Barry M Hi Vis Collection Review & Swatches

Monday 27 July 2020

Barry M have a brand-new collection out – the Barry M HiVis collection and it includes a good selection of nail polishes, pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliners and water activated colours. They come in a variety of bright colours, and so are perfect for Summer – and I would have thought festivals had we not been in the middle of a pandemic! 

I did buy one of the nail polishes, but I didn’t include it within this post as I didn’t have the whole collection of them. So first up, are the Barry M Hi Vis Eyeliners (£3.99). There are five different shades to choose from:
·         False Alarm – Coral Red
·         Riot – Bright Pink
·         Caution – Bold Blue
·         Dangerous – Bright Purple
·         Strobe Light – Lime Green

When you see the nail polishes, they are neon, and with the rest of the products and the name of the collection being Hi Vis, I did expect them to be brighter than they are (I ordered online), and so that was my only disappointment with the collection. However, the eyeliners are super soft and glide effortlessly onto the eyeline, meaning that you’re not tugging on that delicate area and I did find them to last throughout the day without smudging or budging.
This is quite an eyeliner-heavy collection, and next up are the Barry M Hi Vis Liquid Eyeliners (£4.99). There are four shades to choose from, but when I ordered online, they didn’t have the green shade available. The shades don’t have names, but there is a lime green (which is the one I don’t have), a lilac, a light pink and a bright turquoise. Again, they are not neon shades as you may expect, but the turquoise is a really unique and great colour. I do also love pastels, and so the light pink and lavender are lovely too. I have been loving lilac and purples on the eyes at the moment, and the lilac liquid eyeliner finishes off my eye looks beautifully. These have a very precise applicator, so even if you aren’t a cat-eye master, you can still get a straight, even line from these and they do last on the lids throughout the day too. The formula does dry down pretty quickly, which I love as I have hooded lids and so if it is too much of a wet formula, it transfers straightaway on to my brow bone and I look rather silly!

For more of a neon look, I would recommend the Barry M HiVis Water Activated Colours (£4.99). These are definitely brighter, and come in three shades:
·         Trance – Bright Blue
·         Wavelength – Neon Purple
·         High Voltage – Bright Pink

To use these, as the name suggests, you do have to wet your brush first, and then apply to the lids, and they can be used as liner or as all-over lid colour. Do I think these are necessary when you could just apply a shadow or a regular liner? No, I don’t – it was a little bit too much messing about for me, when I have much quicker options, but these do last, and I mean they last all day and all night. When I removed them, you could still see the remnants of the colour, and so if you are looking for something bulletproof, then these are for you! You get a lot of product and a little goes a long way, and once again, they dry down super quickly.
You can find the Barry M Hi Vis collection online at Barry M here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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