Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eye Shadow Palette Review + Swatches

Thursday 25 April 2019

In the past I have had a love/hate relationship with Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow palettes. The colours are always stunning, but the formula I have found incredibly dusty in the past with a lot of fall out. When I first saw the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eye Shadow Palette, I fell in love with the packaging and the shades, but was a little dubious about the formula. However, after watching a Jeffree Star video on You Tube, he mentioned that the formula has really improved and so I took the plunge and ordered it.
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eye Shadow Palette has a nautical feel to the packaging, which I love, with its navy and white clean cut stripes and its gold fabulous font. The palette holds 14 eye shadow pans, a mirror on the inside of the lid and a double-ended eye shadow brush, with one side to blend the shadows and one to pack shadows onto the eyelid.
The names of the shades are all related to wealth and holiday destinations, with eight mattes and six shimmer shades. There isn't a particular colour theme with this palette, but I like that because it is something different, and with such a variety of colours and textures, you can create so many different looks, making it the perfect travel companion.

Shades included in this palette are;
Sails - A matte white
Estate - An eggshell pink
Cabana - A mustard matte
Coastline - A peachy matte
Bahamas - A hot neon pink
Monte Carlo - A matte rose pink
Cannes - A royal purple matte
Palm - A chocolate matte
Yacht - A duo chrome bronze
Seychelles - A metallic ocean blue
Palermo - A shimmery warm pink
Seaside - A gold lilac shimmer
Inheritance - A canary gold shimmer
Mediterranean - A blue full of different coloured shimmer
I am in love with the shades Seaside and Mediterranean as I haven't got anything like that in my collection, but all of the shades are really lovely and the left side of the palette go perfectly with blue eyes.
So, the formula? I have to say I am beyond impressed with the changes Anastasia Beverly Hills have made to their eye shadow formula. Even with the shimmery, pigmented shades I had zero to very little fall out. The shadows are creamy and velvety and apply beautifully onto the lids. I hope they continue to use this formula as I will definitely be up for buying their next palette releases if so.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Eye Shadow Palette costs £46.00 and you can find it online at Anastasia Beverly Hills.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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