Trying Out Axis-Y Skincare - The Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Review

Tuesday 31 May 2022

 *This post contains gifted items.

AXIS-Y is an incredible skincare brand that has been created with the knowledge that our skin experiences an ever-growing complex environment influenced by growing pollution, stressors and climate change. With the rise of travelling, more people have realised the unique skin concerns arising by their climate and the need for more personalised skincare. 

As the first creators of climate-inspired skincare, AXIS-Y seeks to develop a higher level of personalised care for the global community. AXIS-Y is beyond clean beauty - they are inclusive and free-spirited, simple but packed with personality, young but mature, cool but approachable. I have recently been trying out two wonderful products from the brand, and so here are my thoughts...

Let's start with an everyday must-have item - the AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen* ($23.00 for 50ml), which comes in a squeezy tube with a narrow applicator to allow you to disperse a small amount at a time. 

The AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen uses reef-safe ingredients that leave minimal to no white-cast, no stickiness or pilling for no stress to your morning or the environment. Sunscreens that contain the active ingredients Oxybenzone and Octinoxate contribute to mass bleaching of coral reefs, and some countries are banning the use of these sunscreens to protect the oceanic habitat. 

AXIS-Y created a sunscreen that will give total protection without harming the environment. This is a Mugwort-based sunscreen which features 2% Niacinamide and Squalene that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB damage, while providing the healing properties of skin-loving ingredients for an every day, no-stress life. The Sunscreen has SPF 50+ PA ++++ and contains no artificial fragrance and so is suitable for all skin types. 

Key ingredients include Calendula, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that soothes the skin, Green Tea to soothe irritated and inflamed skin, Grape to form a protective layer on the skin Chamomile which soothes skin sensitivities due to sun exposure, Squalene which keeps skin young by fighting off free radicals, and Allantoin, which aids in the healing of skin and increases skin smoothness, fighting premature ageing. 

The core ingredient is Mugwort, which lowers the heat of the skin and clears the blood to help skin elasticity and radiance. You only need a small amount per use, applying after your skincare routine, and smoothing all over the face and neck to keep protected. The formula is non-greasy and sinks into the skin effortlessly.

You can find the AXIS-Y Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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