IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer Review

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Yes, that says Moisturizer not Moisturiser because it is an American product and a name of the product so I cannot change it. Anywho, welcome to today's post, all about the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer. I am currently over in Orlando right now on holiday and so the next couple of weeks will be full of scheduled posts every single day so that I can have the full two weeks off exploring.
So, if you read my blog regularly, you may know how obsessed I am with the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream specifically the illuminating version. I have gone through countless tubes of it, and it really is a joint winner of my all-time favourite foundation. In a recent American beauty box I received, there was the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer, and as such an IT Cosmetics fan I couldn't wait to try it out.
The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer isn't currently available here in the UK, but for my US readers and for when it does come across the pond, I still wanted to give you guys and gals my thoughts on it. The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation is a full coverage moisturiser that has been created to allow you to stop using traditional foundation, and replace it with this skincare version. The formula has been created to improve the look of skin concerns such as redness, pores, dark spots, blemishes, lines and wrinkles, all while protecting the skin with SPF 50+.

There are 12 shades available, and I have Light here, which is the third lightest of the bunch. I tend to be either Fair or Light in the CC+ Cream, so I figured this would be a safe bet. Packaging-wise, the Bye Bye Foundation looks pretty similar to the CC+ Cream, with a plastic tube and then a capped pump applicator. As I currently have more fair skin with it being Autumn/Winter time, this is a smidge too warm for me, but I will be taking it to Orlando with me, because it will be perfect once I have a bit of colour to my skin.
This is one thick moisturiser. I did worry it was going to feel thick, heavy and greasy on my skin, but once you massage it into the skin, you get amazing coverage, a healthy glow to the skin (not illuminating, just healthy), all-day moisturisation and of course SPF 50+. That is one of the main reasons for loving IT Cosmetics foundations/tinted moisturisers, is that they already have that sun protection in there. Just because we don't live in a hot, sunny climate, doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing sunscreen, and IT Cosmetics make it much easier for us to do so. I don't think this tinted moisturiser quite tops my illuminating CC+ Cream, but I am 100% going to be taking this on holiday with me, because it is going to cover up my redness, help with my pores, keep my skin moisturised after being in the sunshine most of the day, and of course keep it protected from the sun.

The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation retails for $39.50 (around £30.00 as of writing this) and you get 30ml of product, with half to one pump being able to cover the entire face. You can find it online at IT Cosmetics here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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