Beauty Blender All That Glitters Blend & Defend Kit Review

Saturday 23 November 2019

I have tried other beauty sponges, but I always come back to my trusty Beauty Blender. I have, no joke, gone through not far off 20 Beauty Blenders, and have been using them ever since I remember them first coming out. Even my Nanna used to use them, before she sadly passed away this year, and she used to rave about them too. I recently picked up the Beauty Blender All That Glitters Blend & Defend Kit and wanted to share this deal with you.
The Beauty Blender All That Glitters Blend & Defend Kit costs £30.00 and you receive two Beauty Blender sponges, a mini Blendercleanser sample and the Blender Defender Glitter Protective Case. Individually, a Beauty Blender costs £17.00, and so for the two you are already saving £4.00, plus then the Blender Defender and the sample, and of course the gorgeous packaging.
The Beauty Blenders you receive are the Original, which is the bright pink sponge, and the Chill, which is that pretty bright green sponge. I have never had a Blender Defender before, but as someone who travels quite a bit, as my family live in Northampton, this is perfect for me. The Blender Defender is a silicone protective case that keeps your sponge in shape, but also prevents foundation rubbing on to your makeup bag. This particular one has lots of multi-coloured glitter on, so I just love that!
You will see holes in the Blender Defender, this is so that the sponges can get proper air circulation and so that they can dry properly and due to the size, you can fit two damp Beauty Blenders inside it. I honestly should have bought a Blender Defender years ago! Whilst this makes a lovely gift for Christmas, I have bought this for myself, and taken advantage of the savings I have made on the sponges and of course getting those two bonus items free too.
The Beauty Blender All That Glitters Blend & Defend Kit costs £30.00 and you can find it at Harvey Nichols here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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