June Favourites

Sunday 30 June 2019

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Well, June didn't start the best with all that rain, but as always I have lots of lovely things to show you which I have been loving this month. It is often so hard to choose and not pick too many, so I try to keep to around 15! Let's crack on...
I received the Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Scrub ($24.00) in one of my FabFitFun boxes and in all honesty I hadn't even heard of the brand before, which is something that FabFitFun is great for, for trying new products and brands. The Scrub is perfect for exfoliating the skin to remove any dead skin cells so that your skin is lovely and soft for Summer dresses and of course that champagne fragrance is everything boujee. If you would like $15 off your FabFitFun box, use the link here.
I discovered that Superdrug had released a Limited Edition Solait Express Dark Tan Mousse (£5.99) which has been scented with coconut, and I am all for anything coconut. It was originally £5.99, but it was on offer for £3.99 which is incredible value for a self tan mousse. One of the things I love most about this is that you only need to leave it on 1-3 hours and then you can rinse it off and it contains Vitamin E to keep the skin moisturised. You can find it online at Superdrug here.
I am a sucker for delicious packaging and Bobbi Brown recently came out with the Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip (£19.00) in a few new shades with cool ombre packaging. I went for the shade East Coast Slay as it is one of those light nudes that is perfect for just about any occasion and I bloody love a good Bobbi Brown lippy, as they are made so well and the pigmentation is always second to none. You can find them online at Bobbi Brown here.
I have been looking at inserting an online shop onto my blog and so I have recently been making some test orders from the USA. One thing I ordered is the L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara ($8.99) in the shade Deep Burgundy. It is very similar in style to the L'Oreal Lash Paradise so it applies really well and I just really fancied the shade as I do like to experiment but sometimes you don't want neon lashes and this works lovely. Let me know if you would be interested in me ordering more of these.
I am currently saving my holiday (in December!) and so I haven't been having my nails done lately as they are just an expense I don't need right now. So, I have been using some of the gorgeous imPRESS Press-On Manicures* (£7.99) and this particular style is my current absolute favourite. It is called Yeah Boy and consists of marbled-effect nails, light grey ones and silver glittery nails. They are super quick and easy to apply and much cheaper than going to the salon. You can find them online here.
My skin hates both Summer and Winter, and I forever have dry, itchy skin, particularly on my arms and legs and so I have to keep on top of it. A product which I received in a recent beauty box is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (£18.50 for 50ml). The 50ml bottle comes with a spray applicator and it can be used on the face, body and hair, although I sometimes even pop a few drops in my bath by removing the lid. It smells divine and I love that it is a dry oil so that you aren't left with a greasy residue. You can find it online here.
I first tried Kristin Ess hair care whilst I was over in Orlando last November, after discovering her through Lauren Conrad. I brought a few products back with me at the time and after loving them I have been trying out a couple of others. One which is perfect for this time of year is the Kristin Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Spray (£18.00 for 200ml), which is perfect for straight or wavy hair and adds instant texture and volume, like a traditional salt spray but without any stickiness. You can find it in the UK here.
When placing a L'Occitane order online, you got a free face mask when you spent £15 or more. L'Occitane have only just started doing face masks, so I was really glad to be able to try one. I received the L'Occitane Purifying Mask (£4.50) which contains freshly-cut Provencal thyme and therefore smells heavenly. They come in cute little pods and so are great for travelling with or just a little pick me up and come in three more varieties to suit different skincare needs. You can find them online here.
One product which has been a MUST-have lately, and is the one product you need for Summer, is the SKN Rehab SKN Filter* (£30.00). This sun protection contains a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants to not only protect the skin with its SPF30, but also to target and treat the damaging effects of the sun. It has a rich and silky texture and contains Vitamin E to treat lines and wrinkles, as well as Vitamin C to help treat sun spots, pigmentation and uneven texture. You get 50ml of product, which I think is such great value and you only need a small amount each day before going out in the sun. You can find it online here.
During the Summer months, I tend to wear a lot of light coloured eye makeup, and therefore I like to use a brown eyeliner as I am quite naturally fair anyway. So I picked up the Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Dark Brown. It only costs £3.00 and it has such a precise tip that it is hard to make a mistake, and I love that it gives a more natural, yet still defined eye line. You can find it online at Beauty Bay here.
My best friend Jay told me about the Charles Worthington Grow Strong Longer & Stronger Protein Treatment (£8.99) which she first started using after she gave birth to her baby boy Jose. She had had some hair loss and thinning and so she had started using this to add some strength to her hair. I bought it to try and so far I have been loving it, as you only need a tiny bit and so your hair doesn't feel greasy and it is a leave-in treatment which has really helped my hair to grow thicker and longer much quicker than normal. You can find it online here.
I saw Jay's sister Brooklyn a few weeks ago and her lips looked phenomenal so I asked what she was wearing and she said she had put the DuWop Venom Gloss (£16.00) on top of her regular lip product. I have quite thin lips and I can't afford to have fillers and so I ordered it in the shade Love In A Mist, which is a pink/lilac shade and looks lovely either on its own or on top of other lip products to really plump up the lips without the pain. You can find it online here.
When placing a Cult Beauty order, if you spent a certain amount, you got a free goody bag, so I added the Natasha Denona Blush & Glow Blush & Highlighting Powder (£16.00) to my basket. It is a super cute duo gold palette which contains a pretty pink shimmery blush and a light gold champagne shimmery highlighter. Natasha Denona's products are often very expensive, and so this is a great way to try them out at a cheaper price. You can find it online at Cult Beauty here.
I always think there is something really comforting about baby skincare products, perhaps it is the gentle scent and for someone who can get quite sensitive skin, the fact that they are gentle on the skin. So I recently ordered the L'Occitane Shea Baby Lovely & Gentle Moisturising Milk (£16.00 for 100ml), and I like to use it when I need a little comfort in my life. It comes in cute pastel packaging and smells heavenly as well as keeping my skin lovely and soft. You can find it online here.
My lips get super dry in Summer (and Winter, again my skin just doesn't like extreme weather change), and so I have been using the Smith's Rosebud Salve* to keep my lips super soft and nourished. I first got into this when I was a teenager as Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen used to rave about it, and if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me. The salve is rose-scented and reminds me of a fragrant rose garden in Summer. It can also be used on other dry areas of the face and body as it is such a hydrating salve and works so well. You can find it online here.
All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*Items asterixed have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own
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Becca Skin Love Starter Set Review

