Becca Skin Love Starter Set Review

Saturday 29 June 2019

Becca Cosmetics recently released a skincare line, but as I couldn't decide which item to try out, and didn't want to drop not far off £100.00 on their three new products, I opted for the Becca Skin Love Starter Set as it was £20.00 and I then got to try all three for less than one full size.
The Starter Set comes in a gift box so it would make a lovely little present for someone who is interested in or is wanting to get into their skincare. Inside the box you receive 25ml of the Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist, 15ml of the Brighten & Blur Primer and 2.2ml of the Glow Elixir. Yes, they aren't going to last a long time, but with skincare sometimes you are best starting with travel sizes or sample sizes to see if they agree with your skin.

The Becca Skin Love packaging is quite ethereal with iridescent finishes and mint, white and shimmer shades. The Becca Skin Love Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist comes in a good, sturdy bottle to say it is a travel size and it is an alcohol-free, gentle, super-fine mist which adds moisture to the skin and helps to set and refresh your makeup. It has been infused with wonderful sounding ingredients such as Hawaiian Sea Water and Desert Spring Water to boost hydration and Goji Berry, Blueberry Extract, Cranberry Extract and Vitamin E to keep the skin nourished. The Mist feels very refreshing on the skin and it smells incredible, although I can't quite put my finger on what fragrance it is, it is very light and fresh and I would definitely buy the full-size of this.

We then have the Becca Skin Love Brighten and Blur Primer, which at first feels a little like Benefit's Porefessional texture-wise, but once you massage it into the skin it feels slightly refreshing and goes into more of a moisturiser-texture. This is a skin-smoothing primer that blurs and hydrates, and whilst it didn't completely rid my face from the appearance of pores, it definitely blurred them out, but I do have quite large pores and so it is something I struggle with. However, I did enjoy using this Primer and I would definitely consider repurchasing as it kept my skin hydrated and healthy whilst also calming down my pores.
The final of the trio is the Becca Skin Love Glow Elixir, which I believe is the most expensive item from the collection at £34.00 and you get the least amount of it to try. The Glow Elixir is a glow-boosting serum that replenishes and restores the skin with essential nutrients to give a healthy, glowing complexion. Don't expect to glow like a glitter ball, but it does give a gently glow to the skin, and as lovely as it is, for me it didn't make so much of a difference that I would pay £34.00 for it on a regular basis, but maybe that is because I was tight with the amount I used seen as I had such a small bottle of it, I am not sure. If you are looking for a new serum, I would recommend this, as it does make your skin feel lovely but for me as a beauty blogger, I get to try out so many products that for me to repurchase something it has to be insane.

You can find the Becca Skin Love Starter Set online at Space NK here where it costs £20.00.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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