March Favourites 2019

Sunday 31 March 2019

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Okay, so very unintentionally, there is a bit of a pink theme going on with my March Favourites! There have been so many new releases lately, and I have also re-discovered some old favourites, so we had better crack on as there's a lot to get through.
Starting with skincare, I have been using and loving the L'Oreal Fine Flowers Milk (£5.99 for 400ml). I am so in control with my skincare now, and I do find it makes such a difference. This makeup removing milk contains extracts of rose and jasmine and is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types, both of which I have (along with oily, my skin is a circus). I use this morning and night, whether I have makeup on or not, to cleanse my skin and I love how soft and gentle it feels on my skin, even though it manages to rid my face of makeup and dirt. It comes in a huge bottle, and so this lasts you ages, and it leaves my skin feeling so much softer and soothed. You can find it in-store or online at Boots
A skincare brand which I have recently been trying is It's Skin, and I loved their Power 10 Formula Mask Sheet* (£6.00). It comes in neon pink packaging, and yes good packaging is always a winner for me, and contains one sheet mask. They have various masks for different skin types, but this one is perfect for dull and dry skin, so when your skin needs a little boost. The sheet mask contains a serum which has been formulated using Vitamin E to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. I found that this left my skin feeling invigorated and my complexion looked a lot healthier. You can find it online at Beauty Bay.
Clarins recently released their My Clarins skincare collection, aimed at younger skin, however, even though I am slightly older than the recommended age, I really wanted to try the My Clarins Pore-less Blur & Matte Stick (£15.00). It comes in a little tube which is perfect for popping in your handbag, or for travelling with when your pores need a little touch up. I suffer from quite bad pores, and I simply smooth this over my pores before I apply makeup, so that it helps to blur them out, which in turn helps my foundation to sit better on my skin. It also gives a mattifying effect, so if you do also suffer from an oily T-Zone, this is going to keep shine and oil at bay throughout the day. You can find it online at Clarins.
I have done quite a few individual hair care posts this month, and so I have just the one today that I haven't already covered, the Lee Stafford Choco Locks Hot Choc Shots Treatment* (£7.99 for four sachets). This dreamy-scented hair treatment is a great way to give your hair some attention - who doesn't love chocolate-scented products? These are self-heating treatments which condition and nourish the hair, and leave it looking super healthy and glossy. You only need to leave on for a maximum of five minutes before rinsing off with cold water, so you can even pop this on in a morning whilst you are having a shower, for hair which looks insta-worthy all day long. You can find them online at Boots.
I have seven (!!) makeup favourites this month, starting with the Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter (£28.00). I do have one of the other shades from last year, but when I saw the beautiful light pink tone of Fancy Pink Diamond, I knew it would suit my skin tone perfectly. This is from the Too Faced Pretty Rich collection, and comes in some of the best packaging I have seen - in what looks like a padded ring box - seriously Too Faced, I can't even! You get a good-sized pan of highlighter here which looks like a diamond, and the light pinky-peach tone is so pretty on lighter skin tones. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a new highlighter. You can find it in-store and online at Debenhams.
Due to my endometriosis, my skin changes all the time, and I have been struggling with my usual favourite primers. My skin has needed something more illuminating, and so I have been reaching for the Paul & Joe Illuminating Foundation Primer* (£18.00 for 30ml). As with all Paul & Joe products, this primer comes in the most gorgeous glass bottle, and has a pump applicator for easy release. The product itself looks and feels a little like a foundation, but once massaged into the skin, it goes translucent, and leaves a healthy, but natural radiance to the skin. I love that it doesn't feel thick on the skin, and feels lovely and refreshing once it has worked its way into the skin. As well as a glowy effect, this primer also plumps up the skin slightly, and who doesn't love free natural botox? You can find this online at Feel Unique
Sleek have released another one of their popular highlighting palettes, the Sleek Love Shook Highlighting Palette (£9.99). When I ordered this, I thought that I would be able to use a couple of the shades for my light skin tone, but as the powders are SO pigmented, I am not able to use a single one as a highlighter. So, why is it in my favourites? They make the prettiest eye shadows! Yes, that's right, I have been using these stunning shades as eye shadows, as the pigment is unreal and I love shimmery and glittery eye shadows and these colours are right up my street. You can find the palette in-store and online at Boots.
Keeping with the cheeks, I love the Milani Powder Blush in the shade Tea Rose (£12.00). I discovered Milani years ago in America, and I am so glad they are in the UK. This gorgeous blush has been created into the shape of a rose, and Tea Rose is a pretty peach shade, great for adding a pop of colour to lighter skin tones. The blush is finely milled and well-pigmented, so you only need a small amount, or you can go all-out depending on the amount of colour you are wanting. During the colder months I haven't been using blush as often, but now that it is Spring, this is the perfect shade to brighten my skin. You can find it online at Beauty Bay.
As mentioned, my skin changes regularly and sometimes I don't get an even finish with my Beauty Blender, so an alternative tool I have been using to apply my foundation is the MakeupDrop Matte* (£18.50). This is a silicone beauty applicator which you can use for skincare and liquid makeup products, and when using this kind of applicator, there is no loss of product as it can't soak up liquids. MakeupDrop is super easy to clean too, simply wipe it with water or a wipe, and the thing I love most about this tool is that you can pop it in the freezer and apply on your eyes to help de-puff the eyes, and as someone who is constantly tired, this has been heaven to me on a morning. You can find it online at This Is Beauty Mart
Many of you will probably of heard about the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer (£8.00), and it is definitely worth the rave reviews. The concealer comes in 24 shades - go NYX! - and gives intense coverage. It blends like a dream, and is really pigmented, ensuring you get excellent coverage. Even though the formula feels quite thick, it does feel lightweight on the skin once it is blended in an I found that it didn't budge by the end of the day. It does state that it gives coverage for up to 24 hours, but I am not a big enough party animal to try that out. I have the shade Fair, and whilst this works for me now, it is quite on the light shade, even for my skin, and so come Summer I would definitely have to go for a warmer tone. You can find it online at NYX.
NYX have also released some petite eye shadow palettes recently, in four different colourways. I have really been enjoying the NYX Ultimate Edit Eye Shadow Palette (£7.00) in the Ash variation. Each palette contains six eye shadow shades, and Ash includes three matte and three shimmer finishes. The colours are a mink shimmer, burgundy matte, taupe matte, aqua shimmer, navy matte and dark grey shimmer. They are all so different, but you can create some lovely looks with these, and even though some of the shades look a little more suited to Autumn and Winter, the shimmers are going to take you right through to Spring and Summer - shimmery aqua eyes? Yes please! You can find the palette online at NYX
All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*Items marked with an asterix have been kindly gifted to me, but all opinions are my own
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Elemis Superfood Berry Boost Mask Review

