Magnitone Well Heeled! Express Pedicure System

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Because of my operation, I am slightly late to the prepping for Summer routine, as it put me out of action for at least six weeks, and I am still healing even now. Pedicures are something I normally go to the beauty salon for, but considering I am currently saving to go to Orlando in March, I am trying not to spend unnecessary money, and so home pedicures are now something I take part in, and have recently been using, and loving the Magnitone Well Heeled! Express Pedicure System.
This is a complete kit, which arrives with the pedicure device, a regular roller, an extra buff roller, 2 AA batteries and a cleaning brush, so you’re immediately good to go! The pedicure device itself is so simple to use, and I adore the mint-coloured geometric pattern - very on-trend! 
I do tend to get patches of very dry, hardened skin on my feet and no amount of moisturiser cures this particular problem, yet the Express Pedicure System solves it in minutes! You simply hold the device over the hard skin, and gently press on to the skin, letting the buffer rollers remove it in front of your very eyes! Even though it removes such hard skin so quickly, it is still quite gentle on the skin, and doesn’t hurt in the slightest.
I find that using it every week, just once a week for a couple of minutes now ensures that I don’t get that build up of hard skin anymore, and it really does a fantastic job of keeping that at bay. The device itself is lightweight, waterproof and fast-drying, so its easy for anyone to use and can be taken away with you on holiday to keep those tootsies in tip top condition!

The Magnitone Well Heeled! Express Pedicure System costs just £24.99 and is available online at Magnitone.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

*Please note, this post contains a PR sample, but all views are my own

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