Testing: High End Full Coverage Foundations + Swatches

Friday 13 April 2018

I am forever trying to achieve that airbrushed foundation look, and with so many amazing foundations out there at the moment, I decided to try three high end foundations which have been given excellent reviews. I opted for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, the Dior Forever Undercover Foundation and the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation.
Starting with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (£32), I know quite a lot of people who class this as their holy grail foundation, and as someone who hasn’t tried a CT foundation before, I simply had to give it a whirl! There are fifteen shades to choose from, and as I am rather fair skinned, I decided upon shade 2 Fair - if you are unsure, they do have a handy Foundation Finder tool on their website.
It is packaged in an elegant gold and glass bottle and has a pump dispenser for ease of use. Shade 2 Fair is a pink-beige for very fair skin tones with cool undertones and I am really pleased with the shade I chose - come Summer I may need to go up a shade or two but this works well for me. So, why is it magic? The formula contains collagen to reduce the appearance of age spots and the appearance of acne and it also includes concentrated mushroom extract to make skin firmer, to tighten the pores and moisturise, whilst Vitamin C fights signs of ageing.

I suffer from redness on the cheeks and large pores, and this is ideal for a flawless, poreless coverage. I found this to be a full-coverage, demi-matte foundation and it stayed on throughout the day which I don’t find with all foundations. It is buildable and so if you need extra coverage for problems like melasma, acne or rosacea, then I would definitely recommend giving this a try.

Second, we have the Dior Forever Undercover Foundation (£34), which comes in 26 shades, however I ordered the lightest shade 010 Ivory, and this is still quite a bit darker than my shade 2 Charlotte Tilbury, so if you have pale, fair skin then I definitely would perhaps look at a different foundation, or use foundation lightning drops. I received a small sample of this through the post, and after trying it, was really impressed so I definitely wanted to test it out. 
It arrives in a plastic bottle, which for Dior, I would have expected something a little classier, however the product is released though a squeeze-type nozzle so this is possibly why. Forever Undercover is a water-based 24 Hour full coverage foundation which combines maximum complexion control with a natural matte aspect. Texture-wise I find it to be very fluid, but I did my research and this is to ensure a perfect blemish correction, and it definitely does the job it says it does.

Even though it is a full coverage foundation, and does give full coverage, it feels very lightweight on the skin, which I am assuming is down to its very fluid texture, so it is super comfortable to wear throughout the day. I did really like this foundation, as I prefer a fuller coverage and it did last throughout the day, but as mentioned, I do think they need to work on their lighter side of the shade spectrum.

My third and final choice is the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation (£32), which was another item I had hoped to get whilst in America, but the Sephora I went to didn’t stock Huda Beauty. After doing some research with the Temptalia Foundation Matrix, I settled on shade 110N Angel Food - I much prefer trying out foundation shades in real life, but I live in a small town and so I have relied on Temptalia a few times before, and it is 9 times out of 10 successful. 
There are 30 shades available in this foundation, ranging from fairs to riches, and again I am happy with my shade choice, Angel Food, the second lightest. I much prefer a lighter base, as then you don’t get a foundation line and you can warm the face up with bronzer. #FauxFilter Foundation has been created using ultra-refined pigments that blur imperfections, and conceals any hyper pigmentation to give an overall smoother complexion. 

This foundation is a full coverage liquid formula which blends beautifully into the skin, which then dries to a radiant matter powder finish which results in luminous skin. It isn’t dry or cake on the skin although I would say it is quite a thick foundation, so you will need to work a little harder to blend it in, or sometimes I find using a water-based product like the Urban Decay Hot Springs Hydrating Gel mixed in with it, which is something I do with the Fenty Beauty and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundations leaves my complexion flawless.

Top to Bottom: Dior Undercover Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

You can find the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation online here, the Dior Forever Undercover Foundation online here, and the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


  1. Which out of the 3 was your favourite? X

  2. Hmmm that’s hard. I like them all for different reasons I was just sad that the dior was too dark x

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