Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

Sunday 27 August 2017

After discovering my love for Kylie Cosmetics after the Vacation Edition, I recently stayed up late for the release of the Kylie Birthday Collection, although for the first time in Kylie Cosmetics history (typical for me!), I hadn't have needed to stay up late as stock was not a problem! However, here are my thoughts on the collection...
The Birthday Bundle ($175)
I knew I wanted a bundle as it was quicker for check out, and so I opted for this one, which includes the Twenty Lip Kit, featuring a Matte Liquid Lipstick and a Lip Liner in a mid-tone rose brown. It's quite a natural shade, and so it will suit most skintones, and of course we all know how great these products are.
Next up are the Lip Glosses, and I was astounded by the colour and pigment from my lost lot of Kylie glosses, so I was thrilled to be able to try new shades. Here we have Cherry Pie, a bright pomegranate punch, and Cupcake, a soft peachy pink, and they're both pretty on the lips.
This set also includes the Loose Powder Highlighter in King, a shimmery icy pink. I really love these, and I have three of the Ultra Glows from the Vacation Edition and they are such great highlighters and so easy to use with them being loose.
Then we have the Mini Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit, which includes six mini versions of the Liquid Lipsticks. I love the variation of colours, as there's something for all year round. Although, they took June Bug from the Vacation Edition and called it August Bug. Shades-wise there are;
  • One Wish (dusty pink nude)
  • Baby Girl (warm muted coral)
  • Angel (mauvy pink)
  • August Bug (vibrant violet)
  • All Nighter (bright red coral)
  • Gorg (red burgundy wine)
The Kit also comes with the pink glittery makeup bag, but I have so many makeup bags, so I really wasn't fussed about receiving this. It is a good size and I do love the glitter and pink, but considering its about $36 to buy, I would have preferred something else in the kit.
The main product in the Birthday Collection is the I Want It All Kyshadow, Highlighter and Blush Palette, which contains 9 Kyshadows, 1 Highlighter and 1 Blush, and I pretty much love everything in here. The pigment and quality of the powders is really impressive.
On to the shades;
  • Birthday Girl (satin shimmering champagne)
  • Buttercream Frosting (matte warm cream)
  • 1942 (matte warm taupe)
  • Forever Young (matte warm pink)
  • New Year, New Me (metallic red plum)
  • The New Black (matte bright pink)
  • Party Time (matte light dusty mauve)
  • Celebrate (metallic golden burgundy)
  • Midnight (matte black)
* Cheers (matte light pink)
*Confetti (shimmering light pink)
With some of Kylie's collections, she often releases the same lip kits in both matte and velvet formulas, however this time, there are velvet and mattes, but each one has different shades, so I also bought the Velvet Liquid Lipstick Mini Kit ($36), as I love the formula of these. They give the same coverage and colour payoff as the mattes, but the formula feels much nicer on the lips. Again, a good variation of shades here. 
Shades are;
* LA (light nude peach)
* Party Girl (bright hot coral)
* Birthday Suit (nude warm beige)
* Sprinkle (vibrant plum)
* Commando (terracotta beige)
* Surprise Me (bright fuchsia)
As I loved the Ultra Glows so much, I also purchased King ($14), this is the Loose Powder Highlighter in a Shimmering Champagne colour. I saw quite a lot of comments on social media about this being quite an immature collection, but baby pink is really in right now, and the quality of the products certainly hasn't been created with children in mind. Bring on alllll the pink and glitter if you ask me!
The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is available online at Kylie Cosmetics.
All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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