Clarins Summer Makeup Collection 2021 Review + Swatches

Tuesday 4 May 2021

 Okay, so it may be cold outside, but I am super thrilled about the new Clarins Summer Makeup Collection. I am a summer girl through and through - I don't find winter cosy, I find it drab and cold, and so when summer rolls around, I am in my element. Let's take a look at these beautiful new products from Clarins...

Starting with the base, we have the Clarins SOS Primer in 10 Icy Mint (£27.00 for 30ml). There are many shades of the Clarins SOS Primers already available, but this new limited edition shade has a highly refreshing new texture that is infused with mint essential oil extract to melt into the skin to provide an immediate cooling sensation and then a feeling of toning throughout the day. I suffer from redness, particularly on the chin and cheek areas, and so this green toned primer helps to minimise the appearance of my redness, allowing my foundation to go on more evenly, and giving me the option to be able to wear a tinted moisturiser rather than a full coverage foundation to conceal my redness. Another key ingredient in this new primer is Sea Lily, which helps to illuminate and hydrate the skin, and I would definitely agree with that, as my skin always feels much healthier and hydrated when I use this. The Primer comes in a squeezy tube with a pump applicator, so you can control the amount of product you are using, and I like to apply this all over the face.

The packaging of this collection is completely up my street! The Clarins Bronzing Compact (£32.00 for 18g) comes in a mint green compact with a beautiful fruity, bright design on the lid. There is a mirror on the inside of the lid, and then the product in the base, which has a pattern pressed into it to replicate the lid design. This gradient bronzing powder has three different matte bronzer shades to give a natural, healthy glow to the skin. Clarins do state that when combined together, this bronzer works for all skin tones, but I do have to disagree with that, as this is never going to work for deep and dark skin tones, which is a shame, as they could have brought out a darker option. However, for my fair to light skin tone, this bronzer works beautifully and the formula is enriched with a plant micro-patch that binds water to the surface of the skin, protecting it from dehydration and Clarins anti-pollution complex which shields the skin from the harmful effects of pollution. Due to the large pan size, you can of course use each shade individually, or mix and match, or combine the three to come up with a unique bronze shade, or even use them as eye contours or eyeshadows. The formula contains Coconut Oil, so it is a very comfortable product to wear on the skin, and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Keeping with the cute packaging, the Clarins Ombre 4 Colour Eye Palette in the shade Golden Hour Graduation (£34.00 for 4.2g), is the ideal staycation travel palette. There is a mirror on the inside of the lid, and then the four eyeshadows, along with a double ended sponge applicator, which isn't something I would personally use, but I know a lot of people will. I just prefer to use my fingertip with shimmery shadows or an eye brush. The shades in this palette are beautiful and are perfect for Summer especially, but can of course be used year-round. You get a creamy matte light terracotta, a shimmery rose gold, a metallic gold and a pink gold sparkle topper. You can of course use each shade individually, or layer them with each other or with other eyeshadows. I haven't tried Clarins eyeshadows for such a long time, so I wasn't sure what to expect with the formula, but I really cannot fault it - they feel buttery soft and apply beautifully to the eyelids, not budging or smudging at all throughout the day. It is a little pricey for four eyeshadows, but if you like neat, compact makeup products, then you will love this.

I featured the Clarins Fix' Make-Up not so long ago in another limited edition Clarins collection post, but when I saw this packaging, I had to have it! The Clarins Limited Edition Fix' Make-Up (£24.00 for 50ml) comes in the prettiest pink to aqua Ombre effect glass bottle and I am obsessed - it's the little things! The formula is the same, but there is a new fragrance - this one has a summery scent of vanilla and pear, which smells divine. The Fix' Make-Up is a hydrating and lightweight facial mist that freshens the skin, whilst also setting your makeup into place and maximising its hold. I suffer from quite dry, sensitive skin at times and I find this really soothing and moisturising on the skin, which may be down to it containing organic aloe vera extract. As with the SOS Primer, this too contains the Clarins anti-pollution complex which shields the skin from harmful effects of pollution, which is satisfying to know. I have really enjoyed using the Fix' Make-Up this past couple of months, and just imagine popping it in the fridge on warm summer days and spritzing it all over the face - heaven!!!

You can find Clarins online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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