Saturday 29 June 2019

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Becca Cosmetics recently released a skincare line, but as I couldn't decide which item to try out, and didn't want to drop not far off £100.00 on their three new products, I opted for the Becca Skin Love Starter Set as it was £20.00 and I then got to try all three for less than one full size.
The Starter Set comes in a gift box so it would make a lovely little present for someone who is interested in or is wanting to get into their skincare. Inside the box you receive 25ml of the Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist, 15ml of the Brighten & Blur Primer and 2.2ml of the Glow Elixir. Yes, they aren't going to last a long time, but with skincare sometimes you are best starting with travel sizes or sample sizes to see if they agree with your skin.

The Becca Skin Love packaging is quite ethereal with iridescent finishes and mint, white and shimmer shades. The Becca Skin Love Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist comes in a good, sturdy bottle to say it is a travel size and it is an alcohol-free, gentle, super-fine mist which adds moisture to the skin and helps to set and refresh your makeup. It has been infused with wonderful sounding ingredients such as Hawaiian Sea Water and Desert Spring Water to boost hydration and Goji Berry, Blueberry Extract, Cranberry Extract and Vitamin E to keep the skin nourished. The Mist feels very refreshing on the skin and it smells incredible, although I can't quite put my finger on what fragrance it is, it is very light and fresh and I would definitely buy the full-size of this.

We then have the Becca Skin Love Brighten and Blur Primer, which at first feels a little like Benefit's Porefessional texture-wise, but once you massage it into the skin it feels slightly refreshing and goes into more of a moisturiser-texture. This is a skin-smoothing primer that blurs and hydrates, and whilst it didn't completely rid my face from the appearance of pores, it definitely blurred them out, but I do have quite large pores and so it is something I struggle with. However, I did enjoy using this Primer and I would definitely consider repurchasing as it kept my skin hydrated and healthy whilst also calming down my pores.
The final of the trio is the Becca Skin Love Glow Elixir, which I believe is the most expensive item from the collection at £34.00 and you get the least amount of it to try. The Glow Elixir is a glow-boosting serum that replenishes and restores the skin with essential nutrients to give a healthy, glowing complexion. Don't expect to glow like a glitter ball, but it does give a gently glow to the skin, and as lovely as it is, for me it didn't make so much of a difference that I would pay £34.00 for it on a regular basis, but maybe that is because I was tight with the amount I used seen as I had such a small bottle of it, I am not sure. If you are looking for a new serum, I would recommend this, as it does make your skin feel lovely but for me as a beauty blogger, I get to try out so many products that for me to repurchase something it has to be insane.

