Friday 30 April 2021

An Introduction To The Advanced Nutrition Programme - Review

 This post contains gifted items.

I first discovered the Advanced Nutrition Programme through my local beauty salon, they are an award-winning, premium range of innovative supplements that are formulated to support healthy skin and wellbeing, while also protecting our planet. The brand invest heavily in sustainable practices and their sustainable packaging is 100% environmentally friendly. Advanced Nutrition Programme use industry leading skin analysis equipment and meticulous testing to develop supplements that deliver results to help maintain skin health and target skin concerns. Now, more than ever, a lot of us are taking supplements, whether that is to help our immune system, or to help us achieve amazing skin and wellbeing in the comfort of our own homes.

I began my Advanced Nutrition Programme with the Skin Ultimate Supplements* (£72.00), a 28 day pack to help aid skin ageing and give an intensive youthful radiance. The supplements come in individually packaged daily tear-off sections, so they are easy to travel with too. Skin Ultimate is a powerful combination of five supplements to help support beautiful looking hair and skin from within. The supplements contain plant nutrients, fatty acids and astaxanthin with vitamins, including vitamin A for normal, healthy skin and biotin to support the maintenance of normal hair, plus CoQ10 and pine bark extract. You take the contents of one pod with a meal every day and each pod contains:
* 1 capsule providing Vitamins A and D
* 1 capsule providing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
* 1 capsule providing a combination of botanicals including Bilberry and Turmeric plus Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts
* 1 capsule providing Astaxanthin and Biotin
* 1 capsule providing CoQ10 and Pine Bark Extract
Along with overall improvement of the skin and hair, what else do these wonder supplements do? Well, these supplements help to smooth out wrinkles, maintain the appearance of nails, supports thick, glossy hair, give an intensive youthful radiance, provide hydration to the skin and evens out the skin tone. Even in just 28 days I have noticed a difference, especially with the unevenness of my skin, the condition of my nails and how much silkier and fuller my fine hair is. These are obviously an investment, but if you are looking for high quality supplements that actually work, then I would 100% recommend these!

Along with the Skin Ultimate Supplements, you can also add on further supplements. I took the Advanced Nutrition Skin Youth Biome Supplements* (£55.00) alongside my Skin Ultimate. Within this pack you get 60 capsules, which is a two-months supply as you just take one capsule per day with a meal. Skin Youth Biome is a specialised supplement innovation that uses microbiome technology which is unique to Advanced Nutrition Programme. The Nutritional and Skin Experts have professionally fused together 5 billion (!) live cultures of four scientifically studied bacterial strains with Vitamin C. Each capsule contains L.rhamnosus, P.acidilactici, B.longum and L.reuteri plus Vitamin C. As the name suggests, Skin Youth Biome is a supplement that helps to give the skin a more youthful appearance and is a targeted supplement so that it works on just that one ability. Vitamin C is renowned for contributing to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. The live cultures work by supporting the gut health to give the skin a smoother, more youthful looking complexion, and I must admit that using both the Skin Youth Biome and the Skin Ultimate has helped my usually uneven skin tone no end. The amount of different beauty and wellness concerns that Advanced Nutrition Programme have supplements for is vast, and you are bound to find something that helps you.

You can find Advanced Nutrition Programme online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


Brands That Care - The Good Zest Company Review

 This post contains gifted items,

There has been an influx of eco-conscious, vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free brands in the past couple of years, and I wanted to give a shout out to some of the more independent brands. Today I will be reviewing some products from The Good Zest Company. The brand uses organic ingredients, they are eco-conscious, plastic-free, vegan and cruelty free with a huge emphasis on respect for all living things. Their products are kind to the skin and are designed to treat softly on the Earth, with all of their packaging being either recycled, renewable and/or biodegradable. The Good Zest Company use aluminium bottles which are more sustainable than plastic or glass on virtually every measure and are refillable - in fact, if you return your empty aluminium bottles to them, they will give you 10% off your next order.

