MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ Spray: Goldlite & Pinklite

Sunday 29 April 2018

As a huge MAC Fix+ Spray fan I was super excited to see the release of their Goldlite and Pinklite versions as I am all for a little shimmer here and there. For those of you new to MAC Fix+, it is a vitamin and mineral spray that you spritz onto the skin after applying makeup to keep it looking flawless throughout the day. It does have other uses too, but we will get to that later…
MAC Fix+ is infused with a calming blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energising scent of Sugi. As soon as you spritz the mist onto the skin, it feels instantly refreshing, and then locks your makeup right in place. If you find that your makeup looks cakey from time to time, this will take that right away, to leave your skin looking much more flawless. Some sprays make you feel like you’re setting a hosepipe on yourself, but the nozzle’s design ensures the product comes out in a fine mist, and just 2-3 sprays is more than enough to keep your makeup in place, so each 100ml bottle is going to last you plenty. 

MAC Fix+ can also be used to hydrate the skin before you apply makeup, obviously as a setting and finishing spray, but then it can also be used with pigments, eyeshadows and highlighters to really intensify them and give them a more concentrated, shimmery look. Simply spritz some onto a fluffy eyeshadow brush or highlighter brush before you pop the brushes into the products and then apply as normal to get your makeup looking even more on point. 
As I mentioned, MAC have recently released the MAC Fix+ Goldlite and Pinklite - and for those of you not aware, MAC make killer strobe creams and highlighters, and that shimmery goodness has now been released into the MAC Fix+ to give the most beautiful natural radiant glow to the skin. The original spray has been infused with pearlescent particles for the ultimate glow, yet still carries all of the hydrating, soothing and refreshing benefits of the original version, along with that 12 hour wearability. 

MAC Fix+ is suitable for all skin types, and due to those calming and soothing ingredients it also conditions the skin, making it much more than ‘just’ a finishing spray. MAC Fix+ Goldlite contains tiny specks of light gold shimmer, with Pinklite having a soft pink shimmer running throughout it. I could honestly just watch the liquid swirl around in the bottle all day long - it’s mesmerising! However, do not fear - this does NOT leave a glittery finish on the skin, once it travels through the nozzle and onto the skin it adds a natural radiance and glow to the skin to give a healthier appearance, so please do not stray away from it thinking that you’re going to look like a disco ball. 
These really are beautiful products and I think once that warmer weather rolls round and you catch a hint of sunshine, the Goldlite is going to look fantastic! For my skin tone, Pinklite works better at the moment, but once my skin has a little extra colour, I think Goldlite will also work perfectly. You could even spray across the shoulders and decollate for healthy looking skin all round!

You can find the MAC Fix+ Goldlite and Pinklite online at MAC where they cost £19 each. 

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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