Introducing Aroma Active Laboratories - Review

Wednesday 7 July 2021

 This post contains gifted items.

One of my all-time favourite bath and bodycare brands, Aromatherapy Associates, now has its very own sister brand - welcome Aroma Active Laboratories! They provide everyday solutions, drawn from nature's toolkit, combining the benefits of aromatherapy and natural active ingredients to equip you with a wide range of everyday fixes and solutions. Whether you need to soothe dry skin, relax before sleep, relieve muscles or are looking for natural alternatives when feeling run down, Aroma Active Laboratories have a product for you! Here are some of my favourites from the line...

For some unknown reason, I have always suffered from extremely tight calves, and massage isn't something I can afford every single week, and so the Aroma Active Laboratories Muscle Cooling Gel* (£12.00 for 100ml) has been such a relief to use. This is a cooling gel that gives instant relief and recovery for general stiffness or to soothe tired limbs, which has been formulated with a cooling and calming blend of Turmeric, Rosemary, Lavender and adaptogenic Marjoram, known for their stimulating and soothing properties. If you play a lot of sports, or enjoy going on long walks, then this will be especially a joy to use for you. The Muscle Cooling Gel comes with a metal roller applicator, and anything metal when paired with skin care, is instantly cooling and soothing on the skin. You simply squeeze the tube gently to apply the cooling gel onto affected areas, and then use gentle pressure to give a light massage with the roller applicator. Due to this applicator, it makes it super quick and easy to use, even on yourself, and I use this nearly every single night and it has really helped to ease the tightness and pain I get from my calves, plus it smells divine too!

As I have mentioned in many previous posts, I do suffer from severe endometriosis and pain and discomfort is something I have lived with for many, many years. However, if I can find something that can help distinguish that pain, I am always up for trying it out. The Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Stomach Massage Oil* (£12.00 for 100ml) is an aromatic, comforting massage oil for the stomach area, and it contains a restorative blend of essential oils including Peppermint, Palmarosa and Lemon, which are known for their calming and soothing effects. To use the Massage Oil, you simply lightly squeeze the tube to dispense the oil, gently massaging into the skin of the stomach area, slowly moving the metal rollerball applicator in wide, circular, clockwise motions. The blend of essential oils are renowned for their healing properties to help provide a tonic for the digestive area and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if you suffer from digestive troubles or harsh period pains, then this is a delight to use to help control swelling and inflammation.

Ever since I had Covid in October 2020, I have suffered from daily headaches, which isn't something I ever really had before I contracted Covid. I have had multiple tests and tried multiple painkillers prescribed by the doctor, but nothing seems to shift it. To alleviate the symptoms of these headaches I have been using the Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Forehead Balm* (£8.00 for 5g). This Balm contains a restorative blend of cooling Peppermint, invigorating Eucalyptus and Lemon, known for their uplifting, cooling and calming properties. To use the Forehead Balm, you simply take the stick, which looks a little like a lip balm, with a twist up applicator, and massage the balm into the temples and forehead. You get an instantaneous cooling and soothing feeling, which is so refreshing if you suffer from headaches. Due to the handy size, I love that I can pop this in my bag for on the go, as my headaches don't strike at a particular time. All of the packaging from Aroma Active Laboratories are recyclable, and those parts that aren't, the brand tells you how best to recycle them on the packaging, which is so amazing to see!

You can find Aroma Active Laboratories online at Boots here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


  1. Thanks so much Kathryn - so sorry to hear about your headaches as an after-effect of Covid. I hope using our products helps support you physically and mentally?

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