Kiehl's Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2019

Saturday 2 November 2019

The Kiehl's Holiday Collection 2019 was unveiled last month, and the packaging and designs are stunning! All of the packaging is limited edition, and it extends throughout skincare, body care and lip care. I was very kindly sent some of this beautifully ornate collection and wanted to give you the low-down on some of my favourite Kiehl's products.
Starting with the Kiehl's Limited Edition Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner (£35.00 for 250ml), which of course features this happy festive design which was created by Janine Rewell. I have been using the Calendula Toner for at least 3 years now, although on and off, depending on my skin type, as this is best suited for normal to oily skin types. I do have very hormonal skin, due to my endometriosis and so my skin can change super quick, and so I do have to switch up my skincare. It is impossible for me to show you in a photo, but this Toner is made with whole calendula flowers, and you can see a lot of the petals in the bottle still. In previous bottles of this Toner, I often found there to be too many petals in the bottles, which could sometimes be a slight pain, but there seems to be fewer in the new limited edition bottle so that is definitely much better. One of the main reasons I love this Toner so much is that the calendula helps to soothe skin, and as I mentioned, I do get hormonal skin which is sometimes sensitive, and I find this to be one of the most calming toners on the market, which is why I go through bottle after bottle. I would definitely recommend this as an excellent all year round toner.
One of Kiehl's cult products is the Kiehl's Limited Edition Creme de Corps Body Moisturiser (£28.00 for 250ml), and if you haven't tried anything from the brand before, then I would definitely recommend starting with this. There are many differently-sized options, although not in the festive design, ranging from 75ml to 500ml, so you could easily gift the body moisturiser as there are sizes to suit all budgets. Suitable for all over the body, the Creme de Corps is a rich, non-greasy moisturiser which treats dry, flaky skin to all-day hydration and feels super nourishing and soothing on the skin. As with all Kiehl's products, this one contains a high concentration of quality ingredients, including Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Squalene, so even by those ingredients alone, I am sure you can tell how gorgeously soft this is going to leave your skin feeling all Winter long. My favourite thing about the Creme de Corps is that it is non-greasy, as I hate having to wait around in the buff waiting for lotions to dry, especially when the weather is cold. It sinks into the skin effortlessly and you can dress within just a couple of minutes.
I love sharing these hero products with you, and one product loved by myself, my friends, celebrities and more, is the Kiehl's Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£49.50 for 50ml). There is no denying, this is a pricey item, however it is a very worthy investment when it comes to treating the skin. This facial serum is formulated with high-quality ingredients such as Lavender Essential Oil and Evening Primrose Oil to help replenish the skin with moisture, to leave it looking and feeling smoother, and more radiant. Again, this is a product which isn't new to me, and I have previously used multiple bottles. The Limited Edition version of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, features a gold cap, and some beautiful Janine Rewell illustrations. To use the Concentrate, you simply unscrew the lid, to reveal a glass dropper, you then only need to release a couple of drops and then I like to warm it up on my palms and then press into the skin. There is a Daily version available, but if you only want something to use on an evening, then this is definitely the one, as it works throughout the night whilst you are sleeping, so that you wake up in the morning with fresh, healthy and nourished skin. What better Christmas present could you want?
Last, but absolutely not least I have the Kiehl's Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream (£24.50 for 50ml). This is Kiehl's best selling facial cream, and features a unique lightweight texture that gives the skin up to 24-hour lasting hydration. Again, I have used multiple pots of this cream over the years and what I like most is that it feels so lightweight, but yet really moisturises the skin well, and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, which for my hormonal skin that I mentioned, means that I am not always having to switch up my moisturiser. This little pot of joy has recently been put through a lot of tests, and has been proven to re-balance hydration and fight against moisture loss in everyday, extreme and artificial humidities, which can normally wreak havoc with the skin. These include, extreme cold -4 degrees Celsius with a wind chill of 6km/h, a room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, with balanced relative humidity of 45%, artificial central heating/air conditioning 22 degrees Celsius with low relative humidity 20%, and extreme dry heat of 37.7 degrees Celsius with a low relative humidity of 20%. I find this so reassuring and comforting to know that whatever the time of year, whatever my skin type at that moment, and whichever climate I am in, this cream is going to have my back!
You can find the Kiehl's Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2019 online at Kiehl's here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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