Pop Beauty Lightshow Eyeshadow Palette & Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder Review & Swatches

Monday 3 August 2020

I haven’t tried anything from Pop Beauty for quite a while – I have only seen them online and not in stores and so it isn’t a brand that comes on my radar a lot. However, when I saw the Pop Beauty LightshowEyeshadow Palette and the Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder on an American You Tuber’s channel, I knew I had to try them for myself.

The Pop Beauty Lightshow Eyeshadow Palette (£16.00) comes in cool chrome packaging, and the palette itself has a see-through lid, which I really like as then you can see immediately which shades are in there when it is in my eyeshadow palette drawer, rather than having to open each one up. The palette is a nice neat size and so it would be perfect for travelling with, as well as not taking up too much room in your makeup collection. Inside, you have 12 eyeshadows, featuring mattes, metallics, shimmers, glitters and multi-tonal shades. There are warm tones, cool tones, greens, pinks, golds and neutrals, so you are getting a lot of variety for your money. 
There are no shade names with this palette, but the shades included are:
·         Multi-tonal pink, gold, cream
·         Light champagne shimmer
·         Pink and gold glitter
·         Terracotta matte
·         Rose pink metallic
·         Multi-tonal cream, brown
·         Gunmetal grey, pink, gold glitter
·         Multi-tonal cream and peach
·         Cool-toned brown shimmer
·         Forest green metallic
·         Warm, deep red metallic
·         Green, blue glitter
The metallic shades in this palette are something else, they feel like butter when you are applying them to the eyelid, and I love how different the multi-tonal shades are. It really does make for an interesting palette, and I think this could work all year round as you have the more neutral shades with golds and champagnes for summer, and then those deep greens and reds for the colder seasons.

Then we have the Pop Beauty Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder. This retails for £16.00, which for the size and compared to you being able to get an eyeshadow palette for the same price, I do feel is slightly pricey. There are eight shades available and I ordered Stellar Light as it looked a really pretty soft pale pink on the website, however when it turned up it is actually a rose gold shade, so I was pretty disappointed with that as most of the time I have quite fair skin and tend to go for a lighter highlighter like a baby pink. However, I do have a bit of a tan at the moment, so it isn’t all bad. The formula is ultra-light-reflecting and gives an ethereal finish to the skin, giving you a gorgeous glow to the skin without being glitter-heavy, so enabling a healthy, pretty glow without the disco-ball effect. The Powder feels soft on the skin and very lightweight, with a little going a long way. I will definitely have to look into where I can see Pop Beauty products in a store, as they have lots of products I would love to try, but I would prefer to see the shades in real life, unless it was an eyeshadow palette. 

You can find Pop Beauty online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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