Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer Review

Monday 28 October 2019

Ooh I love a new foundation and concealer combo! There have been SO many new foundations released lately that I simply cannot keep up. The Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation and Concealer is brand new out and as someone who really enjoys the original formula from them, and as someone whose skin needs concealing and hydrating, I definitely had to give these a whirl.
You cannot beat Revolution for their price points. Everything is so affordable, and in a world where foundations can cost anywhere up to and over £100.00, it is refreshing to see quality products at pocket money prices. The Revolution Conceal & Hydrate formula contains hyaluronic acid, which I am sure by now you will know the amazing benefits it brings to the skin, adding moisture and locking it in tight, so keep you hydrated throughout the day.
There are 50 bloody shades! That is amazing for any makeup retailer, let alone a budget brand! The Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation costs just £9.00 for 23ml and comes in a glass bottle (which I love) and has a pump applicator underneath a rose gold lid. Now, most foundations generally come in a 30ml bottle, but for £9.00, I am not going to cry about it. As this is a hydrating formula, Revolution do suggest this for those with dry skin to get the most benefits from it, however they do also say it is suitable for every skin type and tone.
This Foundation has a medium to full coverage, and is completely buildable without getting cakey, and glides onto the skin wonderfully. It is quite a loose liquid, which is probably due to it having the hyaluronic acid in there, but that doesn't make it difficult to apply or alter the end result. I opted for shade F3, which is for fair skin with a neutral undertone and I did order online as I don't have a large Superdrug nearby. I tried this with and without a primer, and even without a primer, my skin felt fairly hydrated, whereas if I don't have a dry skin-specific foundation on, foundations can sometimes get quite dry and cakey, but I was definitely impressed with foundation, and if you have dry or normal skin, I would definitely give this a whirl.

Not a brand to do things by half, there is also the brand new Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Concealer available. Most brands release a smaller amount of shades in a concealer to their foundation, but not this one! They have 50 shades of the Concealer to choose from. As I like to more or less match my foundation to my concealer due to having dark under eye circles, I did go for the shade C3, which similar to the foundation is for fair skin with a cool undertone, which will then warm up the cool tones underneath my eyes.
You get 13g of product, and this time it comes in a plastic tube, with an applicator quite similar to that of the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, a fairly big slanted sponge tip. Because I have a small eye area, I don't always love huge tips, but this is no big issue as I can just use a concealer brush and take product from the applicator. This Concealer also contains hyaluronic acid to give all-day hydration and can cover blemishes, even out skin tone and cover those annoying dark circles. 
The formula of this concealer is gorgeous, it has a slightly satin finish to it, so keeps those under eye areas lovely and fresh-looking, and the hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated. It applies like a dream, stayed put all day and I had no caking on the skin either, which can sometimes happen with concealers and dry skin. A+ Revolution!

You can find the Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation & Concealer online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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