Trying Five Foundations - Delilah, Code8, NYX, Profusion & Pixi

Sunday 20 June 2021

 I love trying out new foundations, as just like most other people, I am always on the hunt for that perfect skin look. I have recently been putting five foundations that are not necessarily new, but new to me, to the test, and here are my thoughts.

I chose the Delilah Time Frame Future Resist Foundation (£34.00 for 38ml) as I had heard good things about it on many Instagram stories. Time Frame comes in a grey and rose gold squeezy tube with a pump applicator and is a fluid foundation that blends into the skin to give an effortlessly flawless finish. There are only eight shades available, which isn't the best, and so I opted for the second lightest shade, Buttermilk, which works quite well for me at the moment, given I have a little colour from the sun. It has a light, buildable coverage that has a natural luminosity to it, and the formula contains Vitamin E which works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent against environmental damage and a blend of peptides to help prevent signs of ageing. Time Frame isn't going to give you heavy coverage right off the bat, which I personally prefer a lighter coverage now, so that doesn't bother me, but it is buildable and very comfortable to wear. One of the things I love most about this foundation is that it has broad spectrum SPF 20, and whilst I do apply SPF on my face everyday, I know not everyone does, so it is great protection for those that do or don't.

Another foundation which came highly recommended is the Code8 Radiate Second Skin Finish Beauty Balm (£41.00 for 30ml), which is available in eleven shades, which again still isn't amazing, but with skin tints, it doesn't always have to be a spot on match. This foundation comes in a sleek black and gold hard tube that has a pump applicator, which I always prefer. I opted for the lightest shade, NC05, and at first it looked completely the wrong shade for me, but once you blend it into the skin, it matches really well. This Radiate Beauty Balm is super easy to blend in and is incredibly lightweight and feels very moisturising on the skin. The formula contains Pectin to add moisture and nourishes deeply into the skin, along with Argan Seed Oil and SPF 15 to prevent signs of ageing with antioxidant action and UVA/UVB blockers to control environmental and sun damage. As I have gotten older, I much prefer my foundation to have skincare or skin benefits in it, which is why I really enjoy using this product. Again, it isn't a full coverage foundation, but it gives a beautifully evened out, smooth skin tone.

The newest of these five foundations is the NYX Bare With Me Luminous Tinted Skin Serum (£13.00 for 12.6ml), which is available in just five shades. Unfortunately, this was a huge let down for me, which is a shame as I love so many NYX products. The packaging is terrible - it comes in a glass bottle, with a squeezy nib, which then has a lid on it. You are supposed to unscrew the lid and squeeze the nib, which doesn't always work and is a reason that I don't reach for this product. I chose the lightest shade, Universal Light (hmm), which is too light even for my fair to light skin, so there is that issue too. The formula is pretty gloopy and it didn't really melt into my skin, even using just a small amount, there was leftover product on the surface of my skin. NYX say this is a tinted serum that provides sheer coverage with a luminous finish, but the heaviness and incorrect shade really didn't work for me at all and I didn't like that it sat on top of my skin.

Profusion Cosmetics really isn't talked about all that much, but I have loved many of their products over the years so when I saw that they had released a new foundation, I had to give it a whirl! The Profusion Cosmetics Feel Good Skin Long Wear Skin Perfector (£7.00 for 30ml) is available in twelve shades (again, not the greatest selection) and I chose the lightest shade Fair 1 Warm Yellow, which sounds pretty scary, but is in fact a really great match for me. It has a satin finish and is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and SPF 15 to keep skin protected and hydrated, and you can definitely tell that right from application. The Feel Good Skin blends into the skin really quick and easily, and adds coverage to smooth out the skin and even out the skin tone, without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. I think for the price, this is such an excellent option, especially with it including SPF, and if you prefer a full coverage foundation, this would be great for using as a base underneath another foundation as it really reduces redness and evens things out.

If a fuller coverage foundation is your thing, then I would recommend the Pixi Beauty Balm High Coverage Foundation (£22.00 for 50ml). Beauty Balm is available in only six shades, so I chose the lightest shade called Cream, which works well for me at the moment whilst I have a little bit of a tan, but if you are fair skinned, then there really isn't an option for you. The product comes in a Pixi green squeezy tube with a pump applicator and I do really enjoy using this foundation as it evens out my skin tone, reduces any redness I have and gives an overall flawless look to the skin. Key ingredients include Adenosine to restore and smooth, Ceramide NP to provide time-release moisture, Chamomile to calm and soothe (great for redness or sensitive skin) and Hyaluronic Acid to attract and lock in all of the moisture (great for dry skin types). You can get a medium to full coverage with the Beauty Balm and it feels hydrating on the skin, hiding all of the things we want hidden, but still looking like skin. I find this long-lasting and it didn't smudge or budge throughout the day, and of course, I love those skin-loving ingredients!

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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