Lee Stafford Haircare - New Fragrance!

Tuesday 12 April 2022

 *This post contains gifted items.

Cult haircare hero Lee Stafford has just released a brand new fragrance that runs throughout their haircare collections. The same great products but with a new fresh fruity floriental fragrance. The fruity Anjou Pear top note evokes energy and liveliness, woven with a twist of enticing rose blush lychee in the heart and the final touch is base notes of uplifting cedar and musk, perfectly blended to create the warmth, creativity and spirit of the Lee Stafford products and brand. Here are some of my favourite must-have Lee Stafford products that you can find the new fragrance in...

Along with my skin, my hair also suffered drastically after my surgeries in September, and I am still working on getting it back to its best. One amazing product to encourage hair growth is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Stimulating Scalp Serum* (£9.99 for 75ml), which comes in a plastic bottle complete with pipette applicator for easy application. This Scalp Serum contains a blend of powerful growth-boosting proteins to strengthen the hair and encourage growth to make the hair look and feel healthy and shiny. The formula now contains double the amount of Lee's Pro-Growth complex which contains a unique blend of plant-based Lupine Seed Protein and Vegetable Protein to accelerate growth for longer, stronger hair. You can use this Serum daily for the best possible results, simply by applying two full pipettes directly to a wet or dry scalp, combing through from root to tip, and then styling as usual. I like to massage the Serum into my scalp as this increases micro-circulation so you will get longer, stronger, healthier hair. 

We all know protection is better than the cure, so be sure to include the Lee Stafford Heat Protection Shine Mist* (£6.99 for 200ml) in your haircare routine. This multi-award winning heat protection spray has been designed to give you smooth and shiny hair without the guilt of damaging it in the process. The formula contains Green Tea Extract, which is a natural antioxidant to protect the hair from UV rays and heated styling tools, so also a great product to use during the sunnier months. It is super quick and easy to add to your haircare routine, simply spritz the Mist from arm's length onto towel dried hair and then blow dry. You can also spray lightly onto each section of the hair before using straightening irons or any other heated tools, to reveal super smooth and shiny hair, that of course smells incredible with the new fragrance.

The Hair Growth range is definitely my favourite from Lee Stafford and the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Styling Treatment Cream* (£8.99 for 100ml) is another beautiful product that really makes a difference. This nourishing styling cream smooths hair and helps calm any frizz, leaving the hair hydrated and tame. It is a strengthening treatment that makes the hair feel better, look better and grow better and also contains double the amount of the Pro-Growth Complex which helps to protect the hair from damage and breakage and helps anchor hair follicles at the root. As with all Lee Stafford haircare products, it is a doddle to use - simply take a pea-sized amount of the Cream into the palm of your hand and massage into the roots, smoothing through the mid-lengths and ends of towel dried hair. This is a leave-in treatment, so there is no need to rinse, and it can also be used on dry hair too - simply apply to the ends of the hair to strengthen and nourish.

I have recently been looking for a good quality hair spray and the Lee Stafford Flexible Hold Hairspray* (£6.49 for 200ml) is the one! Dressed in that classic Lee Stafford punchy pink, this Hairspray has a lightweight formula that is neither sticky or gunky that contains Style Memory to hold your style in place without sacrificing natural movement and bounce. So that you have hair that still looks and feels like hair, but hair that you are in control of. If you want super bouncy, voluminous hair, simply tip your head upside down for extra va va voom whilst spraying. With some hairsprays, you can feel it sitting heavy on your hair, but this is feather light and super comfortable.

You can find Lee Stafford online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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