The P.Louise Beauty Meal Deal Collection Review & Swatches

Monday 20 July 2020

Oh, my goodness. This is the best packaging I have seen from a beauty brand in years! The P.Louise Beauty Meal Deal features a sandwich of eyeshadow palettes, a crisp-style packet of an eyeshadow brush and one of her famous Cosmetic Paints, and a latte cup featuring two brand new brow products. This really is one of a kind and the amount of detail really is like nothing I have seen before. 

First up, you get the P.Louise Sandwich Stages Palette, which comes in a sandwich-style carton and includes four different triangular eyeshadow palettes. Each ‘sandwich’ layer features a mirror on the inside of the lid and four generously-sized eyeshadow pans. 
The shades included are:
·         Delicious – a matte bold blue
·         Bite Me – a matte magenta pink
·         Indulge – a bright matte teal
·         Smokin’ – a bright matte orange
·         Yummy – a bright blue matte
·         Snack – a bright pink matte
·         Buttered Up – a light orange matte
·         Eat Me – a bright green matte
·         Real Deal – a lilac matte
·         Taste Me – a spring green matte
·         Rich – a pastel yellow matte
·         Flava’ – a pastel blue matte
·         Hungry AF – a magenta metallic
·         Nibble Me – a teal green metallic
·         Recipe – a lagoon blue metallic
·         Sauce – a warm yellow metallic

I like that each one has four pans, so you don’t have to take a huge palette with you if you were travelling, they are super neat and slimline. You get a good quantity of product in each one, and you can create a multitude of looks combined. The formulas are all amazing, super pigmented and a little goes a long way, which I have found from P.Louise’s eyeshadows before, even the mattes work so well. I am definitely impressed with the Sandwich Stages! 

The Crisp Finish set comes in what looks like a crisp packet, and so it is super cute, and again, even the little touches like all the information and fun things on the packaging really make it stand out amongst other brands. There are five options with the Crisp Finish packet, and I went for Extra Spicy. Inside you will find an eyeshadow base brush with pink and white ombre handle, and the bristles are super sleek and soft, so they don’t drag on that delicate eye area. The second item you receive is the CrispFinish Cosmetic Paint in the shade of your choice. Extra Spicy is a pretty soft pastel pink and it can be used as a base or as a shadow in its own right. I have tried a few of these from P.Louise and the formula is luxuriously soft and smooth and is full-on pigmented, so the teeniest, tiniest bit can go a long way!

Finally, the P.Louise Oh So Browtiful latte cup comes in three options, and I opted for Hazelnut Latte, which I believe is the lightest of the three options. Inside you receive the P.Louise Oh Sooooo BrowtifulEyebrow Gel and the P.Louise Oh Soooo Browtiful Eyebrow Pencil. Hazelnut Latte is a warm light to medium shade, and whilst it does work for me, I probably would have gone for the next darkest. The Eyebrow Gel comes in a pink and white ombre tube, and you unscrew the lid to pull out the wand. Now, this is my only let-down of the whole Meal Deal unfortunately. 
The brush is the size of a mascara wand, and is far too big in my opinion. I have fine brows and even if I had bushier, fuller brows, I still believe this will be too big for a lot of people. I cannot use this product as the brush is just far too big for me, without me getting product all over my brow area. However, the Eyebrow Pencil is lovely. It comes in a super thin pink and white ombre stick and has a brow brush on one end and then a super fine crayon on the other. I love how fine this pencil is as it allows you to create hair-like strokes so you can go as precise or as full as you like. The formula is soft and pigmented and I found it stays on really well throughout the day, and I had no movement whatsoever.

The P.Louise Beauty Meal Deal costs £60.00, for which you receive four eyeshadow palettes, a brow pencil, a brow gel, an eyeshadow brush, a pigment paint and of course that fabulous packaging. You can find it online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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