect for you! It is also suitable for all hair types, whether you have fine hair like me, short, long hair, permed hair, thick hair - the list is endless!
Puff.ME is really easy to use, and as mentioned it can be applied directly onto dry or damp hair. You simple spray it 2-4 inches away from the hair, focusing on the roots, for plenty of instant volume! This oh-so-handy haircare product costs £9.95, but is going to last you absolutely ages, as the powder is so finely milled, and you only need to use a little at a time.

Design.ME Puff.ME is available instore and online at Sally Beauty.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own