Olivia Hale Makeup AKA An Absolute Bargain

Sunday 6 August 2017

Online and offline I have seen quite a buzz surrounding the Olivia Hale makeup collection - the what collection I hear you ask? Well, Home Bargains has released quite a varied range of makeup products under the alias Olivia Hale, and each item costs just 99p each. Any good? Let's find out...
I couldn't get absolutely everything in the collection as I only live in a small town, but the products that they did have, there was plenty of colour choice, so that's impressive. Starting with the Primer, which is a good value size, in fact all the products are really, and texture wise, this is definitely like a clear version of my all-time favourite primer, Benefit's Porefessional, that silicone-kinda feel to it, and therefore this hits the spot with me. It isn't sticky on the skin, and melts in incredibly well, and even if you aren't a makeup wearer, this would be a great face base for you to smooth out your skin.
I'm not sure how many shades in the liquid Foundation there are, but I chose Vanilla Mist, which isn't quite as Vanilla as I would have liked, but this was the lightest shade my store had, so I would definitely be interested in trying a lighter shade. This was quite peach-toned and too dark for my fair skin, so I would definitely recommend sampling the shades before buying one. Texture-wise, it took a little working with, but once it was blended into the skin the finish was really nice. Not the fullest coverage, but for 99p, pleasant enough!

When it comes to cheap bronzers, I immediately think of dark, glittery powdery messes, but this one is a light milk chocolate and reminds me of the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil. There's no glitter or shimmer, so it is a matte bronzer, and its not as finely milled as the Too Faced version, but it has all the pigment, and gives a lovely sheer bronzed look, and as it isn't glittery it is a perfect contour shade. Very impressed with this!
I once had a cheap Shimmer Brick like this one from Next and it literally did nothing, so I was not expecting great things from Olivia Hale at 99p, however it is ALL that and more! This is in the shade Pink and the texture is velvety smooth, and the white shade is iridescent so makes for a great highlighter. The pigment and shimmer is honestly insane and you absolutely need this in your life. They have another shade in my local store so I am definitely going to be picking it up as the quality is way, way, way beyond its 99p price tag! Mind, blown!
Moving on to the Eyebrow Pallet, and this is a bit hit and miss for me. It is a great little kit, based on the Benefit Browzings, and comes with a wax, a powder, a spooly brush and a double ended applicator brush. This is in the shade Brown, and the wax is bloody brilliant, and true to colour, however the powder is more of a blonde/very light brown shade and has the odd bit of glitter in it, so it doesn't match the wax whatsoever, so all in all I love the wax, but the powder needs improvement.

The Eyeshadows are also such great value with their sizing, and they have the exact same, velvety soft feeling as the Blusher Brick, with just as great pigments! They also had a great colour selection with plenty to choose from, so I would definitely be interested in trying some of the other shades, although I am more than happy with the one I chose. This is Soft Pecan and is almost like a metallic bronze it is that full of shimmer and pigment, and looks amazing with blue eyes and a tan! There was also zero fallout!
For lips I opted for the Lip Gloss in Velvet Berry, and even some of the girls at work have been rocking these, after showing them my bargains, and I even asked which brand one girl was wearing as it looked amazing and she said it was the Olivia Hale Lip Gloss! Can't prove it more than that! The glosses have a good amount of colour in them, and aren't sheer whatsoever, so you are definitely getting plenty of shade for your quid. They are soft on the lips and don't feel sticky, yet I do feel like they may have a plumping ingredient in them as my lips did feel slightly warm and tingly immediately after application. 
5.5 products out of 7 isn't bad at all Olivia Hale/Home Bargains, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for me at larger shops. If you are after some high quality, low priced products, be sure to head instore to Home Bargains.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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