O'Keeffe's Skincare Review

Friday 1 March 2019

Now that it is March, I am really hoping that warmer weather is on its way, because the last couple of months have wreaked havoc with my skin. It has been so cold that my skin has been super dry and even itchy in patches and so I was really thankful when O'Keeffe's sent me some of their skincare products to try out.
As always with brands I haven't tried before, I like to give a little background information. O'Keeffe's Company go back over 20 years to an arid region on the California-Oregon border known as the Klamath Basin. Bill O'Keeffe was a rancher and a diabetic who loved rigorous work, however this took its toll on this hands and feet. Due to his chronically dry skin, his daughter Tara applied her pharmacist skills and along with her Dad, spent years creating and testing different formulas until she came across what is now known as O'Keeffe's skincare.

Starting with the O'Keeffe's Skin Repair Body Lotion (£8.99 for 190ml), this is a non-greasy, unscented and hypoallergenic lotion which heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, itchy skin. During cold months, the skin on my legs gets so dry and flaky that I end up itching it in my sleep so badly that I have made myself bleed many times, so this has been so great for me, and my Dad too. He suffers from chronically dry and itchy skin because of some of the medication he has to take for his arthritis and this has helped him out so much. As soon as you apply the lotion, which feels silky smooth and not at all thick or heavy, it soaks into the skin and I noticed after just one or two uses that my skin felt instantly soothed and soon got a lot healthier. The Skin Repair does come in larger packaging but you a small amount goes a long way so this is going to last you ages.
During January I didn't even bother going to have my nails done at the salon because my hands were so embarrassingly dry that I didn't want to draw attention to them. Welcome, O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream (£7.99 for 85g), and I don't do a manual labour job, but my hands still get pretty dry in the cold weather. This hand cream feels a little like a salve and I have also been massaging a little into my previously-ripped-to-shreds cuticles which are now looking a lot better. Just like with all O'Keeffe's products, there is no greasy feeling and it is unscented, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. What I enjoy most about this product is that when you apply it, it feels like you have a barrier guarding your skin against the cold. We keep this in our kitchen as washing up makes my Dad's hands super sore - again due to the medication - and he gets major cracks in his hands from the cold, so I have been leaving this there so that he can apply it as soon as he has finished in the kitchen. Dad doesn't like being 'on the internet' so I couldn't take photos of his hands, but let me tell you, those cracks are practically non-existent now - thank you O'Keeffe's! (I have really enjoyed being able to try out my 'blog' products with my Dad, as I lost my Mum at 17, so it has been fun trying things out with him).
Everyday that passes, I get a little more excited that flip flop weather will soon be here - I would literally live in them if I could avoid getting frostbite. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream (£8.49 for 85g) is a must-have to get those cracked heels looking super smooth in time for sandal season. I recommended this to a couple of my friends who like to go walking too as they are always getting sore skin on their feet, and they said this has really helped with that. I personally don't have incredibly dry feet right now - Summer seems to be the time when my heels start hating life, but Dad has been trying this as he used to just sit on an evening and drive himself mad with how itchy his feet were (medication). I thank heavens this has helped to soothe his skin because I literally couldn't bare watching him in so much discomfort. The formula is pretty thick, but instantly sinks into the skin and due to its thickness, a little goes a really long way and I personally see a result straightaway.
Another beauty product I have been ignoring lately is liquid lipstick, because my lips were so chapped - I had cold after cold, so tissues were at one point a staple on my face, and my lips were not at all happy. The O'Keeffe's Lip Repair Balm (£4.25) is so handy to keep in your handbag, on your desk, in your pocket, in your car, pretty much anywhere and everywhere and as soon as you apply it, you get a slight tingling sensation which instantly cools and soothes dry, cracked lips. I can't say it enough, but each of these products I have tried genuinely have such an instantaneous effect when it comes to soothing and moisturising the skin, but they also continually protect the skin and give up to 24-48 hours moisture. They really are worth every penny.
You can find O'Keeffe's online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains products which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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