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When I think of Elemis, I think of a luxurious spa skincare brand, except one that is available for everyday use. However, it isn't a brand I have used a lot of recently, as some of their products I do have to save up for, but when I came across their latest release the Elemis Superfood Berry Boost Mask, I was excited to give it a go as I love a good face mask!
Elemis have quite the range of Superfood products, and this latest product is based upon mattifying and minimising pores, which I am all about, as my pores are the main problem with my skin which makes me not want to go makeup-less. The Superfood Berry Boost Mask is a unisex product and is suitable for all skin types, whether you are oily, dry, combination or normal. I personally have combination skin, with dryness on most areas but also an oily T-Zone. 

This is a smoothie-inspired purifying mask which has been formulated using Brazilian Purple Clay and an Omega-rich SuperBerry Complex which balances the skin and mattifies the T-Zone. The mask itself has a light mauve colour to it (I did expect it to perhaps be the same colour as the purple tube), and you can see some of the berry remnants of which the mask has been made from. It feels quite creamy on the skin and it smells incredible and definitely like a smoothie, which could be due to the fact it contains Nordic Bilberry, Blackcurrant and Grape Seed extract as well as Oatmeal particles. 
Elemis do recommend using this twice a week and each time leaving the mask on the skin for around ten minutes, and so to try it out correctly, this is what I have been doing. Once I had applied the mask to my face, it immediately felt quite quenching and creamy, and once it started to dry down a little, I had no irritation, but it did start to feel tighter on the skin, but not uncomfortably so. After I rinsed the mask off, my skin instantly looked brighter, and it felt so much more hydrated. Throughout the day, I did notice a lack of oiliness in my T-Zone - there was still a small amount but nothing compared to what I normally get. I would say with regards to my pores that I considerably noticed a difference after maybe my third use, and my makeup applies so much better now, instead of sinking into those nasty pores.  

