Primark Makeup: Testing Palettes

Saturday 14 April 2018

When Primark first released makeup in their stores I must admit I was a little underwhelmed. The products looked cheap and there wasn’t much selection, as well as everything being ruined by people testing them out. However, when I recently popped to one of my local stores, my opinion soon changed! There are now rows and rows of new makeup products, that it’s hard to choose! There are of course a few problems with people opening and ruining the products, but the choice, styles and prices are all spot on. Today I have been testing some of their palettes, and so I thought I would show you four of my favourites.

The PS Chocolate Cheek Palette costs just £4 and is the smaller of the four palettes, with a chocolate bar theme for the packaging. The makeup itself is supposed to be chocolate scented, and although it does have a sweet scent to it, it isn’t quite on par with Too Faced’s chocolate scent. Inside this palette there are four heart shaped pans, with Vanilla Cream, a shimmery champagne, Chocolate Orange, a peach-toned light brown, Strawberry Melt, a warmer peachy pink with a slight sparkle to it, and Milk Chocolate, a pale matt brown. The powders themselves are really soft, and I was super impressed with the pigment - you could even use Vanilla Cream as a highlighter and at just £4 you really can’t go wrong! The blush shades are super natural, and the Strawberry Melt adds a pretty pop of colour to the cheeks. 

Talking of cheeks, next up is the K-Pop Sweet Cheeks Blush and Highlight Palette. The K-Pop collection contains quite a lot of cute, out of the ordinary products, with that Kawaii-style feel to them. This palette costs £5, and is cherry fragranced, and contains four heart shaped pans in candy colours. Candy Floss gives a beautiful iridescent pink sheen to the skin, Lemon Sherbet gives a soft gold highlight, Jelly Bean is a very pale lilac based shade which has pink iridescent sparkle to it, and Bon Bon is a high shimmer pink blush. Each pan is velvety soft, making them really easy to blend into the skin and will certainly give your cheekbones a highlight to die for! 

The PS Glow Palette comes in different shade options, and here I went for the gold sparkly packaging, which includes four natural-toned colours. I adore the extra glittery packaging, and at just £5, these are sure to rival the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow palettes. Inside the Gold version, you will find a deep bronze which shows much lighter on the skin, as I was a little wary that this would be too dark for me, but once applied to the skin it gives a pretty light gold colour. Next to that pan you have a champagne coloured highlight, and then the bottom two consists of a warm golden peach on the left and then a multi-tonal peach-gold shade. These are all super wearable and I think they will look great with a tan. Again, the products themselves are lovely and soft and blend really well into the skin. I honestly can’t praise these palettes enough for the money!

My final palette is the PS After Party Eyeshadow Palette which has a mermaid/under the sea vibe to it and contains nine eyeshadows. I adore the holographic packaging, making this palette bang on trend, and at just £5, this makes each eyeshadow pan just 56p! Along the top row, there’s a pretty shimmery white silver, a slightly shimmery lilac with pink glitter, a super sparkly light purple, followed by a high shine mid grey, a beautiful royal blue, a black shadow filled with stunning purple glitter, and then the last three pans contain a warmer purple, a gorgeous peacock green and a charcoal filled with turquoise sparkle. I wasn’t expecting much pigment-wise from these, but again I was pleasantly surprised and you are going to be able to create so many different looks from this one palette!

You can find these palettes and so much more instore at Primark. Keep an eye out as I will be posting about some of the other makeup items currently found instore at Primark.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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