Five Lip Oils You Need To Try - Fenty Skin Kalahari Melon Lip Oil, Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil, ELF Glow Reviver Lip Oil, Sunkissed 24K Lustre Lip Oil, Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Sunday 24 March 2024

 Apologies for the super long title again, but a lot of you loved my Five Lip Glosses You Need To Try post, so I thought I would do the same for Lip Oils. I have once again chosen a range of brands, and prices rather than going for the super popular options. Here are my hidden gems of lip oils...

The Fenty Skin Cherry Lip Oil was super popular last year, but as someone who doesn't LOVE that kind of scent, I was thrilled to see the release of the Fenty Skin Kalahari Melon Lip Oil. These retail for £20.00 for 5.6ml, and come in cute chunky tubes with a large doe foot sponge applicator, much like the Dior Lip Oils. These Lip Oils are ultra-hydrating, non-sticky and keep the lips' moisture barrier locked down. They apply clear on to the lips, and the Kalahari Melon fragrance really takes me back to some melon flavoured sweets I used to get in Orlando way back when. The Antioxidant-rich formula defends against environmental stressors, and lips are conditioned and softened instantly, but the lips' texture is also improved over time. Key ingredients include Jojoba Seed and Rosehip Fruit Oils to help lock in the moisture and soothe dry lips and Sweet Cherry Seed Oil to infuse lips with essential fatty acids, to moisturise and nourish. As someone with sensory issues, I love these lip oils because they are not at all greasy or too 'oily' and are really comfortable and hydrating to wear. You can find the Fenty Skin Kalahari Melon Lip Oil online at Harvey Nichols here.

For a more budget-friendly option, the Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil is an excellent choice. This Lip Oil costs just £4.99 for 2.5ml and comes in simple packaging with a slim tapered sponge applicator. The Coco Loco Lip Oil has a true coconut scent to it, but it isn't overpowering, and I love anything coconutty so I am happy with that. The Lip Oil is clear in colour and has a conditioning formula that gets rid of any dryness and chapping. Silky and non-sticky, the formula is enriched with Camellia to replenish deep hydration, soften the skin and leave them feeling super smooth and nourished. Once again, the formula isn't sticky or greasy, and it has a consistency similar to a lip gloss, so slightly thicker than some lip oils, but I actually prefer that as it doesn't feel as slippery. The Coco Loco Lip Oil also adds glossiness to the lips, so you could wear it over the top of a lipstick for adding hydration. You can find the Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil online at Look Fantastic here.

ELF recently released their version of a lip oil, the ELF Glow Reviver Lip Oil, which retails at £8.00 for 7.6ml and is available in six different shades and a clear. The one I have here is Rose Envy, a light rosewood colour. The Glow Reviver Lip Oil comes in simple ELF packaging and the wand has a large doe-foot sponge applicator like the Fenty Skin Lip Oil, but this one holds a LOT of product, so I have to wipe the applicator before applying. This is an ultra-glossy oil that leaves a hint of colour on the lips, and is very comfortable to wear. Once again, the formula is not sticky or greasy and gives a nice glossy finish to the lips. It does have a slight minty scent to it, which you can feel for a few seconds on the lips, but it isn't uncomfortable like the burning lip plumping products you can get. Infused with skin-loving ingredients such as Squalene, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Pomegranate Oil, this is a truly nourishing formula that leaves lips feeling healthy and hydrated. You can find the ELF Glow Reviver Lip Oil online at ELF here.

Another excellent budget option is the Sunkissed 24K Lustre Lip Oil, which retails on their website for £4.99 for 4.2ml, however I found this in my local Home Bargains for around £1.99! The tube is clear and comes with a rose gold lid and is adorned stars, complete with a slim slanted sponge applicator. This Lip Oil is clear but has tiny flecks of real gold flakes inside, which is super cool! It has a slightly fruity scent to it, but nothing overpowering and the formula is cushiony soft. It adds shine to the lips without being glossy and is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. I can't see online which key ingredients it has, but it does say it is enriched with moisturising properties, and it does feel that way whilst wearing it. Because it is so lightweight, I often reach for this because it is such a great everyday lip oil, fuss free and comfortable. You can of course wear it alone or on top of a lip colour to keep lips in excellent condition. I haven't really tried anything from Sunkissed before, but they seem to have a lot of fab looking products on their website! You can find the Sunkissed 24K Lustre Lip Oil online at Sunkissed here.

One of my all-time favourite lip oils is the Clarins Lip Comfort Oils, which were first released many years ago and I think were definitely one of the originals on the lip oil scene. They are definitely quite a bit more expensive than they used to be at £25.00 for 7ml, but luckily I live not far from York Designer Outlet and they have a Clarins there so it makes it a little cheaper. There are ten shades to choose from and here I have the shade 10 Plum, which looks very dark purple in the bottle but which is much, much sheerer on the lips, leaving a hint of warmth behind. The Lip Comfort Oil comes in a chunky clear and metal tube, a little like the Fenty Skin Lip Oil, and with the same large doe foot sponge applicator. The formula contains Organic Sweetbriar Rose Oil, which is rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, to help nourish and comfort lips, Cold-Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil and Hazelnut Oil to nourish, hydrate and protect the lips whilst also plumping them with all day hydration and nourishment. There is a candy-like scent to the formula, which I quite enjoy and overall these are some of the best lip oils around in my opinion. They are very silky smooth on the lips, adding the appearance of glossiness and plumpness and super hydrating. Because they are not too pigmented, you can of course also wear them either on their own or over the top of other lip products. You can find the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil online at Clarins here.

Top to Bottom: Fenty Skin Kalahari Melon Lip Oil, Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil, ELF Glow Reviver Lip Oil in Rose Envy, Sunkissed 24K Lustre Lip Oil, Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in 10 Plum

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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