W7 Very Vegan Makeup Collection Review + Swatches

Saturday 16 November 2019

Whilst I was out and about in Hull recently, I popped into the Beauty Outlet store, as you never know what bargains you are going to find. They heavily stock budget makeup brand W7, and I noticed a stand full of a new range called the W7 Very Vegan collection. I am not vegan, I will say that right away, but I know a lot of people are, and I know how important it is to them to be able to find vegan beauty products. So I picked up a few different items so that I could try them out...
All items have been fully verified by the Vegan Society, and there seems to be a lot more products on W7's website, however they also seem to be priced quite a bit higher than I bought them for in the Beauty Outlet. First up, we have the W7 Very Vegan HD Foundation (RRP £9.99, I paid £3.99), which is only available in four shades. That of course is not ideal, and I hope they are going to release more shades in the future. The packaging is clean and simple, and the foundation comes in a glass bottle, however the lid comes off so easily that I nearly almost smashed it by picking it up by the lid. I chose the shade Sand Beige, which is quite warm-toned and the bottle has a pump applicator which is great for using the right amount of product without it going all over the place. This is a rich and creamy foundation, and whilst it definitely isn't a full coverage formula, it does feel very comfortable on the skin and I found that it lasted me all day long. It covers imperfections and I would definitely use this as an everyday foundation as I like that even though it is a light to medium coverage, it does cover up any discoloration and imperfections.
We then have the W7 Very Vegan Natural Glow Illuminating Liquid (RRP £5.95, I paid £2.99), which is available in three different shades, and I chose Brilliant Blossom. This tube of creamy liquid highlighter really is gorgeous, and Brilliant Blossom is a very dainty, pretty soft pink which once massaged into the skin, adds the most loveliest shimmer and glow to the skin. Illuminating liquids can be a pain in the butt sometimes to get out of the packaging, but this one has a very fine nozzle, so you only get a small amount at a time, which is great as you only need a small bit at a time. You could either use this as a liquid highlighter on the cheekbones and other high points of the face, or mix it in with your foundation for a healthy, glowy complexion.
Carrying on with the skin, we have the W7 Very Vegan Matte Bronzer (RRP £8.95, I paid £2.99), which is unfortunately only available in just the one shade, Sun-Kissed. You get quite a lot of product within this compact, and there is a mirror on the inside of the lid, and I do really like the love heart pattern which has been embossed onto the bronzer itself. As I have quite fair to light skin, this really is too dark for me - I did want to try and see if I could make it work, but W7 definitely need to up their shade range throughout this whole collection. Formula-wise, it is a great bronzer, being matte, and it does blend out really well, but I will have to wait until Summer rolls around again to use it, or failing that, use it as an eyeshadow, as bronzers often work really well as an eye colour!
Now onto something I love, which is the W7 Very Vegan Powder Blush (RRP £8.95, I paid £2.99), and this is available in four different shades. I opted for the shade Sugar Sugar, which is a really beautiful coral pink, with the tiniest hint of light gold shimmer running throughout it. The palette itself is the same as the bronzer, with a lot of product and a mirror on the inside of the lid, and not forgetting that cute love heart design. This Blush is really pigmented, and looks super pretty on the skin, and I know that if I see this collection again in Beauty Outlet, I will definitely pick up other shades as it wears so well too. Would definitely recommend this if you are unsure what to try.
My final powder product is the W7 Very Vegan Highlighting Powder (RRP £8.95, I paid £2.99) which is again only available in the one shade, Natures Glow. The compact is the same set up as the Blush and Bronzer, and I really do think these pans are such good value for money, considering the amount of product you get. Natures Glow is a very beautiful highlight, however it isn't as creamy as I would like, and is slightly powdery-looking on the skin. Although, if you use a fan brush rather than a fuller brush, you probably wouldn't notice this at all. The shade itself is a glowy light champagne shade, and so I think it would suit quite a lot of different skintones.
There seems to be quite the collection of the W7 Very Vegan Moisture Rich Lipsticks (RRP £6.95, I paid £1.99) on the W7 website, although they only had four shades to choose from in-store. I went for a Nude, because I think you really cannot go wrong with a nude, and so the shade I chose is called Awesome Autumn, and is a great lighter everyday nude lip colour. The packaging is pretty cheap, and I don't love it, but I guess you get what you paid for. The formula however, is gorgeously soft and creamy, and doesn't dry the lips out whatsoever, adding a healthy shine and colour to them and again I would definitely try out a few other shades from this line.
You can find the W7 Very Vegan collection online at W7 here, or you can find your nearest Beauty Outlet store here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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