PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

Saturday 19 August 2017

I wasn't blessed with the plumpest of lips, and I would love to have fuller lips, but my budget doesn't quite stretch to regular lip filler treatments, and to be honest, I wouldn't want foreign substances being pumped into my face anyway. So, when I was asked if I wanted to try out the new PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System, I just had to give it a whirl!
The PMD Kiss is quite an investment at £99, but one treatment of lip fillers would cost more than this alone if you had it done at a professional salon, so for something that you have for life (it comes with a 2 year warranty!), this is actually quite the bargain! Inside the box you will find the Kiss device, a tube of Smart Lip Plumping Serum, a USB cable and two interchangeable Plumping Tips.
This genius device works by using a pulsating vacuum and a specifically formulated serum which helps to add volume to the lips, all whilst being pain-free. The device itself doesn't cause an iota of pain, but it is worth mentioning you may feel a warm, slightly tingly sensation from the serum, but it is only like other lip plumping glosses and gels. 
Each use takes just three minutes, so this is definitely something that can be easily incorporated into your daily skincare routine. The kit comes with full instructions and illustrations, and you use the Kiss in four areas of the lips for ten pulses each, and you can then use the Kiss on the inner tissue of the lips to give added plumpness. You will then find you are able to use a standard treatment speed for quicker lip plumping, or a slower speed for a more targeted and intense plumping sesh.
As well as adding volume to the lips, the Kiss System also adds a natural rosy look to the lips, and fills out lines and wrinkles around the lip area. I noticed long-lasting results from the first time I used it, however continued daily usage will increase results long-term and after 4-6 weeks of daily use, your lips will stay full from the increased collagen production - definitely cheaper than lip fillers and a lot healthier too! I shall be sure to let you know how I get on after using the system for this length of time.

The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System costs £99 and is available exclusively at Current Body.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

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