Barry M Paradise Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Friday 11 October 2019

Barry M have been killing it with the eyeshadow palette releases this year, and as soon as I saw the Barry M Paradise Eyeshadow Palette in Superdrug last month, I just had to have it, as it was filled with such wondrous shades.
The Barry M Paradise Eyeshadow Palette is pretty plainly packaged, but houses eighteen baked matte and metallic shadows. There isn't a specific colour theme that stands out, but the metallics are just out of this world and each pan holds a generous amount of shadow.

The shades included, top to bottom, left to right, as there are no names, are as follows;

Lilac metallic with a blue shift
Mint green metallic with a light gold shift
Bright blue matte
Apricot matte
Chocolate matte
Blue-toned lilac metallic
Pink metallic with a golden shift
Taupe metallic with silver glitter
Bright yellow matte
Pearl iridescent
Apple green metallic
Soft pink iridescent
Pale yellow matte
Lilac metallic with a light golden shift
Mauve metallic
Darker lilac metallic with a silver shimmer
Light gold with a blue iridescent shift
Gold metallic
It is hard to pick up on a still camera, but the iridescent shades are some of the most beautiful I have come across. I love the mixture of bold shades, pastel shades and neutrals, and even though there isn't a specific colour theme, there really is a shadow for every occasion within this palette. 

As the eyeshadows are baked, they wear extremely well and are all very pigmented, and I had little to zero fall-out, even when swatching the shades for the photographs. The Paradise Palette costs just £12.99, which works out at 72p a shade, which is phenomenal value for the quality.
You can find the Barry M Paradise Eyeshadow Palette online at Barry M here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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