The Benefit Rosy Twilight PomPom Blush & Sugarplum Twinkle Highlighter Duo Review + Swatches

Friday 15 March 2024

This is the Benefit Rosy Twilight Blush & Highlighter Duo, and I have quite a few of these little Benefit cheek product palettes as they are superb for travelling with, as they are really quite tiny but with a good amount of product. I have had a lot of use out of the Blush & Bronzer duos, so recently saw this version and decided to pick it up.

I could only find the Rosy Twilight Duo available direct from Benefit Cosmetics, so I am guessing it is a limited edition drop, but I hadn't seen it talked about online until I saw it whilst browsing the Benefit website. Anyway, these sweet little palettes retail for £22.00 and you get a total of g of product. As I have mentioned in previous posts lately, I like to try and get the smaller version of something, as these days for a lot of us, it is impossible to get through full sized makeup products, especially if, like me, trying new makeup products is your hobby. There is a little mirror on the inside of the lid, so great for on the go, and in this particular palette, you receive the Benefit PomPom Blush on one side and the Benefit Sugarplum Twinkle Highlight on the other.

PomPom is described as a pomegranate rose shade, and Sugarplum Twinkle is described as a lilac highlighter. I did notice that the Sugarplum Twinkle formula felt very dry, but it does add a nice glow to the skin, but it is definitely not typical of Benefit's cheek product's formula and isn't a blingy highlight, but some people will prefer a more natural highlight. I did have PomPom in a full sized blush, but I did pass it on to a friend when I was having a declutter, just because I had to be cut-throat and get rid of a lot of bulkier products, but I am glad to have it in this mini compact as it is a lovely shade that works well year-round. I really wanted to love this duo, as I love the other variations, but the highlighter formula really lets it down, and even the PomPom Blush doesn't work as well as the original PomPom Blush in it's stand alone box.

I have been a Benefit fan since I was 17 years old - I remember going down to Harrods in London with my Aunty and Nanna and had my first makeup experience at the Benefit counter, and I often feel they have always been ahead of their time, and their products haven't always been understood and appreciated, but then a few or more years later, other brands are going viral for producing something Benefit did before them. This Duo didn't hit the mark unfortunately, but I would 100% recommend the Bronzer & Blush versions of these palettes, I have had so much wear out of them and continue to reach for them all the time because they are effortless, they perform well and it is quick and easy to reach for a product I can use as a bronzer, blush and even eyeshadow at once.

You can find the Benefit Rosy Twilight Blush & Highlighter Duo online at Benefit here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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