Summer Skincare

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Throughout the year, our skincare should change, to deal with different climates and weather, as well as ever-changing environments, and as our skin changes type and needs, switching things up should definitely be something you consider doing. Here are some products perfect for Summer…
This is a specially formulated fluid that offers high protection from the sun, with an SPF50+ without a greasy feel once applied and is suitable for combination to oily skin types. The formula is enriched with pigmentary filters and silica microspheres, and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft to touch, whilst keeping skin shine-free throughout the day. Since my operation, my hormones have changed, and I now get a very oily T-Zone, and so this is great for me as I don’t have to worry about my skin getting shinier throughout the day. High UVA and UVB sunscreens shield the skin against sun damage, preventing hyper pigmentation and premature skin ageing and I find this super soothing and cooling on the skin, which is great after a day in the sunshine.
This little wonder-product is to be used as the final step of your skincare, so as an added skin treat after using moisturiser. It protects the skin against harmful makeup and forms an invisible protective layer over the skin to hinder pollutants from having direct contact with the skin, thus reducing skin irritation and clogged pores. Skin Finisher has a lightweight breathable texture that sinks into the skin instantly and adds a healthy glow to your complexion. It dries to a matte finish which is great if you have oilier skin and creates a great makeup base.
After my operation, my stomach was super blown up, and so my skin had also stretched, therefore to try and tone that skin back up I have been using the Tummy Tone. This is formulated with a brown seaweed extract which is proven to have slimming properties, and Menthol, and this highly effective gel acts directly on the causes of retained fat to help minimise the appearance of love handles, whilst helping to reduce the waistline measurement. It is to be used twice a day for a minimum of three months for best results and then daily for ongoing maintenance and can be used on the sides of the body, the hips and around the front of the tummy area.
If you are lucky enough to be travelling to sunnier climes this year, then I absolutely recommend this After-Sun Milk from BIODERMA, as it soothes the skin and prolongs your tan. This is suitable for both adults and children and can be used on the face or body to intensely rehydrate skin which has been dried out by the sunshine, to prepare it for further exposure and thereby optimising its natural anti-UV protection. It has been formulated using emollients and soothing active ingredients and decongests the skin after exposure therefore helping to prolong the tan!
I always wear sandals and flip flops as soon as the weather warms up and so my feet tend to need a little extra looking after. Foot Rescue SOS Cream contains moisture enriching ingredients such as Urea, Aloe Vera and Glycerine as well as nourishing Shea Butter to gradually help the skin become softer and healthier looking and feeling. It helps reverse the signs of dryness, delivers intense hydration and effectively targets stubborn areas of hard skin on the first application to get those tootsies looking in tip top condition!
All the Loves,
Kathryn x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

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