Taking Care Of Yourself Post-Operation Featuring Temple Spa

Wednesday 9 August 2017

I have had perhaps 8 or 9 operations in my 33 years, and back in June I had to have another. I won't go into too much detail, but it was something to do with my endometriosis, and the surgery ended up being worse than we first thought. It took me quite a while to get back on my feet, and because my body was working extra hard to heal my abdomen, other parts of my body weren't getting the goodness they needed. My skin, hair/scalp and nails were all super dry and actually quite damaged which kind of made me look and feel not so great, hence why it is important to take care of yourself before and after an operation or any treatment you may be having. 
I didn't have the energy or need to put makeup on, but by using luxurious body care products, it really helped to lift my mood, and a positive mental attitude is also super important when it comes to recovering from an operation. Here are some of my favourite luxurious body and haircare products from one of my favourite spa brands Temple Spa…

I couldn’t wash my hair for a good week or two, because I wasn’t able to stretch, so once I could, the Temple Spa Good Hair Day Frequest Use Hair Shampoo (£9.50) and the In Good Condition Everyday Hair Conditioner (£9.50) was like a little piece of heaven, and the scents made me feel like I was in a spa! My hair was in pretty bad condition at first, and so it needed products which were going to be able to treat it, and as the Conditioner is great for split ends, and as a deep conditioner, this worked really well for me. Good Hair Day is a cleansing shampoo, suitable for everyday use which adds volume to the hair and leaves it super soft and shiny, and basically just in great condition, as well as being able to be used everyday and taking care of those pesky split ends. Moving on to In Good Condition, and I adore the minty scent and revitalising feeling this gives! It has been formulated using Jojoba, Vitamin B, Eucalyptus and Peppermint to soften and shine the hair and targets damage caused by styling and blow drying. After just a few uses, I noticed that my hair was much easier to manage and I wasn’t getting as many knots.
As my physical activity was pretty much nearing on zero, multi-use products were a lifesaver to me, and the Peace Be Still Calming Skin Balm (£19) can be used on the body, hands and face. This lightweight balm deeply moisturises and softens the skin, and has been formulated with extracts of Coriander, Lemon and Nutmeg, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils and Vitamin B5, and all this goodness was gratefully received. It is suitable for all skin types, and so didn’t aggravate my medicated skin, and sunk in instantly so I could get back in my pyjamas and relax. If you are lucky enough to be heading for warmer climates this year, then the Peace Be Still will be an excellent travel buddy as it helps to soothe, cool and calm the skin after sun exposure.
I just adore the names which Temple Spa come up with - next up is Palm Balm (£19). Even though Peace Be Still can be used on the hands, I needed something a little extra as my nails were in such bad condition, full of ridges and constantly breaking. Palm Balm is a featherweight anti-ageing treatment hand cream which fuses together extracts of Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturise dry, chapped hands (great for Winter), Jojoba Oil to soften the skin and Vitamin E to hydrate and diminish signs of ageing. It smells incredible and comes in a cool-looking tube which I love popping in my handbag. Palm Balm is not at all greasy and it excellent for conditioning the cuticles and nails as well as the hands themselves, and sinks into the skin straightaway so that you can carry on with whatever it is you’re doing. Gotta love that!
These beautiful products and more can be found online at Temple Spa.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own


  1. I loved this. I have a customer who is having surgery soon and we have been discussing her hospital stay and post-op care in relation to Temple Spa (I am a Temple Spa Consultant). I shall be sharing this with her, too. Thank you!

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