Aussie Pure Locks Haircare Collection

Thursday 3 May 2018

When I was younger, the Aussie haircare brand was definitely one of my most used, however it isn’t something I’ve used for a good while now, and so when I saw they had recently released a new Pure Locks collection, I wanted to give it a whirl.
The Aussie Pure Locks range consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment, a Volumising Foam Conditioner, a Moisturising Foam Conditioner and a Hair Lotion. As Boots were doing a 3 for 2, I opted for the Shampoo, Conditioner and the 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment, although the other three products interest me so I may have to try those next!

So, what is the Pure Locks creation all about? Everyday things like pollution, heat and product build-up can damage the hair, and so this super-light miraculous shampoo gently helps to de-stress the hair, leaving them purified, shiny and rejuvenated. The Aussie Pure Locks Shampoo (£3.99) has been created using Kakadu Plum, a miracle fruit which is native to Australia and full of antioxidant goodness for the hair. It smells incredible, and I love how you can still smell a hint of the fragrance on your hair after washing and drying. 
The Aussie Pure Locks Conditioner (£3.99) is a super gentle and light conditioner that combats stress from heat, pollution as well as not causing any product build-up due to its light formula. I have quite flat and fine hair, yet after using this conditioner for a couple of weeks, it has made my hair feel much fuller. It has the same fresh, plum scent as the Shampoo, and does come in a slightly smaller bottle as you should never use too much conditioner as product over-use can weigh the hair down. This leaves my hair smelling so good and really nourishes it and gives it a lovely, natural shine. 
If you are a continuous reader of Kathryn’s Loves, you will certainly know by now how much I love a good pampering session, which of course includes the hair. The Aussie Pure Locks 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment (£4.99) helps to restore dull, lifeless hair to its full fabulous glory. Even though it says 3 Minute Miracle, if I have the time I do like to leave it on a little longer as the longer you leave it on, the deeper those antioxidants can work their magic. A tip with hair treatments and masks is to mainly apply from the ends upwards, staying away from the roots as they don’t necessarily need the extra treatment and this can cause the roots to become a little built-up or greasy.

The Aussie Pure Locks Collection is available instore and online at retailers such as Boots.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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