There are a range of delicious fragrances to choose from, and I was very kindly sent The Good Zest Company Organic Lime & Bergamot Collection*. This collection retails at just £30.00 for four full sized products (3x250ml, 1x200ml), and you have the option to choose either a screw cap or a pump applicator, which you can obviously re-use. Lime and Bergamot is one of my favourite scents and as all ingredients are both organic and natural, these are super invigorating and refreshing. You receive a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion and all four contain Lime Essential Oil, which is well-known for its ability to cleanse, purify and renew both spirit and mind. It is also said to be effective in clearing the aura and maintaining a healthy immune system, and if you haven't slept well, using products with Essential Lime Oil in is really going to help restore your energy and lift your senses.

As I mentioned, each product comes in an aluminium bottle, and packaging is simple, but sleek. The Organic Lime Shampoo is a certified organic shampoo that is infused with Essential Lime Oil to provide a clarifying and gentle wash. The formula is kind to your hair and scalp, helping to restore moisture balance and natural shine. This product is sulphate free, which means no nasty chemicals stripping the hair of its natural oils, which can also be absorbed in the blood stream. If you really want some bubbles with your shampoo, just add a little water to help create more of a lather. Their shampoo is hand mixed in small batches - I love to support smaller businesses, as it just feels so much more personal and the formula is suitable for all hair types, including coloured hair.

The Good Zest Company's Lime Oil Conditioner is also certified organic, and is a rinse-off conditioner that is infused with organic Essential Lime Oil to nourish the scalp and hair. Once again, this is suitable for all hair types and as someone who has naturally fine, limp hair, I found that this formula didn't weigh my hair down, neither did it feel greasy or oily after use. The formula is super creamy and soft, and as with all conditioners, I like to leave mine in the hair for a few minutes to work its magic before rinsing it away. This leaves my hair feeling super soft, silky and nourished.

For the body, The Good Zest Company have included their Lime Body Wash, a certified organic body wash that is infused with Organic Lime Oil and is packed with antioxidants to gently cleanse the skin. I adore this product first thing in a morning, it really energises my mind and body due to Lime's amazing aromatherapy benefits. I have quite sensitive skin at times, and I found that this didn't aggravate my skin whatsoever, it simply did a great job of cleansing and nourishing my skin, and left it smelling insanely good!

Last but not least, this collection also includes The Good Zest Company Lime & Bergamot Body Lotion. This is a lightweight organic body lotion that packs a punch! Even though it has a lovely lightweight formula, it is super creamy and nourishing and I love how quickly it sinks into the skin - I am not a fan of having to stand around waiting for lotions to dry. Along with Lime, Bergamot is also a natural cleanser and is associated with aiding mind, body and health. The fragrance is divine - you still have that invigorating lime coming through, but also a slightly woody, musky Bergamot. As with all products from The Good Zest Company, this contains no artificial colours or fragrances, so everything is completely natural.

You can find The Good Zest Company online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


Thursday 29 April 2021

Trying Out Sebastian Haircare - Review

 This post contains gifted items.

I first tried Sebastian Haircare products in my early 20s, so around 15 years ago and I was obsessed with the Sebastian Potion 9 Styling Treatment. Back then, it came in a squeezy metal tube, and I just loved how it made my hair look and feel. So I was super glad to be able to revisit the brand and try out some of their other products.

My hair salon appointment isn't until May 4th, and so my hair is currently at its worst. I do have my hair highlighted and after all of these months without a trim or colour, it is in desperate need of some TLC. That is where the Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo & Conditioner* (£31.00 for 2x250ml) come in. This duo is suitable for dry, damaged hair that needs some care and it does work out cheaper to buy them as a pair. The Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo is for really damaged, over-styled and chemically treated hair. It contains an active rescue system that penetrates the hair, repairing and reconstructing its natural health to leave it super-strong and soft and silky. You then use the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner, which is amazing at strengthening the hair while removing and guarding it from stress caused from previous chemical treatments and heat damage. The formula is colour-safe, so it won't cause any fading and it is deeply hydrating and strengthening. The duo do have a pleasant scent to them, and I notice that since using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair dries faster and straighter so I don't have to use my heated styling tools as much, which also helps to keep my hair healthier and more manageable, and gives me that salon blow dry look, which always looks more polished and fabulous in my opinion.