The Elemis Superfood Berry Boost Mask is vegan friendly and cruelty free - yay Elemis! - and costs £30.00 for 75ml and you can find it online at Elemis.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Meder Beauty Science Vita-Long Oil Review

Saturday 30 March 2019

If you come here often, you may probably know how much I love testing out new brands, or brands that are new to me, and so I have been very excited to try out the Meder Beauty Science Vita-Long Oil, an essential age-defying longevity oil. This is one of the most high-tech anti-ageing products on the market of which you can use in your own home, and contains 18 active ingredients, ten organic vegetable and seed oils, five potent anti-oxidants and three epigenetic components. We will get to the ingredients later, but right now, that is one powerful complexion cocktail.
Meder Beauty Science Vita-Long Oil normalises the activity of sebaceous glands, which in turns helps to tighten pores and restore the skin's barrier function, therefore also protecting the skin. Due to the highly concentrated formula, the Vita-Long Oil comes in individual vials, with each vial containing 7ml of product, which gives 14 powerful doses as you only need a small amount per use. Vita-Long Oil is suitable for all ages and all skin types, but if you have dry, thin, ageing skin, then they especially recommend this as part of your daily skincare routine. I personally have very combination skin, I have dry, sensitive cheeks, a very oily chin, nose and forehead, yet they also have some dryness there too and I found no complaint with any reactions or irritability when using the Vita-Long Oil.

As I mentioned, this superstar oil is packed with a whopping 18 ingredients, let's break those down...
10 Vegetable & Seed Oils including Squalene, Macadamia, Meadowfoam, Apricot Kernal, Borago, Sesame, Evening Primrose, Sunflower, Rapeseed and Carrot Seed Oil.
These oils restore the skin's liquid complex, replicating the sebum state of a healthy 20-something.
Five Potent Antioxidants including Tocopherol, Rosemary Extract, Carrot Extract, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin C.
These antioxidants create a shield against free radicals.
Three Epigenetic Components including Coenzyme Q10, GGA and Ephermer.
These power players enhance the inflow of oxygen to the cells, increasing cell lifespan by more than 30% and restoring and maintaining the structures of mitochondrial DNA, which is responsible for energy metabolism.
It is super easy to include Vita-Long Oil as part of your skincare routine, all you need to do is apply a small amount of the oil to the face, neck and decollete area, massaging lightly until it is fully absorbed into the skin. Each ampule is resealable and lasts for 7-8 days. Meder Beauty recommend using morning and night for at least 7 weeks to achieve a stable, age-defying result. I have been using this for three weeks now, and even in the first week or so, my skin felt so well-nourished and my pores were a lot less noticeable, which is something that normally affects the appearance of my skin. I am 35 years old, but luckily I don't have wrinkles as yet (touch wood!), and so I cannot comment on the anti-ageing affect of this product, but it is important to use an anti-ageing skincare product no matter what your age so that you don't get wrinkles and fine lines like you most normally would.

The Meder Beauty Science Vita-Long Oil can be purchased in a pack of three vials for £69.00 or seven vials for £138.00 and they are well worth the investment. You can find them online at Meder Beauty here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains products which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own
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Missguided Boss Babe Eau De Parfum

Last year I tried the Missguided Babe Oud perfume, and I loved it, so when I was given the opportunity to try the Missguided Boss Babe perfume, I jumped at the chance. There are a few different fragrances within the Missguided perfume range, and so there is pretty much a scent for all tastes. 
Boss Babe comes in black and baby pink packaging and so matches the theme of the other perfumes, which looks like a taller thinner fizzy drink can, or just like the Starbucks cold coffee cans. I love that the applicator looks just like a ring pull and it is a super sleek design, which looks great on my dressing table.
This is a really fresh, musky and sweet scent, with top notes of Bergamot and Pear with a touch of Pistachio, heart notes of Rose Accords with Almond Milk, Orange Blossom and Magnolia, and base notes of Patchouli, Amber, Sweet Tonka, Vanilla, Musk and creamy Sandalwood. I can honestly say I haven't come across a fragrance like it, and you could definitely wear this during the day or on an evening.
It is the perfect transitional scent from Spring to Summer, and can be worn all year round. I personally enjoy quite woody, musky scents or fresh fragrances, and this combines the two, with those base notes of Musk and Sandalwood. Boss Babe is an eau de parfum rather than an eau de toilette, and so you don't need to use as much to create a long-lasting fragrance. 

