The New Too Faced Love Flush Watercolor Blushes - Review + Swatches

Friday 21 May 2021

 The Too Faced Love Flush Watercolor Blushes (£25.00 for 6g) have been around before, and I must admit they were one of my favourite Too Faced products back in the day. Too Faced recently updated the product along with adding some new shades, and so, naturally, I had to give them a whirl.

The Too Faced Love Flush Watercolor Blushes come in slim-line heart-shaped compacts, with a mirror on the inside of the lid, and the prettiest floral and bunny embossed design on the blush itself. The formula isn't the most pigmented blush in the world - these are marketed as 'watercolour' blushes, and so if that is your thing, you may want to skip these.

However, I adore the natural flush of colour these give the skin for an everyday makeup look. They are soft and silky, and are formulated with a nourishing blend of tropical cocoa butter so that they blend seamlessly onto the skin and have a lightweight feel to them. Once applied onto the cheeks, they have a natural satin finish and even though they are quite light in colour, as the formula is so blendable, you can easily build these up for a more bolder look.

The new shades in the collection include California Love, a light peach-toned nude, Love Yourself, a light pink coral and No Ordinary Love, a light rosy pink. Overall, very natural looking shades - I do think it is a shame they haven't included something darker for deeper skin tones, as I don't think these would show up very well on a deeper skin. I have fair to light skin, and they work well for me, but I think especially nowadays, they should have been more inclusive.

The Love Flush Blushes are a joy to use though, and unfortunately the bunnies do disappear pretty quickly once you start using them. Many moons ago, I wouldn't have used them because I would have wanted them to stay pretty, but I no longer save makeup, as it is just a waste, and these are after all, too lovely to not use.

You can find them online at Too Faced here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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