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Sunday 27 August 2017

I was saying on Twitter the other day that I felt really let down by beauty subscription boxes recently, as the quality, choice and brands just weren't good enough. However, I am seeing a lot more 'one off' boxes, where you are not tied down to a subscription, and these tend to be full of much better products, often full sized, and I would like to introduce you to the Feel Unique Best of Beauty Box, with the most recent theme, Universal Makeup. Universal by name and nature, this beauty box features a fabulous collection of makeup essentials which will look great on all skin tones and ages, to give you a perfect everyday makeup look.
Starting with a product I know and love, the Laura Geller Spackle Treatment Makeup Primer. This is a product that is well-know and well-loved in the beauty world, and here you are getting a full size. There are now lots of variations of Spackle, and this one is the Hydrating version, and so it is perfect for the upcoming Autumn/Winter months. You simply use it like any other primer, smoothing it onto the skin, before you apply your makeup to give you a great makeup base.
Another full-sized product included is the Nude by Nature Translucent Loose Finishing Powder. I haven't tried this brand before so it was great to be able to try something new. You get quite a lot of product, so this is going to last you rather a long time, and it is so easy to use. Just buff a small amount of the powder to give your skin a healthy, luminous finish to it, whilst it also keeps your face from becoming shiny later on in the day and keeps your makeup in place.
We then have a PHB Natural and Organic Eye Liner in a Charcoal Grey shade. I haven't heard of this brand, yet with it being an ethical beauty company, I imagine it will be really popular with those mindful to where their makeup comes from and is made. The charcoal grey colour of the pencil will be a nice, softer alternative to black, especially with my blue eyes and I love how soft the pencil is on the skin, and how easily it applies.
The final full-sized product is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the shade 02 Coquelic'oh! Bourjois is an excellent high street makeup brand, and they provide quality yet affordable products, so I knew I would enjoy this one. It is quite a bright red shade, but it is semi-sheer, so it isn't going to give you a huge red pout, but a soft, velvety feeling colour to the lips, and doesn't dry them out like some liquid lipsticks can do.
The first of the three mini-sized products is the Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara. Now, as a huge Elizabeth Arden and mascara fan, I was definitely excited to try this. Even though it is a smaller size, the brush itself is full sized, and I liked this so much that I am considering buying the regular size of it. It coats the lashes really well and certainly adds volume and length. Plus, I do find smaller sizes really handy for holidays, or for trying out before purchasing a full size.
We then have the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream, again in miniature size. Although, eye creams are often in quite small sizes anyway, so this is actually a really good amount of product. I know and love Caudalie as a skincare brand, and so I am looking forward to giving this a whirl. When using an eye cream, or serum, it is important to use your ring finger to apply it with, as this is the finger that applies the least pressure, which is needed for such a delicate area.
The final product is from another brand I haven't come across before, so here we have the Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray. This is actually so useful, as just a few spritzes of this safely eliminates bacteria from makeup and beauty tools. One thing I hate is dirty makeup brushes, and so when I go to Orlando in March I will be able to take this with me to keep my brushes easily cleaned and in good condition. If this works well I would definitely consider buying a full sized version as I am forever on the lookout for products which clean my brushes easily as it is such a chore!
The Feel Unique Best of Beauty Universal Makeup collection costs just £28, and is worth a whopping £80. Check Feel Unique out online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

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