The Best Impulse Sprays For Summer

Wednesday 8 July 2020

When we had that really hot week last month, I was pleasantly surprised with a package from Impulse, which contained three of their Body Mists and Shimmer Fragrances. As it was super hot, I immediately spritzed the Malibu Breeze + Coconut Crush Body Mist all over me and it immediately took me back to holidays abroad, which first made me a little sad, but then just the smell made me feel super happy!
I adore anything with coconut in it, although weirdly enough I don't like to eat anything with coconut in, so yes, just fragrance-wise, coconut is my love. The Impulse Malibu Breeze + Coconut Crush Body Mist (£5.99 for 150ml) is a part of a wider collection from the brand - I believe it was last year or the year before they released some pretty unique scents, but this is definitely an improvement on that. Whether you want to spritz it on the body, the hair, and I will admit, I did spritz this on my face - but I am not wholly sure that it is suitable for the face, so maybe don't do that - although I had no reaction, just sweet smelling hydration and refreshment. I used to always use the Bath & Body Works coconut body mists, but with travel being suspended, I won't be visiting America any time soon, and this definitely helps me revisit my favourite, fresh coconut scent.
If you like a bit of a glow on your skin, then I would highly recommend the Impulse Shimmer Fragrances (£8.00 for 100ml), which come in four different fragrances and colours. There is Quartz (baby pink), Luna (baby blue), Prism (coral) and Solar (gold). The two I have here are Quartz and Luna - Quartz is baby pink and contains gold shimmer and has a lovely fresh and slightly creamy fragrance to it. Luna is baby blue and contains silver glitter throughout it, with a more headier scent to it. They are the perfect Summer accessories, adding shimmer to the skin, wherever you spritz it, and also a beautiful fragrance, which is a lot more concentrated than I have previously come across with shimmer fragrance mists, as I find the scent lasts a lot longer on the skin. I wouldn't personally go for Solar as it would probably be the wrong shade for my skin tone, but I definitely want to pick Prism up the next time I am shopping as I adore anything coral. 
You can find these stunning Summery mists in store and online at Boots here, where both Quartz and Luna are Boots' exclusives.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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