You can find the Becca Skin Love Starter Set online at Space NK here where it costs £20.00.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Ciate Radiant & Hydrating Extraordinary Foundation Review

Friday 28 June 2019

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Since I have tried quite a few products from Ciate lately, I was thrilled to see that they have recently released a new foundation, the Ciate Radiant & Hydrating Extraordinary Foundation. This is available in 20 shades, which isn't bad for a new release and is suitable for all skin types, but particularly normal to dry.
The Foundation comes in a 50ml tube, with a pump applicator and I love the nude and rose gold packaging so much. I think 50ml is a great size too for a foundation as they are often around 30ml, so you are getting plenty of usage here. If you like a good buildable coverage with a healthy, radiant finish then you are quite possible going to love this foundation.
Ciate boast a long-lasting formula, and whilst this did last all day, I never wear makeup for 16 hours so I cannot say whether that is true. The radiant finish reminds me a little of the IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream, which is my absolute favourite. I was able to cover my entire face with just one pump-ful and I tried it without a primer, and oh my goodness it did an amazing job at hiding my pores, which is something I very rarely get from a foundation alone.
I found the foundation to be very lightweight which is great for the Summer months when the weather is warmer and it contains some great ingredients such as botanical extracts Mimosa and Arctic Rose, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin, Squalene to moisturise and Bamboo Extract to control oil. I have combination skin, with an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks, and this kept my cheeks moisturised and my oiliness at bay.

Shade-wise, I ordered 106P Silk, which is the third lightest, and this added a slight warmth to my light skin tone which I am loving! Sometimes foundations make me look like an egg, but I loved how this one added that touch of warmth without getting a foundation line around my neck. This is definitely a winner for me!

The Ciate Radiant & Hydrating Extraordinary Foundation costs £28.00 for 50ml as mentioned, which I really do think is such great value. You can find it online at Ciate here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer Review

Thursday 27 June 2019

When watching one of my favourite You Tubers, Tati Westbrook's older videos, she mentioned the Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer and as I haven't previously tried many products from Origins, especially makeup-type products, I was excited to give it a whirl.
The Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer comes in a baby pink can with a pump applicator and holds 60ml of product. To apply, you need to give the can a good shake and then press that pump down to release the product. This primer is a cooling product, and comes out of the can with a crackling sound, in the form of a light air-whipped mousse. 

The mousse dissipates into the actual primer and you apply it as a regular primer on to the skin. As soon as you apply the primer to the face, it does feel instantly cooling and refreshing, but the coolness soon warms up to skin temperature. The Primer contains Willowherb extract which is known to help with hyper-pigmentation, to help your complexion look and feel clean and smooth.
I wasn't sure how much to use at first, and I did pump out the smallest amount, but even that managed to moderately cover my entire face. It does feel a little like skincare as it feels moisturising and smoothing, and it smells heavenly like skincare too. One thing to mention is that it does look like it has a nude colour to it at first, but this doesn't effect your skin tone in the slightest.

The Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer costs £27.00 which does seem a lot for a small can, but as I mentioned, a little goes a long way with this product and so I can see this lasting me for quite a while.

You can find the Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer online at Origins.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Time Bomb Skincare Summer Essentials

