Morphe 15S & 15T Eyeshadow Palettes Review + Swatches

Monday 1 April 2019

I really like Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes but what often puts me off buying them is the size - unless your travel makeup bag is a trunk, they are not the best for travelling with. When they brought out the 15 pan palettes, I knew that these were going to be much better for travelling with and two in particular caught my eye.
The Morphe Your True Selfie 15T Eyeshadow Palette contains browns, oranges and greens, all of which seem to suit my colouring really well. This palette contains eight matte shades and seven shimmer shades...

  • #MorpheBabe (matte red poppy)
  • #StrikeAPose (matte nutmeg)
  • #DopePic (matte toasted hazelnut with sparkle)
  • #NoFilterNeeded (metallic ginger)
  • #BlendTheRules (fiery orange shimmer)
  • #WokeUpLikeDis (matte cinnamon)
  • #SorryNotSorry (matte pecan)
  • #OOTD (matte burnt umber)
  • #ThrowBack (matte mocha)
  • #RelationshipGoals (matte black plum)
  • #Artist (metallic chartreuse)
  • #Before (matte olive green)
  • #After (metallic golden lime)
  • #WerkIt (metallic gunmetal)
  • #Glam (shimmering charcoal) 

My favourites within this palette are #Artist, #After, #NoFilterNeeded and #BlendTheRules as they are all quite different to what I see in other palettes. If you have tried Morphe eyeshadows before, you will know they all have excellent pigment and blend smoothly onto the lids. I did find a little fallout with some of the shimmery shades, but nothing crazy. 

My favourite of the two palettes has to be the Morphe Social Butterfly 15S Eyeshadow Palette. I was originally really drawn to the neon pink and purple, but the amount of different shades within this palette is just stunning. There are seven matte shadows and eight shimmers and there are colours ranging from champagnes to peaches, to greens, purples, pinks and blacks so the amount of looks you can create with this is going to be endless. The shades are...
  • #NowTrending (antique cream metallic)
  • #LaterGram (matte orange sherbet)
  • #Ad (matte caramel crème)
  • #Bae (shimmering neon magenta)
  • #Makeover (matte sangria) 
  • #InstaFamous (metallic lilac)
  • #ForTheGram (ultraviolet shimmer)
  • #SideHustle (shimmering merlot)
  • #Besties (matte shocking pink)
  • #Influencer (matte royal purple) 
  • #MemeGirls (matte blue pine)
  • #SquadGoals (metallic peacock)
  • #FameGame (shimmering azure)
  • #BestNightEver (shimmering night sky)
  • #OffCamera (matte black)
I found that there was barely any fallout with this particular palette, and at just £16 per palette you really cannot go wrong. You get the 15 shades in a sleek compact and there is even a full-sized mirror on the inside of the lid making it the perfect travelling companion.
You can find these palettes and more online at Morphe.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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