Trying Out Australian Bodycare - Review

Friday 9 July 2021

 This post contains gifted items.

I first ever tried Australian Bodycare many, many years ago - well over 20 years - which I had bought from QVC, and in that time they have grown hugely, with such a wide variety of skin and bodycare products to choose from. I recently got the opportunity to try some of these products and just had to share my thoughts on them with you...

First up is the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Hair Loss Products Kit* (£52.99), in which you receive the Hair Loss Serum (100ml), the Hair Loss Shampoo (250ml) and the Hair Loss Spray (150ml). Because of my severe endometriosis, I have to take certain hormones before surgeries, and it always makes my hair fall out, obviously not all of my hair, but you can often tell a difference and it gets everywhere! So this was something I was really wanting to try. The Hair Loss Serum is an intensive serum for thicker and stronger hair and features a combination of Capilia Longa, Tea Tree Oil and Biotin, ideal for those experiencing hair loss, receding hairlines or if you have very thin, fine hair. The Serum should be applied every morning and night, whether you are washing your hair or not, and you leave it in without rinsing off. The Hair Loss Wash Shampoo is a unisex shampoo with Capilia Longa and Tea Tree Oil to provide the best condition for your scalp, helping to make your hair thicker and stronger and less likely to break off. You can use it daily, or as required, and although it is recommended to be used 4-5 times a week for the best results, leaving it on the scalp for 3-4 minutes before rinsing. The Hair Loss Spray also contains those two key ingredients as in the Shampoo, and it has been designed to strengthen, increase volume and protect the hair from damage and further hair loss. It is another product that can also be used daily, spraying it both morning and night all over the hair, from a 30cm distance and it can be applied to both wet and dry hair. As with 99.9% of hair loss products, you aren't going to see results over night and just like with skincare, these things do take time, but they are absolutely worth it. It does vary from person to person, but most people will begin to see results after 12-20 weeks. Australian Bodycare have 30 years of experience developing problem-solving skincare products, and they have used that experience to source natural ingredients including Capilia Longa, Tea Tree Oil and Biotin to create the best conditions for great hair loss reversal results. Even after just four weeks of trying this trio, my hair already feels much fuller and my hairdresser noticed that my strands felt thicker.

Moving onto skincare, and I have been thoroughly enjoying the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Face Mask* (£16.98 for 100ml). This face mask is perfect for those who suffer from congested ski, pimples and blackheads and contains natural Australian Tea Tree Oil and is suitable for all skin types. The formula is 100% vegan and can be used at least once a week, by applying to the face and leaving for at least ten minutes and then rinsing well with warm water. This clay-based face mask also contains crushed Sandalwood Nut Shell to gently, but effectively exfoliate the skin, along with Caviar Lime which contains a high level of natural AHA's to aid the removal of dead, dull skin cells to leave the skin instantly smoother and with an instant glow to the skin. If you have especially oily and very congested skin, then you can even use this as a daily cleanser and I find that even 1-2 treatments of using it as a mask each week has left my skin looking a lot healthier, feeling softer and smoother as well as super hydrated.

As I have previously mentioned in other blog posts, this past 18 months I have been suffering from spots and blemishes, which is something I barely got even as a teenager, so I have been trying out the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick* (£8.50 for 9ml). This super quick and easy to use Spot Stick has a rollerball applicator, and so you simply just roll it over the spot or blemish and you are ready to carry on your day. This Spot Stick is perfect for spots, pimples, oily and acne-prone skin and contains natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, which has a cooling and antibacterial effect that inhibits itching, which often leads to long-lasting skin damage. The Tea Tree Oil prevents blemishes whilst also nourishing the skin and the Spot Stick also contains Witch Hazel, which prevents the skin from drying out and tightens the pores. The Spot Stick can be used for blemishes, insect bites, scratches and other minor skin irritations, so it really is a must-have product, which can be used as and when needed, as well as being able to be used both underneath or on top of makeup.

You can find Australian Bodycare online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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