Wednesday 26 June 2019

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Time Bomb Cosmetics create some of the most gorgeous skincare products and they have two particular items which are perfect for the Summer season. Whether you have overdone it in the sunshine or whether you want to add a little glow to your skin, Time Bomb have you covered.
The Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue is great for those who have previously spent too much time in the sunshine and are wanting to renew their skin, so that it doesn't feel dry and tight. This skincare product is going to help restore the skin's natural radiance and resilience and visibly improve the signs of long-term photo damage. Photo damage is one of the main reasons your skin shows signs of ageing and it isn't just from sunburn or chronic tanning, it is from everyday exposure to sunlight, even through windows. Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue visibly addresses the impact of UV exposure with clinically-proven, heavy-duty anti-oxidants and deep emollients. It contains an ingredient called Omega9XEster which penetrates the skin's top layers to counteract dry, rough, rigid, leathery-textured skin associated with photo damage. There is also a bio-active Milk Peptide Complex which helps kick-start your skin into natural repair mode, encouraging the production of hyaluronic acid and healthy collagen fibres to keep the skin fuller, firmer and smoother. The Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue is available in two sizes - 40ml which retails for £40.00 and 70ml which retails for £70.00. This is an investment product, but this is going to give your skin such a makeover, especially if you have had too much sun damage in the past. The Cream itself is a silky-soft medium-thickness texture and a little goes a long way, and I loved how it sinks into the skin instantly.
As much as I love how the sunshine makes me feel so much happier in a morning, I have to be really careful when spending time outside as I am pretty fair-skinned and have quite a lot of moles on my skin. So, to give my skin an added boost of colour without frazzling my skin in the sunshine, I have been using the Time Bomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle. This is available in two shades, Sunkissed for a lighter, honeyed sunny glow and Suntanned, for a translucent, sunny bronze. Here, I have Suntanned, just because I do like a deeper shade in the warmer months, but during the colder months I would go for Sunkissed. It feels a little like a liquid bronzer, very creamy and a little goes a long way, so be careful when applying to the face. This is't a glittery, shimmery product, so don't be afraid to use it all over the body either. The formula is oil-free and contains micro-pigments that burst on contact with the skin, which you can visibly see, spreading translucent colour evenly over the skin to enhance your natural colour. The Time Bomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle comes in a 30ml bottle which retails for £30.00 and has a handy pump applicator so that you can control the amount of product you are releasing. I love how compact and lightweight the bottle is which makes it perfect for travelling with too.
You can find these Summer essentials and more online at Time Bomb here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own
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Smashbox Cali Kissed Highlight & Blush Palette Review + Swatches

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It wasn't long ago that I reviewed the Smashbox Cali Contour Palette and they have since released the brand new Smashbox Cali Kissed Highlight & Blush Palette. The packaging is stunning, with pink and orange sunsets and palm trees on the front, giving off true Californian vibes. Arghhhh take me on holiday!
The Palette consists of six pans, our bigger than the other two and features four shimmer highlight shades and two matte blush shades that can all be used on both the face and eyes to create a California glow. The shades included in the palette are;
Crank It Up Champs - A warm champagne shimmer
Crank It Up Bronze - A bronzing shimmer
Persimmon - A gorgeous pop of matte coral
Pink Nightie - A delicate light champagne shimmer with a pink shift
Crank It Up Rose - A glittery pink rose 
Dragon Fruit - A bright matte pink
With palettes like this, all the shades aren't going to suit every single skin tone, that's a given, but they shades that don't suit you, can be used on the eyes - I am loving a coral and pink eye look at the moment seen as we are into the warmer months. The blushes do look quite intense in the palette, but they do apply slightly sheerer on the skin, so don't be intimidated by them.
The two highlight shades on the left of the palette feel like silk and give a stunning soft shimmer to the skin. With Crank It Up Rose, this is something I would use more on my eyes than as a highlight but I image it would look beautiful on darker skin tones as a highlight. There is also a mirror on the inside of the lid, so this is great for on the go and for travelling with.

The Smashbox Cali Kissed Highlight & Blush Palette costs £35.00 and you can find it online at Smashbox here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Payot Gommage Or Elixir Enhancing Gold Body Scrub Review

Tuesday 25 June 2019

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Who doesn't want to wrap their body in gold? French skincare and body care brand Payot have recently released their Gommage Or Elixir Enhancing Gold Body Scrub to get your skin in tip-top condition ready to show it off this summer.
The Payot Gommage Or Elixir Enhancing Gold Body Scrub comes in a large golden tub with a white screw-off lid, which reveals the wonderful gold body scrub inside. We all know that the key to a healthy-looking glow is exfoliation, and so you can use this scrub to rid the skin of dead skin cells, to boost circulation in the body and aid lymphatic drainage. This scrub helps you to achieve gorgeous Summer-ready skin whilst adding a hint of radiance to it. 
The Scrub itself is rich in golden sugar granules and jojoba oil and feels very nourishing on the skin, with a smooth texture that gently exfoliates and removes those pesky dead skin cells. There is a luxurious warming fragrance to the scrub, due to notes of myrrh and amyris which smells divine and makes using this product a unique spa-like experience.
Even though this exfoliates perfectly, it isn't harsh or abrasive on the skin and isn't going to irritate dry or sensitive skin. Due to the jojoba oil, the texture of this scrub is slightly oily, but in a good way, as it feels so silky on the skin and keeps it well hydrated as the scrub melts into a velvety lotion, leaving a pretty gold sheen to the skin.

