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Sunday 28 April 2019

When I first heard Zoella was collaborating with Colourpop, I was a bit meh about it. Zoella hasn't been at the top of her game for the last year or so and collaborating with an American brand was a little bizarre to me. Yes, UK fans can get Colourpop delivered to the UK, but you do have to pay customs and shipping which isn't always cheap. Plus, as much as I love Colourpop, I have had problems with some of their deliveries. Also, when I saw the collection, I thought a lot of the colours looked too similar to each other for such a small collection. However, for fear of missing out, I eventually ordered it when I saw people receiving theirs on Twitter. I ordered the PR collection, which includes everything from the collaboration.
Starting with the Brunch Date Eye Shadow Palette ($18.00), which includes twelve shadows. The formula is great and individually most of the shades are really nice and pigmented, but as a whole palette, for me, the shades were too similar and to have that pop of electric blue, was too similar to Kim Kardashian's eye shadow palette for me and it doesn't really go with any of the other shades, unlike Kim's. I know Zoe loves nude shadows and so that is probably the basis behind this palette, but I have numerous nude palettes which include a much better range of shades.
Moving on to the Lip Bundles ($11.50 each), of which there are three, and I love the cute milk carton-style packaging. There are three shade duos, and again for me, two of the shades were just too similar. I love Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lip formula, you cannot knock it or the price, but to have two very similar nude shades and then a bright red just seemed a little off to me. Zoe loves a deep burgundy shade, so it would have been nice to see one of those. My Day Ones include Little One Ultra Matte Lip and Little One Lippie Pencil, to give a nude lip look. What Happens At Brunch includes @me Ultra Matte Lip and Oh Snap Lippie Pencil, to give another nude lip look, with a slight hint of a pink nude and Give Up The Goss includes Self Love Club Ultra Matte Lip and Bossy Lippie Pencil which gives you a bright red lip. As I say, I like the packaging and the price, as well as the formula, but I just would have expected more variety colour wise, and that being said, I feel like this collection was perhaps rushed a little.
We then have the Group Hug Supernova Shadow Bundle ($14.00), which includes two of Colourpop's Supernova liquid eye shadows. You receive the shades Bellini and OG, both of which are nude/champagne shades, and look pretty much the same, except one is slightly more shimmery than the other. I hadn't tried this product before, and I must say, I love the formula and it stays on really well, so I would definitely look into Colourpop's other Supernova shades. However, for me, again the colours are just too similar and I feel like not much thought has gone into this collection.
Next up, we have the Pressed Powder Blush ($8.00) which is available in just one shade, Soul Mate, a cotton candy pink. The packaging on both this and the next product does feel a little cheap and childish, but it comes with a mirror on the inside for on-the-go ease. I did find this a very sheer blush, and for my swatch I had to really dig into the powder a few times just to get some kind of colour, so if you like your blush super sheer, then this will be perfect for you. I do really love this colour though, although it won't suit all skin tones, it does suit my fair skin quite well.
The other cheek product within the collection is the Swipe Right Pressed Powder Highlighter ($8.00), and from a huge You Tube star who is massively into her makeup, I did expect something with more of a wow factor when it came to highlight. Again, there is just the one shade, which is quite pretty, a nude champagne with a tiny hint of pink iridescent running through it. However, the formula is just not there for me, it does feel velvety soft but I found there to be very little pigmentation and it gave a very barely there look. Very barely there. 
The final products within the Zoella x Colourpop collaboration are the Creme Gel Liners ($5.00 each), which come in two shades, Sincerely Yours, a dark brown and XOXO, a black. With there being an electric blue in the eye shadow palette, I would have perhaps thought there might have been an electric blue liner to make it feel more included but alas there wasn't. The packaging is fine, and the formula does glide on really easily, but how many black and brown eyeliners do you have in your collection already?
I don't mean to be a negative nelly, as I have often praised Zoe's ranges in the past. However, I am always honest on my blog, and yes I will use these products, maybe apart from the cheek products, but when someone whose career has been slipping in the last year or two, and for a collaboration with a brand who creates some amazing colours, finishes and products with other influencers I would have expected something that would blow me away a little more. I could be wrong, and this is my own opinion, but I feel this collection has been rushed, and that not a lot of thought has gone into it. I like Zoe, I really do, and I like Colourpop too, but for me, this could have been so much better.

You can find the Zoella x Colourpop collection online at Colourpop here, but remember, you will be charged shipping, taxes and customs on all orders.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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