The Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara & Vinyl Eyeliners Review + Swatches

Sunday 23 May 2021

This post contains gifted items. 

With lockdown restrictions now easing, Revlon have the best, fiercest eye products to make your eyes look their very best, even when wearing a mask. The Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara and the Revlon So Fierce! Vinyl Eyeliners are going to give you the boldest lashes with long-lasting results.

The Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara* (£9.99 for 10ml) is available in a regular formula or a waterproof formula, and gives your lashes bold, rebellious volume that lasts all day and night. The applicator is a natural bristle brush and has a curvy side to volumise the lashes and a flat side to fan out the lashes. giving you the best of both worlds. As someone with fair lashes, the thing that attracts me most to this mascara is that it gradually tints the lashes in as quick as just seven days of daily use! So not only am I getting big volume, without flaking, smudging or clumping, but I am also saving money on having a lash tint! Genius! I noticed a difference with the colour of my lashes after about 7-8 days, of applying it everyday, and it really has made such a difference as with such fair, barely there lashes, it does knock my confidence if I am going somewhere without mascara on, but that has changed that for me. If you read Kathryn's Loves frequently, you will know my lashes are not only fair, but short, fine and straight and so it takes a GOOD mascara to make a difference for me, and this fragrance-free formula really helps to open up and separate my lashes, whilst adding volume and length. 

Now onto the creamiest, glides like butter eyeliner formula, the Revlon So Fierce! Vinyl Eyeliner* (£6.99 for 1.2g). This Eyeliner is available in six different shades, so there is a colour to suit all eye colours and eye looks. There is Force Of Steel, a steel grey, Midnight Mystery, a deep black, Mighty Mocha, a warm brown, Powerful Plum, an aubergine purple, Righteous Rum, a burgundy red, and Royal Rules, a vivid royal blue. The formula delivers a shiny vinyl finish, bold pigmentation and up to 16 hours of wear and they are just such a pleasure to use! I love how easily and smoothly they glide onto the skin, so there is no tugging or pulling that delicate eye area and it gives such a beautiful finish that stays in place throughout the day without feathering, or smudging and as someone with often sensitive, watery eyes, this even stays on my waterline, which is miraculous in itself. I also appreciate that they have released so many different shades - as someone who is fair haired and fair skinned, a black liner can look a little too intense for me on a daily basis, but the grey, the brown and even the burgundy all look so pretty!

In the package Revlon kindly sent to me, was also a stunning face mask from Florence Bridge (£19.99) and I just wanted to mention it as it is SO pretty! It has a cotton lining and a satin front and I would definitely consider this my going out out mask! It has beautiful ribbon straps that can be tied in two different ways and is fully machine washable. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from too! I will definitely be checking them out when I next need to order a new mask.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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