Primark Bronze Makeup Collection

Friday 15 June 2018

I have been seeing the Primark Bronze Makeup collection all over social media and You Tube, but when I went to my nearest store a few weeks ago they had very little of the collection to choose from - oh how I wish Primark did online shopping, at least for their makeup! However, I managed to pick up four bits from the Bronze collection and so here’s my thoughts on them…
First up we have the Primark Bronze Instant Radiance Highlighting Drops in the shade Paradise (£2.50). This little glass pot comes with a dropper applicator, which doesn’t work the best compared to similar products, but it is still easy to get the product out. The Highlighting Drops don’t have the highest density shimmer to them, but when applied to the skin, they give a luminous glow, with the consistency being quite lightweight and easy to apply. The shade Paradise is a soft champagne, and is really pretty for fairer skin like mine. I don’t know if they do have other shades available, but I would definitely pick this up in other colours if I found them.
We then have the Primark Bronze Metallic Eyeshadow Cream (£2) in the shade Sundown. The product itself comes in a little glass pot, and the cream is quite low down from the top of it, so it makes messy work for fingers, but the result is totally worth it. It gives a strong, highly pigmented metallic finish, which is easy to apply onto the lids, and just one swipe is enough. Sundown is a warm bronze shade and will look stunning with a tan and blue eyes especially. 
Next up we have the Primark Bronze Highlight Loose Highlighter (£2) in the shade Vacation. You get rather a lot of loose highlighter in this glass pot, and whilst it isn’t the most pigmented highlighter I have come across, it still looks pretty on the skin. Vacation is a soft baby pink, so again perfect for lighter skin tones and I am going to try scooping some of this up and adding it to the Primark Primer Water to create my own shimmering face mist. A bargain for £2!
The Primark Bronze Shade & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette (£4) is possibly the piece de resistance and the colours inside are perfect for Summer and holidays. The shadows are lightly scented with coconut to get you in that vacation mood, and you will find nine good-sized pans inside, featuring both mattes and shimmers. You find colours of browns, bronzes, oranges, corals, creams, beiges and reds, and as with all Primark eyeshadow palettes I have tried so far, the pigment is crazily impressive. With each collection they bring out, I just want more and more!! 
You can find Primark online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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