Missguided Boss Babe comes in a whopping 80ml bottle and costs just £28.00, which I think is exceptional value for such a high quality perfume. You can find it online at The Fragrance Shop here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains an item which was gifted to me, but all views are my own
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Burt's Bees Makeup Review Spring 2019

Friday 29 March 2019

Cult skincare brand Burt's Bees have dabbled with makeup products in the past, releasing gorgeous, moisturising lip products, however recently they have released even more including mascara, foundation, eye shadow compacts, cream highlighters, cream blush and lots more. I treated myself to a few bits and I was also kindly gifted a few, so I wanted to showcase some of the newness from Burt's Bees.
We will begin with the makeup products which were already released, starting with the Burt's Bees Lipsticks*, of which I have a regular formula and a glossy formula. The Lipsticks are priced at £9.99 each, which is about average for a drugstore lipstick, however you are of course getting that Burt's Bees goodness with these. The Lipsticks provide a rich moisturising colour from natural ingredients and I love how their formula keeps my lips feeling moisturised throughout the day. They have a wide variety of shades, so there is something to suit the majority of skin tones and preferences. Here I have the shade Nude Mist which is from the Glossy collection, and is a pretty peach-toned nude, and Ruby Ripple from their regular Lipstick range, which is a blue-toned red, meaning that it is going to make your teeth look whiter.
Then we have the Burt's Bees Matte Lip Crayons, which are also available in a glossy formula like the lipsticks. These lip crayons also cost £9.99 each and are super quick and easy to use, and I often have one in my handbag for when I need to add a little colour to my lips. Again, the formula is really moisturising, and even though they give a matte finish to the lips, there is definitely no sign of dried up lips here! There doesn't seem to be as many shades in the Matte Lip Crayons that I can see, but I adore my choice of colours, which are Sedona Sands, a warm pinky nude, and Niagara Overlook, a pretty coral shade which is perfect for Spring. 
Finally for the lips I have the brand new Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Oils*, which come in six different shades. They come in packaging that looks a little like a pen, and they include a brush on the end and you simply twist the bottom end of the tube to release the product. I love that these are not sticky or gloopy like some lip oils can be and they are made with Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and of course Beeswax to really nourish the lips, as well as adding a tint of colour to them. I have two of these super-hydrating lip oils, both of which retail for £9.99 each, in the shades Showering Sunset, a warm orchid pink and Caramel Cloud, a lovely light nude perfect for everyday.
Moving on to the cheeks I tried out the Burt's Bees All Aglow Lip & Cheek Stick (£12.99). This is a hydrating lip and blush dual stick which is available in six different shades and is 100% natural. The formula has been made using Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and there is also a middle part which is made from Coconut Oil to really nourish the skin and add some hydration, which is perfect for me as I do suffer from quite dry cheeks. This is quite a sheer product with it being a cream blush, but it does have plenty of pigment in it, making it the perfect hint of colour on both the cheeks and the lips. I opted for the shade Suez Sands, which is a medium pink shade which suits my light skin really well.
As a highlighter lover I had to try the Burt's Bees All Aglow Highlighter Stick (£12.99), of which there is just the one shade available at the moment. Just like the Lip & Cheek Stick, this also has a core made from Coconut Oil to keep the skin hydrated whilst you are wearing it - which other highlighter do you know of which could do this? The shade I have is Opal Mist, so maybe they are releasing other shades but this was all I could find online. It is a very pretty light champagne shimmer, which works well for fair to light skin tones in my opinion. Due to it being in a stick form, it is so, so easy to use and apply onto those areas you need a little highlight on, and the formula isn't gloopy or sticky and simply adds a natural, radiant glow to the skin.
Finally from the new collection, I ordered myself the Burt's Bees Eye Shadow Compact (£11.99), which is available in different colourways but I opted for Blooming Desert as I really liked the shades and found them slightly different but very wearable. I was actually much more surprised when I tried the shadows out as the pigments are unreal!!! There is an iridescent cream, an iridescent copper and a shimmery bronze shade and they all work together beautifully, especially with my blue eyes. The formula of course is 100% natural, and contains Bamboo, Honey and Vitamin E to nourish the skin, which for the eye area is great because I often get dry, tired eyes. The compact is cute, and like a little piece of honeycomb and the shadows are super easy to blend and lasted me throughout the day. I honestly could not be more impressed with this little compact and I will definitely have to try out some of the other shades.
You can find the brand new Burt's Bees makeup collection online at Burt's Bees here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains products which have been gifted to me. These have been asterixed and all opinions are my own
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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette Review + Swatches