The Sebastian Potion 9 Hair Styling Treatment* (£28.60 for 150ml) is the brand's most famous product! Repackaged into a bottle with a pump, this conditioning styling product is suitable for all hair types, providing a great base for blow drying and styling the hair, it helps to keep blow dries, curls and up-dos in place for as long as possible. Therefore, you don't need to pile on the hairspray and so it looks much more natural. The formula contains a blend of active oil botanicals, leaving hair renewed with improved strength, a smooth feel and a glossy shine. To use, you simply smooth 1-2 pumps (depending on the length of your hair), through damp or dry hair, and then blow dry, curl, straighten or style as you normally would. I tend to have quite frizzy hair, and I find that when using this product, it helps to smooth down the cuticles of the hair strand, so that it looks all together smoother, straighter and sleeker. I have quite naturally straight hair, but if you have curly hair, I know many people who have said how amazing Potion 9 is for keeping their curls well, curly, not just on the first day, but the second and third and so on, too. I just adore how this keeps my hair from going wavy after blow drying it straight, which used to happen due to my hair being so fine and limp.

Last but certainly not least, I was able to try out the Sebastian Dark Styling Oil* (£32.60 for 95ml), which comes in a luxe black and gold bottle with a pump applicator. The Dark Oil is formulated with Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Argan Oil to replenish the hair cuticle whilst adding plenty of volume to the hair. The Oil smells divine, and woody, and rather than it coming out like an oil, it actually feels a little like a gel formula. Which at first, I was worried about as I have quite fine hair and thought that this may weigh it down, but it absolutely did not - it amazed me just how lightweight it felt in the hair. It has a very clever formula, that uses DiffusX Technology which provides an invisible veil onto the hair before disappearing and also provides UV protection. To use, you take 1-2 pumps of the Oil (again, dependent on your hair length), and you can apply to damp or dry hair, taking it from mid-length to the ends of the hair and then style as usual. As I have fine hair, I was intrigued to see if it would make a difference with the body of my hair, and it absolutely did - all without weighing it down or making it feel greasy, which isn't something you often find with hair oils. My hair can sometimes be quite dry on the ends, especially since I haven't had it cut for so long due to Lockdown, but this has left the ends really smooth and shiny, and I would 100% purchase this product.

You can find Sebastian Haircare online at Look Fantastic here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


Wednesday 28 April 2021

Dr PawPaw - What's New?

 This post contains gifted items.

Dr PawPaw are renowned for their multipurpose soothing balms, but they also have a bunch of other products too! I thought I would share my thoughts on some of their latest releases, including hand creams, overnight lip masks and even a shimmering lip balm.

First up is something I have been in dire need of since being out and about more due to lockdown easing, after constantly using strong antibacterial hand gels and that is the Dr PawPaw Age Renewal Hand Cream Trio* (£19.99). This cute ombre effect tin holds three full-sized Dr PawPaw Age Renewal Hand Creams inside. You get 30ml in each tube and you will find a Unfragraned Hand Cream, an Orange & Mango Hand Cream and a Cocoa & Coconut Hand Cream. The formula is enriched with a range of sustainably sourced, proactive and 97% natural ingredients, as well as being vegan and cruelty free, with added age renewal properties. You can of course re-use the tin too! Whether you are wanting to gift the set to someone, or split the trio up and gift them individually, or keep them all for yourself, this is a really lovely addition to Dr PawPaw's products. The cream itself isn't greasy and sinks into the skin instantly, leaving the hands feeling much more nourished and hydrated. The Cocoa & Coconut one is my favourite as I adore anything coconut-scented, but Orange & Mango is also lovely and fruity, and if you have sensitive skin or don't like fragrances in your skincare, then the Unfragranced option is great for that, too.

If you have intensely dry lips, then the Dr PawPaw Overnight Lip Mask* (£8.95 for 25ml) is going to work like a dream for you! This 99% natural formula is vegan and cruelty free and the product comes in a gorgeous blue and gold squeezy tube. The gel-like formula melts easily into the lips, fully absorbing into the skin for an intense overnight lip mask treatment. The formula is created with Natural Peptides to both plump and smooth any fine lines and you get effective and noticeable results from the first application, giving even better results with continued use. The Overnight Lip Mask is suitable for all skin types and can be used both day and night for fuller, smoother and more defined lips, however as it is a slightly thicker formula, I personally prefer to use it on a night time before bed, so that I wake up with smoother, hydrated lips. This is a fragrance free product and so if you are sensitive to fragrance, you don't need to worry about that with this treatment.

