Profusion Cosmetics Blooming Hues Eyeshadow Palette Collection + Swatches

Saturday 2 April 2022

 Profusion Cosmetics is a brand that doesn't get enough credit in my opinion - they create some amazing products, and whilst we don't get all of the products that their homeland America gets, there are still so many fabulous items to try. I think it was last year I fell in love with their five-pan glitter Gems palettes, as they were super cheap, yet the glitter quality and pay off was fantastic.

The Profusion Cosmetics Blooming Hues Eyeshadow Palettes are the latest palette collection and there are six palettes to choose from. However, at just £3.99 per palette, I didn't have to choose as I could afford them all! Each palette has beautiful floral designs on them, and come in slimline packaging, which I adore as I have much preferred smaller palettes recently.

You get a mixture of textures in each palette - mattes, shimmers and glitters, and each one has a beautiful colour story based on a specific flower. There is Honest Hibiscus, which is my absolute favourite from the six palettes as the colour story just screams summer to me, with a light orange matte, a punchy coral orange shimmer, a gold and red mixed glitter, a sunshine yellow shimmer and a stunning bold pink matte. The creations you can make with these palettes is endless!

Then there is Pretty Poppy, which comes with a light nude matte, a warm light mustard matte, a red glitter, a golden shimmer and a cool-toned brown matte. Delightful Dahlia is my second favourite, featuring a colour-shift creamy white shimmer, a matte cobalt blue, a turquoise glitter, which reminds me of the Caribbean sea, a matte purple and a deep navy blue matte.

We then have Romantic Rose, with a Barbie pink matte, a coral red shimmer, a pink and iridescent mix glitter, a matte postbox red and a deep burgundy matte, all of which would have been perfect for Valentine's Day! Peaceful Peony is the most neutral of the bunch, but no less pretty, with a blush pink shimmer, a light mauve matte, a gold and dark pink glitter, and two cool-toned brown matte shades. Last but not least, we have Terrific Tulip, a winner for those who love their purples. Inside, you will find a blue-toned pink matte, a light gold shimmer, a purple glitter, a beautiful pop of orange matte and a true purple matte.

Bargainous price aside, these are great palettes - the formulas work well, each one very pigmented, including the red and purple mattes, which are often very hard to get right. Not everyone loves a glitter, but I personally do, and just like with the Gems Palettes, the glitter here is full to the brim, not at all scratchy on the skin and works really well. The mattes aren't dusty, nor do they give kickback, and the shimmers are buttery soft and smooth, with a little going a long way. I would happily pay much more for these palettes, but don't tell Profusion that, as I do love a bargain!

You can find the Profusion Cosmetics Blooming Hues Eyeshadow Palettes online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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