The Chantecaille Sea Turtle Lip Chic Lipstick in Coral Vine Review + Swatches

Sunday 25 February 2024

 You know when you are having one of those days where you're having a bad/day/week/month/year and just think to yourself, I am going to treat myself to something I wouldn't normally? Well that's what happened the other week when I ordered the Chantecaille Sea Turtle Lip Chic in Coral Vine, because at £45.00, this is the most expensive lip product I own.

Do I feel a bit of shame at spending that much on a lip product? Yes, yes I do. However, to justify my purchase, I do love that this is part of Chantecaille's philanthropist collection, as the brand believes in the healing powers of flowers and plants, building their formulas on pure ingredients and smart science. They donate some of their profits from these special collections of products to charities that protect wild species and spaces.

The Chantecaille Sea Turtle Lip Chic is available in four shades - Starflower, a plum nude, Ginger Lily, a warm coral, Rosea, a fresh pink and the one I have here, Coral Vine, a petal pink. I thought they all looked beautiful but wanted something bright and a little different to what I normally go for. The Lip Chic comes in glossy colours of the ocean and features an illustration of a turtle. The case has a magnetic closure so you can rest assured the cap isn't going to come off in your handbag.

This is a very smoothing, hydrating lipstick that has been infused with Hyaluronic Acid, which is renowned for adding moisture and keeping it locked in for lips that look fabulously glossy and plumper. The formula is made in Italy, much like many high-end cosmetics brands, so you know you are getting top quality ingredients. I love that this gives my lips a pop of colour as well as treating my lips, and whilst it isn't super pigmented, it still lasts well on the lips.

The Chantecaille Sea Turtle Lip Chic Lipstick was created to support the Amazon Conservation Team and their Ancestral Tides initiative, which united indigenous communities to protect turtles and their coastal marine ecosystems, so not only are you getting gorgeous, luxury cosmetics products, you are also helping these beautiful creatures.

You can find the Chantecaille Sea Turtle Lip Chic Lipstick online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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