As an absolute glitter bug, I was most excited to try the Dr PawPaw Shimmer Balm* (£3.95 for 10ml). The Shimmer Balm is enriched with the same award-winning Dr PawPaw Original Balm formula which contains a mixture of sustainably sourced and results-led ingredients including PawPaw (Papaya Fruit), Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera to really treat and hydrate the lips. Along with this formula, the Shimmer Balm also contains environmentally friendly iridescent pearls to add an instant glow to the lips and skin. You can apply this formula not only to the lips, but also to the cheekbones, decolletage and the front of your legs, or anywhere else you want your skin to have a pretty, natural shimmer. The product comes in a handy-sized squeezy tube and so it is perfect to pop in a pocket or handbag for on the go. The best thing about the Shimmer Balm is that a percentage of sales will be donated to Teenage Cancer charity, so not only are you treating yourself, but you are also helping to care for others.

You can find Dr PawPaw online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


The TOYL Beauty For Life May 2021 Beauty Box Review + Discount Code

 This post contains a gifted item.

If you missed last month's incredible TOYL Beauty Box (which you can view here), you missed such a treat! However, the May 2021 version is just as amazing. The TOYL monthly beauty boxes retail for £35.00, but with the discount code LOVES you can save yourself a further £5.00! This month's box is worth over £129.00 and the theme for this month is luxury haircare, with a couple of luxe skincare products thrown in for good measure.

First up you receive the We Are Paradoxx Moisture Shampoo (Full Size - RRP £18.00) and Conditioner (Full Size - RRP £20.00). I haven't tried this brand before, but I discovered that they focus their time and effort engaging, educating and inspiring consumers and beauty brands to make the switch from plastic to more sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives. They are committed to using natural and organic ingredients in their formulations where possible and their products are up to 100% natural and free from parabens, PEGs, sulphates and mineral oil. The Moisture Shampoo is formulated to provide moisture into dry, brittle hair and has a rich blend of Argan Oil along with Vitamins B, C and E to help the hair feel super nourished and healthy. The We Are Paradoxx Moisture Conditioner is an indulgent haircare treatment that also helps to boost moisture, whilst leaving the hair soft and shiny. Both products come in aluminium bottles with push down applicators for quick and easy use in the shower. Such a beautiful duo to start this amazing box off with!

My all-time favourite dry shampoo is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo (Full Size - RRP £19.00), however it is pricier than your average dry shampoo so it isn't something I use for going to the office or staying home. I am thrilled to get a top up of this insanely good dry shampoo - rather than masking oil in the hair, it actually cleans the hair, eliminating oil, sweat and odours. It is paraben free and is great for all hair types. The things I love most about this formula is that yes, it does actually clean the hair, but it doesn't leave any powdery residue behind like the majority of other dry shampoos on the market. I would recommend this product all day long - I have naturally oily roots, and so I do depend a lot on dry shampoo, and this one actually helps improve the condition of my hair rather than drying it out and causing an itchy scalp like some formulas do.

The brands within the TOYL Beauty Boxes never fail to amaze me. The next product is the cult Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (Deluxe Size - RRP £12.00), a deep-conditioning treatment for the hair. Originally created for Audrey Hepburn, no less, this is a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment that has won awards all over the globe. You apply the product before shampooing, onto damp hair, and then cover with a shower cap or towel so the heat can help the nutrients to be fully absorbed, and then leave on for a minimum of 10-20 minutes before rinsing. The formula adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine, leaving the hair gloriously nourished and healthy so you end up with a lot less breakage.

