Simple Daily Skin Detox Review

Saturday 23 February 2019

Ooh I love a new skincare collection release! Simple have recently brought out their Daily Skin Detox range, which includes six brand new products for blemish-prone, oily skin. Here are some which I recently picked up...
Now I generally have dry skin this time of year, but I still get a bit of an oily T-Zone and quite congested pores on my cheek area so I wanted to give these a go. I picked up the Simple Daily Skin Detox Cleansing Stick (£9.99) as it looks so quick and easy to use. The Cleansing Stick is made with natural bamboo charcoal to help draw out dirt, oil and impurities. It contains a blend of thyme, zinc, witch hazel and bamboo charcoal to detoxify the skin and help prevent blemishes. I love how simple it is to use making it an easy addition to your daily skincare routine. You simply rub the stick over damp skin in circular motions and then massage with your fingertips to create a lather and then rinse and you're ready to go. I noticed within about three days that my T-Zone was definitely less oily and therefore my makeup stayed on longer throughout the day. 
I love how face scrubs make my skin feel extra clean, and so I also tried out the Simple Daily Skin Detox Clear Pore Scrub (£4.99). As I mentioned, I do suffer from quite large pores on my cheeks which get congested really easily and so by using this scrub just 2-3 times a wee, the blend of thyme, zinc and witch hazel manages to cleanse deep down to help eliminate pore-clogging dirt, oil and makeup, leaving my skin looking and feeling clearer. I do have a little bit of sensitivity on my cheeks, but I didn't suffer from any kind of irritation when using this. I personally noticed that my pores were much clearer within just 2 uses of this scrub, and it has definitely been a product which has remained on my wooden bath tray.
Finally I chose the Simple Daily Skin Detox SOS Clearing Booster (£5.99), which is an instant skin purifier. This can be used as a primer as it helps to reduce the overproduction of oil and sebum throughout the day to keep shine at bay. However, if you also suffer from blemishes, this can also be used as a spot cream to help reduce any redness and soothe any irritation you may be suffering from. As I don't have spots really anymore, I have been using a small amount of this before applying my regular moisturiser as even though I need to stop the oil, I also need to keep the rest of my skin hydrated. Even if you have oily skin, you should always use a moisturiser that is correct for your skin type.
The Simple Daily Skin Detox is excellent value, making it affordable to include in your daily skincare routine. I purchased these when they were on offer at Boots for 3 for 2, making them even cheaper, so if you are wanting to try these out I would recommend shopping about to find a good deal. You can find these products and the rest of the collection in store and online at Boots.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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