Kylie Cosmetics Haul + Swatches

Tuesday 1 August 2017

When Kylie Jenner first launched her own cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, I was not into the hype whatsoever - I have never watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and just wasn’t bothered. However, when I saw her recent Vacation launch, I loved the look of the Eyeshadow Palette, and decided to give it a whirl. I honestly could not believe the quality of the product, I really expected it to be cheap, yet the pigment was insane, and the shadows blended beautifully, and it is currently my favourite palette. As I was so impressed, I recently decided to place another order, as there was a Buy One Get One Free deal on, so really it was a no brainer…(I can’t remember which products I paid for and which I got free, so I have put prices on each)…
Pressed Blush Powders ($20/£15ish)
There are five shades available in this collection, and I have Barely Legal and Virginity. Barely Legal is a soft coral pink, whereas Virginity is a brighter, pop of pink. The blushes arrive in little compacts, complete with mirrors on the inside of the lids, and you get quite a good amount of product for your buck. The colours are pretty, however I do find that the pigment isn’t the greatest with these, and I do need to apply more product to my brush than with other brands.
Kylighters Pressed Illuminating Powders ($22/£16.75)
Again, there are also five shades of the Kylighters, and here I have Cotton Candy Cream, a beautiful champagne-coloured highlighter, and a warmer gold-toned highlighter. Pigment is definitely better than with the Blushes, and these look super pretty on the skin. Packaging wise, they are exactly the same as the blushes, so great for travelling or on-the-go application, and I would definitely be up for trying the other shades.
Kyliner Kit 
This must definitely have been one of the free products, as it is no longer available on the website, so they must have discontinued them sadly. The Kyliner Kit comes complete with an eyeliner, a gel eyeliner pot and an eyeliner brush, and I opted for the colour way Bronze as I thought this would look lovely with my blue eyes. The quality of all three products within this kit is really good, and if they have discontinued them, then I think that’s quite sad as I would have loved to have ordered the Black. 
Lip Kits ($27/$30/£20.56/£22.84)
The infamous Lip Kits are where Kylie Cosmetics all started! I ordered the June Bug Kit ($30) which is from the Vacation collection as it is SO different to what I would normally wear, but its Summer after all! It contains a lipliner and the Matte Liquid Lipstick and the shade doesn’t make my teeth look yellow which I feared it might do due to the brightness of it. The Charm Lip Kit ($27) also comes with a lipliner and then this time we have the Velvet Liquid Lipstick, of which I think I prefer the formula over the matte finish as it feels creamier on the lips. Colourwise, this is a very pretty natural nude-pink and wearable all year round. 
Metal/Matte Metal Liquid Lipstick ($18/£13.71)
These are metallic versions of the Liquid Lipsticks, and I opted for Heir and King K. Heir is probably my least favourite shade from all the products I ordered, just because it doesn’t suit my skintone as much as the others, but you get that with any brand when ordering online. It is a golden peach shade with all the shimmer, but the formula is lovely. King K is a bronze-toned gold metallic shade which actually dries more matte, and I adore this with the Bronze Kyliner Set! This will look great if you have a tan and blue eyes!
Gloss ($15/£11.42)
These are the products that took me most by surprise! Most glosses tend to be quite transparent and not give off a whole lot of colour or depth of colour, unless you head towards a liquid lipstick, yet these! Oh my goodness! They give off so much colour payoff and as someone who much prefers a regular lipstick to a sticky gloss, I was that impressed that I now want them all! Haha! They have all the colour and depth of a liquid lipstick, no stickiness and so much gloss! Colour wise, I have So Cute, a light nude, Literally, a warmer nude, and Koko K, a nude pink. PS, they do tingle slightly so I am guessing they have a lip plumping ingredient in them - what else would you expect from a Kardashian/Jenner?!
You can find these beauties and more (apart from the Kyliner FFS) online at Kylie Cosmetics.

All the Loves,

Kathryn x


  1. I really wish i'd gor June Bug! The colour looks amazing! Love your haul! I just received Tahiti kylighter :)

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