The We Are Paradoxx Hangover Hair Elixir (Deluxe Size - RRP £10.00) may look small, but it is definitely mighty! This cute mini whisky flask-style keyring contains the Hangover Hair Elixir, a luxe oil that smooths frizz, giving dull and damaged hair a well-needed boost. It contains Irish Whiskey to add strength, shine and bounce, Argan Oil to help improve condition and texture, Coconut Oil to strengthen and Soya Oil to improve moisture retention and shine. You simply apply a tiny amount (a little goes a LONG way) to towel dried hair as a leave-in treatment or on dry hair for a finishing touch of silkiness and shine. I have fine hair, and I love using this product as it doesn't weigh my hair down, nor does it feel greasy - just beautifully shiny and smooth.

I adore the We Are Paradoxx packaging - next up is the We Are Paradoxx Moisture Super Fuel Face, Hair & Body Oil (Full Size - RRP £30.00). I do love a multi-use product and this one sure fits the bill. This is a triple active dry oil treatment using a combination of Maracuja, Abyssinian and Argan Oils to brighten, soften and hydrate both skin and hair, along with a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants to protect and restore. To use on the face, simply use in place of or added to your daily moisturiser. For the body, apply to wet or dry skin. For the hair, use a tiny amount in the palms of your hands and work through clean, towel-dried hair and then blow dry or let dry naturally. I adore using this as a body oil at the moment as my skin is super dry due to the continuous cold weather, it really helps to boost the moisture and I love how silky and soft my skin feels afterwards.

For the skin, TOYL have not held back - you receive luxe skincare brand Eve Lom's Cleansing Oil Capsules (Travel Case - RRP £20.00). The Cleansing Oil Capsules are formulated with essential omega fatty acids and the Eve Lom signature blend of botanical oils, including Eucalyptus, Clove, Egyptian Chamomile and Hops. One capsule is the perfect amount for one full face cleanse. The travel friendly case comes with a 14 day supply of the Capsules and each one dissolves all traces of impurities, leaving the skin soft and supple. The Capsules are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and they are super hydrating on the skin. To use, you simply twist to remove the capsule top and squeeze the oil onto dry fingertips, then massage over a dry face in gentle, circular movements to break down dirt and debris and then rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.

Each TOYL box comes with a free mini treat, and this month you receive the Sisley Sisleya L'Integral Anti-Age Day and Night Cream. This is a 5ml sample, but as it is such a luxurious product, this little pot of joy is worth £34.00!!!! Which is insane, but such a fabulous opportunity to try such a beautiful product. The Day and Night Cream offers an age-defying formula that works to simultaneously fight the visible signs of three types of ageing. It contains a stimulating combination of Phytostimuline, Rhatany extract and Lady's Mantle extract to give powerful regenerative properties which rebuild and remaster the skin along with providing hydration.

Remember, to use the code LOVES to receive £5.00 off your TOYL Box, and you can find the box online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


Tuesday 27 April 2021

The Latest In Beauty Empowered Beauty Edit Box Contents + Review

 This post contains a gifted item.

Boy oh boy do I love a good beauty box! Latest in Beauty has been my favourite for many years now, and this month saw the release of the Latest In Beauty Empowered Beauty Edit Box*, which retails for £33.00 and is worth over £148.00! The contents of the box are all from brands who know all about the importance of empowering women and as well as that, Latest in Beauty are making a donation to Look Good Feel Better, a cancer charity supporting those living with cancer, for each and every box sold.

The product I am most excited to try are the Evolution_18 Beauty Gummies (Full Size - RRP £20.00), as this is the new supplement brand from Bobbi Brown. These yummy supplements are packed with biotin for the promotion of thick, healthy hair and strong nails. These gummies can be taken twice a day and are naturally flavoured with berry.

For the lips, we have the Studio 10 Lip Perfecting Balm Gloss (Full Size - RRP £22.00). This is a high-performing, long-wearing and non-sticky balm gloss that keeps the lips nourished while enhancing them with this pretty peachy-gold shimmer shade. It is a three-in-one treatment that combines a lip treatment with a balm and a tinted gloss for quick and easy use!

You then have a choice of choosing one of two Floral Street Eau de Parfums (10ml - RRP £24.00) - either Wild Orchid Vanilla or London Poppy. I received Wild Vanilla Orchid, which combines raw vanilla bean with blossom, cassis and just-plucked jasmine for a beautiful Spring and Summer scent. Floral Street create consciously-crafted and vegan-friendly fragrances.

