Primark Lip & Eye Kit Duos

Sunday 3 June 2018

Following on from my love of Primark beauty, we have these Lip & Eye Kit Duos, which I recently found in the sale at my local Primark for JUST £1 EACH! Yes you read that correctly, one English Pound, 100 English pennies. Utterly bargainous! They normally retail at £3 each, and weren’t necessarily something that caught my eye previously, but at £1, I thought it a crime not to at least try them out.
Starting with the Eye Kits, and I am not sure if other varieties are available, but here I have Aphrodite, Azure and Cleopatra. Aphrodite is a Sculpting Eye Collection and includes a double-ended Eye Contour Duo Pencil, with a metallic creamy white on one end and a mid-brown shade on the other. The Kit also includes a Matte Eyeshadow Cream in a light nude, which I am currently obsessed with, as it feels so soft on the skin, and gives a lovely, natural finish to the eyelids, hiding any veins and discolouration to give pretty peepers, and which would also work really well as an eyeshadow base.
The Azure Metallic Eye Collection includes a precision applicator brush, a creamy black eyeliner pencil and a Metallic Eyeshadow Cream. If we are splitting the cost between the three products, they would work out at 33p each, which is insane, but the Metallic Eyeshadow Cream I would easily pay £10+ for! It is a highly pigmented deep green blue colour which is full of the prettiest gold shimmer, which shows on each and every swipe. Primark, you just keep fascinating me with your releases!
The final of my three Eye Candy sets is the Sculpting Eye Collection in Cleopatra, which includes a very precise liquid eyeliner in black, and a creamy white Matte Eyeshadow Cream, which at first I was a bit meh about. However, the liquid eyeliner is incredible and its long tip allows perfect cat eyes, and the white eyeshadow cream is the perfect product to create cut crease eyeshadow looks because with it being matte, it allows other products to sit on top of it perfectly.
The two Lip Kits I purchased are from the Primark Chocolate collection, and first up is the Creme Caramel Lip Kit. The packaging of the products looks a little cheap (yes, I know it was only £1, but some of the other products look a lot better), but I was SO impressed with the Molten Gloss. You receive a Lip Liner in a light beige shade, which is much lighter than the gloss itself, which kind of goes against the point of including a lip liner in a lip kit, but the Molten Gloss is incredible! It is in the perfect nude shade, and gives off so much depth of colour in just one swipe of the sponge-tipped applicator. I really wasn’t expecting much after the lip liner, but this is amazing!
The Mocha Chocolate Lip Kit contains the same two products, a lip liner and a Molten Gloss but in a deeper tan colour compared to the Creme Caramel colour way. The lip liner glides onto the skin effortlessly and is much more well-suited to the Molten Gloss this time. Although the Mocha Molten Gloss does seem slightly sheerer than the Creme Caramel version, it is buildable and gives off a super glossy finish. At just £1, or even £3, these kits are definitely worth the pennies.
You can find these Eye and Lip kits instore at Primark.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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