The Payot Gommage Or Elixir Enhancing Gold Body Scrub comes in a large 200ml tub and so you are going to get plenty of uses from this. You can find it online here, where it costs £30.00.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains an item which was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own
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Tarte High Tides & Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Monday 24 June 2019

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Tarte have received a bit of criticism in the past year or so due to the amount of neutral eyeshadow palettes they have been releasing and the lack of more colourful palettes they haven't been releasing. I have so many nude palettes in my collection, and yes if something slightly different was released then I would probably get it, but I haven't bought a Tarte eyeshadow palette for a while now until they released the Tarte High Tides & Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette.
From my experience, this is something pretty new for the brand, and I love the colours and textures they have brought together. The palette itself is sturdy and made from a bright chrome turquoise material, and features an under the sea image which moves around. You will find a large mirror on the inside of the lid and twelve eye shadows inside, four high-impact glitter toppers and eight creamy powder shadows. The shades included are;
Buried Gold - Champagne shimmer
Beach Therapy - Matte warm nude
Aloha, Beaches - Matte terracotta
Galapagos - Brown shimmer
Beach Daze - Pink glitter
Champagne Beach - Light gold glitter
Aquaholic - Teal glitter
Turtlette - Silver glitter
South Beach - Matte melon
Surf's Up - Matte aqua
Dive In - Deep teal shimmer
Deep Blue - Cobalt shimmer
I have always loved the formula of Tarte eye shadows and so I am so pleased they have released something a little different, and a little more up my street. I love how you can keep it bronzed and neutral, add a little melon and aqua for a pop of colour or go all out with one of the glitter toppers. I would advise to go in quite light-handed with the glitters as they are literally pure glitter so be sure to apply a glitter base coat first.
The eye shadows have also been infused with antioxidant-rich marine plant extracts to help hydrate and soften the eyelids - skincare and makeup in one? Gotta love that! The Tarte High Tides & Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette costs £38.00 and you can find it online at Tarte here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Bioderma Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Sunday 23 June 2019

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As I am sure most people do, I have very complex skin. I have dryness, oiliness, sensitivity and redness and so depending on which problem is the worst I often switch up my skincare products to try and combat the problem. During Summer it can be oiliness and during Winter, my skin will be very dehydrated. Bioderma offer skincare for more or less every person out there, and their Sensibio range is perfect for sensitive skin.
The Bioderma Sensibio range as mentioned, has been designed and developed specifically for sensitive skin, and the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution (£10.80 for 250ml) is a great first step in your skincare routine. This Solution effectively removes grime and makeup from both the face and eye area, without the need to pull and tug at the skin, but still getting rid. You will find that this Micellar Water gently removes impurities from the skin, whilst also containing soothing properties to calm down redness and irritation on the skin. The Sensibio range is fragrance, alcohol and paraben free and should therefore be suited to the majority of even the most sensitive of skins. I love micellar waters as they are just so quick and easy to use, and so even if you don't have a skincare routine, or if you use face wipes, I would urge you to try this out and your skin will definitely thank you for it.
Along with sensitivity, if you suffer from Rosacea or redness on the skin, then the Bioderma Sensibio AR Anti-Redness Care (£16.00 for 40ml) is going to be great to help soothe and calm the skin. This is a lightweight hydrating moisturiser which reduces the intensity of redness and prevents its appearance with a group of tolerated active ingredients. I don't use this every single day, because I don't need that level of care for my redness, but when I am getting a flare up, then I tend to apply both morning and evening. Much like the Micellar Water, the Anti-Redness cream is fragrance-free, colourant-free and hypoallergenic so there is no need to worry about having a reaction. As soon as you apply the cream to your face, it instantly cools the skin down, making it more comfortable from the go, but it also works over time to combat the formation and aggravation of diffuse redness with a longer lasting effect, which in the long run is going to help reduce the redness more permanently.
You can find out more on Bioderma online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own
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Testing Out: Drugstore Mascaras

