Candy Japan Subscription Box

Friday 22 February 2019

I have always been a snacker rather than someone who eats large meals, and snack subscription boxes are always great for trying out new snacks. I don't even have a preference over savoury or sweet, I just adore eating little and often. I recently received a subscription box from Candy Japan, whose subscription delivers two boxes a month direct to your door, so there is no having to wait a full month before your next box.
Each Candy Japan box contains around 3-5 items inside, and snacks will include Japanese sweets, DIY kits, savoury snacks and seasonal chocolates. Every box is different, so there will always be something new to try out. The candy items can include chewy candy, hard candy and gummies in flavours such as Ramune Lemonade, Rose, Green Tea and Japanese Plum. Some candies will change their flavour when mixed, or have mystery flavours, so it is kind of a game when you try them out as you never know what you're going to get. 

During the Winter months, Candy Japan send out chocolates from brands such as Dars (they don't send chocolate in the warmer months due to it melting in transit), and flavours include Green Tea, Wasabi and even chocolate-covered gummies. I haven't received one of the DIY kits in this box, but they sound super fun and come with easy step-by-step instructions. For savoury lovers, you will receive items such as Senbei Crackers, Seaweed Potato Chips, Okinawa Biscuits and Baked Sweet Potato snacks. There is an endless amount of candy and snacks to try.

My box arrived with a cute Japanese illustration on the box, and it fit through my letterbox perfectly so I didn't need to go collect it from the Post Office. Inside there was a little welcome card from Candy Japan and then five items to try. My only slight criticism of this box is that a card or sheet of paper advising in English what each product is would be super useful, especially if you have an allergy. 
Firstly I tried the potato chips and by looking at the packaging I thought they looked a little like buttery jacket potatoes. However, upon trying them they definitely tasted like sweet potato, and the texture was more like a Quaver or Snaps, rather than regular crisps.

Next I tried the Morinaga Fruit Bites which had apples on the front so I knew these were going to taste of apple. They are little bites which are quite crunchy and covered in what seems to be yoghurt and the apple flavour is spot on with these. A delicious sweet treat. 
I found the Meito fish a little strange. On the front it looks like a chocolate biscuit, but when you open it up it is a black wafer with a chocolate bubbly centre and whilst the wafer wasn't my favourite, the chocolate was yummy.

The little speed train was a super cute addition to the box and inside little crunchy chocolate balls. I expected them to have wafer or something inside, but they had a light chocolate taste to them and were definitely enjoyable as I love chocolate. 
The last treat in this box was Plum Chewing Candy, which at first I thought was chewing gum when I popped it into my mouth, but it quickly dissolves. I love the taste of these, the plum was really tasty and refreshing.

Candy Japan costs $29 a month, which today works out about £22 and that gives you two boxes per month including shipping from Japan. You can subscribe to Candy Japan online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains products which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own


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