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Highlighters are one of the beauty world's many joys, and who knows highlighters better than Jeffree Star?! I have tried out a couple of his single Skin Frost compacts before and they are incredible - the amount of product you get in there is enough to give you a full body highlight for about a year. As I have quite fair skin, I really wanted to try out the Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette (loooooong name) as this has more (obviously) icy tones to it which will match my skin better.
The Palette arrives in frosted metallic baby blue packaging, with the palette itself encased in silver metallic. On the inside lid there is a good-sized mirror and the then the main part of the palette holds six highlighters. Even for a palette, the pan sizes are so good, and you get plenty of product. 
The shades involved here are;
* Ice Cold - a creamy white
* Glacier - a silver which is slightly sheer
* Lavender Snow - a silver-toned lilac (I have this in full size and it is one of my favourites)
* Alien Ice - a slightly yellow/green toned shimmer
* Pink Chill - the prettiest pink/lilac iridescent
* Canary Bling - a very pale gold shimmer
The formula is super buttery and soft and they blend onto the skin so easily and they are so pigmented. The highlighters can be used wet or dry, but they are so blinding that they don't even need water to make them more beautiful. As with all of Jeffree's products, they are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Talc-Free, Paraben and Gluten-Free. 
I did notice a small amount of fall-out from the more blinding shades, but I think you should expect that when products are so pigmented. My favourite shades have to be Pink Chill, which can also be used as a highlight topper, and Ice Cold as it is so full-on pigmented, I love it. If one of the shades isn't for you, then don't forget these are safe enough to use on the eyes too, so you can have popping eyeshadow!

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette costs £35 and is available online here in the UK at Beauty Bay.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Laura Mercier Mood Glow Face Illuminator Trio

Thursday 28 March 2019

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In the past six months or so I have really been getting into Laura Mercier products, and have been wanting to try one of their Face Illuminator highlighters, but I don't have a Laura Mercier counter nearby and at £32.00 each, I couldn't decide which shade I would use the most.
However, on a recent trip to Meadowhall Shopping Centre, I popped into House of Fraser and the Laura Mercier concession stand were selling some of the Christmas collection off at half price and I spotted the Mood Glow Face Illuminator Trio had been reduced from £40.00 to £28.00, meaning I would be able to try three shades for less than the price of one.
You know I bought it. The palette itself is gorgeous, full of rose gold and grey and a real joy to own. Once you open up the palette there is a mirror on the inside of the lid, and then the three highlighters nestled neatly in their pans. The three shades you get in the palette are Indiscretion, a light peach shade, Devotion, a light champagne colour and Ambition, a warmer nude shade. Each one has a shift to them, making them iridescent and giving the most beautiful highlight look.
The highlighters are finely milled and highly pigmented, but that is definitely something you would expect from Laura Mercier, as they are a high-end makeup brand. I have quite fair skin and Devotion and Indiscretion look super pretty on my skin, whereas I will probably use Ambition once my skin has a little more colour to it, as this is a warmer shade. However, with all highlighter palettes, I do always advise that the colours can always be worn as eye shadows, and so don't be afraid to purchase one, as there will never be pans that go to waste. 
You can get two other shades of the Face Illuminators, but they are too dark for my skin tone, so I am really, really pleased with this palette, and I am so glad I managed to pick it up in the sale. I can no longer find this palette online, but you can find Laura Mercier in-store and online at House of Fraser.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx
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Lavera Foundation & Concealer Duo

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So many brands have been releasing new foundations and concealers, and I must admit I have loved trying them out. We are all always on the quest for that perfect foundation or concealer, and the latest foundation and concealer I have been trying are from beauty brand Lavera.
Lavera have created a new natural and vegan complexion range, blurring the lines between makeup and skincare. They have created formulas using their active skincare complexes and their foundation and colour correcting products to bring us makeup that also looks after the skin. I have been trying the Lavera Soft Liquid Foundation (£15.90 for 30ml) in the shade 01 Ivory Light as I have quite fair skin. The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump applicator, which makes it super easy to release the product. It gives the skin a light to medium coverage and smells delicately of skincare when you are applying it. I used a Beauty Blender to apply the foundation, and I found that I needed one and a half pumps to completely cover my face and neck. The foundation has been formulated using Lavera's unique Green Anti-Pollution Complex, which contains natural anti-oxidants and organic algae to help protect the skin cells from pollution and counteract the signs of premature ageing. I noticed as soon as I applied the foundation, my skin felt fresh and more hydrated, which I love in a foundation as I hate it when you get a foundation which tends to dry your skin out throughout the day, but this kept my foundation in place and my skin nourished. 
When it comes to concealer, we have been told that it is better to use a lighter concealer than our foundation, but this only really applies to warmer and darker skin tones. For lighter skin, it is recommended you use a concealer that best matches the colour of your foundation, otherwise it can be harder to conceal dark circles. The Lavera Natural Concealer (£11.90 for 5.5ml) is the option I would recommend for darkness under the eyes, tiredness and any redness you may have. I suffer from redness on my cheek area due to the craziness of my hormones due to my severe endometriosis, and this covered that up really well. I have the shade Ivory 01 and this matched my foundation perfectly, and again, it felt fresh and soothing, which was great for under my eyes, especially in a morning when I feel tired. The formula contains organic liquorice root extract and organic shea butter which is going to keep your skin soothed and nourished throughout the day. 
You can find Lavera online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which were gifted to me, but all views are my own
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Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Collection Review

