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Sunday 23 July 2017

I'm a huge bath lover and have every potion, lotion and bath bomb going. When I recently had my operation, I could only have showers for a couple of weeks and I hated it - my skin dried up and I didn't feel nowhere near as relaxed as I would normally do. When I recently spotted Miss Patisserie's newly designed collection of bath and body products I knew I had to try some of them, so when I saw Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on, I ordered a few bits and thought I'd share them with you. 
Starting with the Bath Crumble (£6.50), and there is only one variety of this bad filled with colourful and relaxing bath soak. It looks a little bit like broken bath bombs, except you only need a small amount for s good bath full so this is going to last quite a while compared to one bath bomb. Bath Crumble is made with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and will soften the bath water, whilst adding therapeutic benefits due to the essential oils it contains leaving your skin silky smooth too! 
Next up we have the Ziggy Bath Ball (£4.50), which is a single use product so is slightly expensive for one bath, but a bath bomb isn't something I'd use everyday anyway. I really wanted to try this because I liked the idea of the gold shimmering in my bath water and the colours are pretty too. This contains middle eastern notes of musk and incense accompanied by exotic mandarin and full of shea butter to keep your skin in tip top condition. 
Body Scrubs are an essential at this time of year - the sun and fake tan can cause havoc with the skin, so to keep your skin refined, be sure to try out the Peony and Pear Sugar Scrub (£13). This comes in so many amazing sounding scents, but this was my favourite combination. The Sugar Scrubs come in a cool glass jar and contain moisturising jojoba and sweet almond oils that will rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. The exfoliating sugar gently buffs the skin to make it insanely soft and well nourished and this really does smell stunning!
There are so many more products to discover from Miss Patisserie, so be sure to check them out in store and online at Boots

All the Loves,

Kathryn x

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  1. I've been meaning to try this brand for so long but keep forgeting!
    The bath crumble looks amazing and right up my street.
    Natasha x