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One of my most favourite mascaras is from the drugstore and costs around £3.00, which is the Essence Princess Lash Mascara, and so I thought I would try out five other mascaras from the drugstore which I haven't previously tried to see if they were any good. A couple have been released more recently, whereas some have been around a while.
Wet n Wild Mega Protein Mascara £2.49, Boots
US brand Wet n Wild have only recently been available to buy in the UK, and their products are incredibly cheap and I have loved so many of them. The Mega Protein Mascara contains soy and wheat proteins, acai oil and D-Panthenol to condition the lashes to make them thicker and fuller. The tube isn't huge but for £2.49, whoever finishes a mascara anyway? The brush isn't what I normally prefer as it looks quite gappy, however it picked up my lashes really well, especially my lower lashes so I was impressed with that. I wouldn't personally say that it made my lashes look any thicker, but for an everyday bargain mascara, this worked well.
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen-Coast Mascara £10.50, Boots
Why do products have such long names? Anyway, this mascara comes in a chrome gold tube which looks great and the brush is what is marketed the most here. It is a seven-sided fan flare 180 brush which features a V-groove to lay down volume and intensity and combing and curling surfaces to give length and definition as well as containing collagen. I couldn't personally see the seven sides, and it did add a little length to my lashes but that was about it. I love so many other Soap & Glory products but I think for £10.50 you can find a better mascara.
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara £10.99, Boots
I actually received this in a beauty advent calendar but I hadn't opened it up and so I figured it was about time. L'Oreal do have a few different versions of their Million Lashes mascaras and this time the brush has been arched to stretch and define the look of the lashes from root to tip. The Feline mascara has been created to give an intense curl and add volume to every lash for a cat-eye flick. The packaging is gold and green chrome and this was definitely one of my favourites of the five, as it really did uplift my lashes and add curl and volume to them, giving the most noticeable difference to my lashes.
MUA Eye Define Nourish & Care Mascara £4.00, MUA Store
I picked this up when Superdrug were having a 25% off offer and I liked that it said nourish and care, as sometimes our lashes can get so brittle with constant makeup wear. The tube is pretty standard with a chrome green lid, and the wand is quite large and fluffy. The formula has been created using avocado oil to condition the lashes whilst you are wearing the mascara which I love. However, this mascara didn't do a great deal for me, but if you have naturally lovely lashes, I would recommend using this as the conditioning properties are amazing.
Maybelline Snapscara Mascara £7.99, Boots
I have had this sitting in my 'To Try' pile for a while now and so wanted to include it in this post so that I could finally give it a whirl. It comes in a rectangular black and silver tube and the brush is full of bristles and has a slight curve to it. The formula is quite lightweight and is a glossy gel-ink and it applied nicely to my lashes. Throughout the day Snapscara remained smudge-proof and even though it gave my lashes volume, it didn't leave any clumps of product, and so whilst this wasn't my favourite of the five, I would definitely say it would be my second choice of the five.
All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Saturday 22 June 2019

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I am forever browsing beauty websites such as Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic etc to see which beauty products are new in and I must admit that I ummed and aahhed a little about the Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette at first. I have never delved that deeply into Zoeva before and online the colours looked nice but perhaps quite similar to something I already had in my palette collection. That was until I watched a video by my favourite You Tuber Tati Westbrook, and she did some swatches of this palette, and they just looked so beautiful, I ordered it that evening.
The Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette has the same design as the majority of their other palettes, with the most stunning gold and holographic butterfly art work on the inner and outer packaging. There isn't a mirror within this palette, but to be honest I normally use my dressing table mirror anyway, so that isn't a problem for me. You get ten eye shadows included in the palette, featuring three mattes and then some shimmer and sparkle shadows. Two of the mattes are brown and you could easily use these as eyebrow shades if you were taking this palette on holiday with you.
You will find the following shades in the Melody palette;
Gowns Swirling - Matte porcelain pink with baby pink glitter
Airy Dalliance - Satin light rose gold
Gentle Clasp - Satin lilac with glitter
Cocoon Of Doubt - Satin antique gold
Fly Solo - Matte cool ash brown
From Heaven - Duo-chrome rose satin with golden green shift
Whirled Above - Matte warm nude
Crystal Wings - Duo-chrome rust-red satin base with golden green shift
Soul Unheld - Shimmer golden bronze
About To Leave - Matte rich espresso brown
I love how you get some neutral mattes, some neutral shimmers and satins, but then you get that pop of colour with Gentle Clasp and the duo-chrome shades which have a shift to them. Some of these shades are truly mesmerising and they do work well together, also with having those matte transition shades, you can create a full look which is another great reason to travel with this palette. The shadows themselves are very pigmented, and I didn't really have any trouble swatching them, and there was certainly no fall-out when using my eyeshadow brushes with them. Going by the quality of this palette, I would definitely buy another Zoeva eye shadow palette.
The Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette costs £21.00 which works out great value at £2.10 per eye shadow. You can find it online at Zoeva here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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