The Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara & Satin Kajal Jewel Liner Review + Swatches

Wednesday 24 January 2024

 The Victoria Beckham Beauty line has been around quite some years now, and from the very beginning, it has always been more a prestige line, with regards to pricing and packaging. I have tried a few different products over the years and I have never been disappointed - I think the only reason I haven't bought more in the past is because I don't live anywhere near any shops that stock it, so you have to kind of take your best guess at what shades or products will work for you. I recently picked up two products - the Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara and the Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Jewel Liner in the shade Sequin Green.

There are two mascaras available from Victoria Beckham Beauty, the Vast Lash Mascara, which wasn't in stock when I placed my order, and the one I have been trying, the Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara, which is only available in Black. The Mascara retails for £32.00 for 4.8ml and is packaged in a weighty, glossy black tube. This Mascara has a curved, fine, natural bristle wand and so it makes it easy to apply to each and every lash, no matter how fine or short your lashes are, lifting the lashes to give a fluttery appearance. I find it very long-wearing, without smudging or flaking, and the formula is suitable for contact lens wearers, which I can attest to as I tend to get quite sensitive eyes due to my lenses. As with the majority of Victoria Beckham Beauty products I have tried, they seem to very much care about the ingredients that go into their products. For example, the Mascara has a water-activated Instant Removal Technology that ensures effortless removal with simply warm water, and so you aren't going to be scrubbing at that delicate eye area, and the formula also includes a plant-based C2 Complex, which has ingredients such as Shea Butter, Niacinamide, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to nourish, condition and strengthen each and every lash, to prevent breakage and boost volume. When applying the Mascara to the lashes, the formula feels almost silky, not at all drying, but not wet either, and so there's no roughness to the lashes. I personally have very fair, short, fine lashes and so I find I have to give my lashes a few coats of the Mascara, but I don't mind that as it means I have more control over the amount of product I'm applying. It feels very weightless on the lashes when you are wearing it, and I never get any clumping of the lashes, just lengthened and lifted lovely lashes.

I see so much coverage and love for the Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Eye Liners, which at £30.00 each, they are a little expensive, but so many people say how amazing they are, I just had to try one out for myself. There are three formulas to choose from - Shimmer, Matte and Jewel, with a total of 16 shades. I went for the Jewel finish in the shade Sequin Green, as it isn't a shade I already own in any brand of eyeliner. You can choose to have a sharpener added at no extra cost, which I did, so that I can sharpen it correctly. Again, the product itself feels quite weighty, with sleek black and gold packaging. The Liner also comes with a smudger at one end, to be able to work out the product to create a smoky eye or a more gentle eye line. I'm 39 years old and so I am trying to be more aware of products I'm using around my eyes, as I don't want anything to be tugging or pulling on that delicate area, and the first thing I noticed when using this was that it was so effortless - the tiniest amount of pressure gave me immediate results, and I didn't need to go back over the same area as it gave me excellent coverage straightaway. The formula is very creamy, and once applied where you want it to go, it dries down so that it doesn't smudge or budge during the day. As I went for a more colourful shade, even though it is still very wearable as an eyeliner, I can apply this all over the lid for extra shimmer and colour, and blend it out using the smudger, therefore kind of getting two products for the price of one. Sequin Green is a khaki green with golden sparkle, but now I want to try more of the shades! Once again, the Liners are safe for those who wear contact lenses and the formula has been made with skin-caring ingredients such as Panthenol to hydrate and defend against environmental damage, Chamomile, a soothing antioxidant, Vitamin E to protect against free radicals, and even Mineral-Based Silica Pearl, which means the glitter is ocean-friendly with zero micro plastics but still plenty of high-shine sparkle!

Would I recommend these products? Absolutely! Yes, they are more expensive than a lot of makeup on the market, but they are in no way the most expensive either, and I think you absolutely get what you pay for, and having those added skin-caring ingredients, really makes these products worth the money.

You can find Victoria Beckham Beauty online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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