Wednesday 27 March 2019

I recently won a competition through the Debenhams Beauty Community site to head down to London to their Head Office and take part in filming for a foundation campaign. There were four of us, and we each got partnered with a brand, the brand I was partnered with was Estee Lauder, who kindly gave me a bag of some of their new product releases. In there, were the new Pure Color Envy lip products, which I had recently been eyeing up last time I went to Debenhams at Meadowhall and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
There are four products in the collection, starting with the Pure Color Envy Smoothing Sugar Scrub (£25.00). This is a specially designed scrub which works like a facial exfoliator, but of course, it is just for the lips. When I saw the collection in Debenhams, the thing that drew me to the products straightaway was that they are all in baby pink packaging, which I really loved, as a lot of products come in dark packaging, but I adore anything baby pink or blue. The Sugar Scrub comes in a squeezy tube and has a slanted applicator so that you can apply it straight to the lips. The formula is clear in colour and smells a little minty, which is not a bad thing when it comes to products for the lips. The exfoliating granules are gentle sugar crystals, and so they are not abrasive on the gentle lip area, but still manage to remove any roughness or flakiness on the lips, to leave them looking and feeling much smoother, ready for lipstick application.
My favourite product from the collection is the Pure Color Envy Lip Repair Potion (£25.00). Packaging-wise, this looks like a lip gloss, with its long tube and twist-off wand applicator, but it is in fact a repair product for the lips. Estee Lauder say that it is great for a night-time treatment, to condition, soften, revive and renew the lips whilst you are asleep, but you can use it anytime you feel your lips need a boost. The product inside the tube looks light pink in colour, but it applies to the lips clear and smells slightly sweet compared to the mintiness of the scrub. It is a thick-ish formula, but it isn't at all sticky or gloopy, and I find that it melts into my lips instantaneously, leaving them immediately nourished and looking a lot less dry.
We then have the Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer (£25.00) (apologies for all the American spellings, but that's how they are spelt on the packaging). Again, this is packaged beautifully and looks a little like a lipstick, however the cap twists off and you then have a wand with a sponge slanted applicator, making it super easy to apply. This is the product for those of you who want a plumper, fuller looking lip, but it also moisturises and nourishes the lips, keeping them in tip-top condition. The formula looks baby pink, but once applied, it responds to your lips' unique chemistry to reveal a hint of tint that is perfect for your skin tone. I don't notice much of a scent with this product, and it is slightly thicker, but again not sticky, and so totally wearable. As this does have a plumping effect, you do experience a very slight tingle, but by far the slightest sensation I have felt whilst using lip plumping products.
Finally, the last product in the collection is the Pure Color Envy Color Replenish Lip Balm (£25.00). If you are wanting a good all-rounder lip product, then this is the one I would recommend. It is a super hydrating balm which adds moisture to the lips as well as using the same technology as the Lip Volumizer to add a personalised tint to the lips. The balm comes in a sleek lipstick bullet-style packaging which has a magnetic fastening so that you don't have to worry about it coming undone in your handbag. I found that it had a slight mint scent to it, and as soon as you apply it onto the lips they feel so nourished and hydrated. You can use the balm on bare lips for a hint of colour, under lipstick for an added touch of moisture and then as a touch-up throughout the day when your lips are feeling a little dry.
The Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy products aren't the cheapest around, but if you are wanting to perfect that pout with quality skincare, then I would highly recommend them. You can find them online at Estee Lauder.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*As mentioned, I won these products as part of a competition and as always, all opinions are my own
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