To help get the skin ready for all of this socialising we will soon be doing, you receive the Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Scrub (Full Size - RRP £12.95). This is an energising and illuminating exfoliating scrub that is infused with a delectable blend of Vitamin C, coffee seed extract and coconut oil to cleanse, nourish and renew the skin.

I love the variety of product type you get in this box - next up is the Zoeva Spice Of Life Highlight Face Palette (Full Size - RRP £13.00). This captivating face palette duo contains two complexion products that compliment all skin tones. The pinkish persimmon shade helps to make the cheeks pop, while the shimmering gold highlight is perfect for the cheekbones, brow bone and tip of the nose.

The Yardley Lily of the Valley Nourishing Hand Cream (Full Size - RRP £4.49) is an excellent addition to this box. I don't know about you, but since being out and about more, my hands are extra dry again so I have been going through so much hand cream! This hand cream is lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving the hands feeling soft and hydrated and smelling divine.

For a beautifully sun-kissed complexion all year round, the Balance Me Tanning Drops (Deluxe Size), contain a formula that is made from 100% naturally derived DHA to deliver a streak-free, natural-looking glow. It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to condition the skin and keep it super smooth. You simply pop a couple of drops to your daily moisturiser for a subtle glow.

A recent find for me was the Nailkind Nail Polishes (Full Size - RRP £9.50), a natural and vegan formula which features so many beautiful shades. This one is in the shade Darlin' Clementine, and is going to be such a staple for Summer toes! Intense shine is guaranteed with this gentle formula that is derived from 85% bio-sourced ingredients.

This past year has taught us to be kind to ourselves, and the JustBe Kind Aroma Roller (Full Size - £9.95), is a lovely accompaniment. This calming formula is made from a citrusy, refreshing blend of bergamot and mandarin that can help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. You simply roll over pulse points and breathe in to still the mind.

If you watch my TikToks (kathrynsloves), you may have seen me complain that I receive an eyeliner in practically every single beauty box. I have so many eyeliners, but I know some people will be over the moon with this one. The Beauty Crop Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner (Full Size - RRP £7.00) is a liquid liner pen that has a super pigmented formula powered by argan oil, liquorice and blackberry to treat the skin at the same time.

Last but not least, you receive the Rodial Dragon's Blood Essence Mist (Deluxe Size - RRP £19.00). Rodial create some of the best luxury skincare products and so I was excited to try this one out. It is a lightweight mist that can be applied throughout the day to reinvigorate and refresh the skin. The Blood Essence Mist is formulated with niacinamide to help boost skin's elasticity and even out the skin tone, as well as hydrating and nourishing.

You can find the Latest in Beauty Empowered Beauty Edit online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx 


Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Creme Review

 This post contains a gifted item.

As a 37 year old who struggles with sleep, and has naturally dark undereyes, an eye cream is a must-have in my skincare regime. The Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Creme* is a double-action eye creme that instantly blurs the look of lines around the eyes with bakuchiol ribbons, peptides and orchid stem cells.

This eye cream is a multi-use saviour, and the dual-action formula blurs the look of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also improving the firmness of the skin, elasticity and the appearance of dark circles. Along with all of that, it also helps to even out the appearance of the eyelid skin tone.

The product comes in a plastic tube that has an easy-to-use push down applicator, so you can control the amount of product you are using and you don't have to dip your fingertips in, which I appreciate it. The cream is divided into a purple and a white part, and the purple part is filled with bakuchiol, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the white part is a mixture of peptides, proteins and stem cells from orchids, which improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

As soon as you apply this around the eyes, it is instantly hydrating, which is amazing first thing in a morning as it cools and soothes the area, helping to wake me up a little. The formula is not at all drying and is extremely comfortable on the skin, with a little going a long way. I have been using this a good few weeks now and I honestly don't want to be without it now.

The Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Creme not only helps me to feel more awake, but it really does smooth out the area and you see an instant result with how it plumps out fine lines and wrinkles. I have also noticed a difference with my undereye area - it is a lot brighter and lighter, and I noticed this within just a few days.

The Ole Henriksen Wrinkle Blur Bakuchiol Eye Gel Creme retails for £42.00 for 18ml and you can find it online at Boots here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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